Chapter 391

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Introducing Ziyi, a new face from Apple May Designs, it's their latest skin. Also there's a sale going on at Peqe now until July 8th. <3


Skin: (AMD) Ziyi - Pale - Earthy 3
Hair: [e] Blind - Black 04
Dress: Peqe - Flowery Dress
Necklace: ::je suis::asymetrique::pinks::necklace
Earrings: ::je suis::asymetrique::pinks::earring
Shoes: KAO : ankle-strap shoes / pink

Skin: :DT:: ::LuuS:: DarkOLIVE - Basic CLA
Hair: [LeLutka]-RAIN hair - JustDone
Shades: (epoque) Timeless Shades - Neutral
Dress: Peqe - Blender v2
Necklace: ::MOOD:: Inspire Pearls (Multi) *C*
Shoes: (epoque.s) Revolution Pumps - Neutral Pack

Pose: Glitterati

Chapter 390

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BOOM released the Everyday Tank in a ton of colors! It's a great basic tank. Also BOOM released the Feel Free Shorts recently as well. The shorts come in a bunch of different shades.
More newness from je suis, the full jewelry set of eternelle is finally out. There's tons of options and colors! <3

Skin: [PF] Ember - Nudey (dkbrow)
Freckles: Ugly Duckling - Swan - Full Boy Freckles & *YS&YS* Freckles3Add Tattoo Layer SL2
Hair: [e] Away - Brown 08
Top: *BOOM* Everyday Tank (lime) no sheer
Bottoms: *BOOM* Feel Free Shorts (favorite blue)
Necklace: ::je suis…eternelle::necklace
Earrings: ::je suis…eternelle::earring
Ring: ::je suis…eternelle::ring
Tattoos: AITUI TATTOO - Pi Equal v.2 & Tiny Bird - I give you my heart
Pose: Olive Juice

Chapter 389

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CheerNo released a new skin Emilia. Which comes in 6 skin tones, three brow options, and there's a large array of different tattoo makeups available for separate purchase. The overall makeups and lipsticks are sold separately. I really love the lips on this skin, they're gorgeous. Go demo this skin! 
Also new is this jewelry set from je suis. The set comes in several color options. There's a 50% sale at je suis, and I believe the sale ends today. <3

Skin: [CheerNo Femme] Skins Emilia Fair RB bald base
Makeup: [CheerNO] Femme -Set 01- Make Up 04
Hair: *eha~Jean Light Red [old group gift]
Necklace: ::je suis::asymetrique::jewels::all colors::necklace
Earrings: ::je suis::asymetrique::jewels::all colors::earrings
Pose: doremi

Background: Insight Designs

Chapter 388

Monday, June 20, 2011

Undefined lilies released this adorable new necklace set! There's one of the colors available for 55l for Moody Mondays. The necklace comes in gold and silver. It's so cute, and it reminds me of a necklace I have in real life, be sure to pick it up. <33

Skin: [PF] Kumi - Amethyst (freck)
Lipstick: (AMD) Teegan Lipsticks - Vibrant *Peach* & Naturals *Pink Shimmer*
Freckles: L.Fauna Serious Freckles [Pale2] & -tb- Freckles
Hair: !lamb. Isolation - Butterfinger
Top: Willow~ Beaded Cardigan- Beige
Undershirt: !O: Basics Thrash Tank [NUDIST]
Bottoms: Berries Inc. lazy sunday boyfriend jeans
Necklace: undefined lilies - love in letters (gold/red)
Earrings: (Caroline's Jewelry) Flower Petal Orange Earrings
Ring: (Elate!) Bow Tie Ring (Blush)
Shoes: Zaara : Ilaida Mojri *fuschia*
Clutch: ::Duh!:: Little Black Beaded Clutch
Poses: exposeur & doremi

Background: Insight Designs

Chapter 387

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I feel all pretty today! This pretty little number from sur+ can be worn separately or together, I chose to wear it all together. <3

Skin: L.Fauna Skins {Lea T2} (Frckl . B Cup)
Freckles: -tb- Freckles & Ugly Duck - Swan - Full Body Freckles
Lipgloss: (AMD) Teegan Lipsticks - Naturals *Copper Kiss*
Hair: !lamb. Isolation - Kit Kat
Top: sur+ [follow me]
Skirt: sur+ [arrival time] tropical
Necklace: ::je suis::asymetrique::reds::necklace
Earrings: ::je suis::asymetrique::reds::earring
Clutch: [District]_Aya Clutch/DistressedRed
Shoes: *GF* Flower Pumps “Eve” -red-
Pose: Glitterati

Chapter 386

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm finally working on a home decor post, and it's been a while. MudHoney has a gorgeous new house available, the Lydia Cottage. The outside of the cottage has a very homely feel, while the inside has a modern feel. And the double hung windows open and close for more privacy. It fits on a 16m x 20x size plot, and it's 129 prims. Also new is the Camille Sofa, which is available at the CH1C event. <33

House: MudHoney Lydia Cottage [129 prims]
Skydome: Turnip's Pleasant Day  Skydome (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [4 prims]
Trees: *PASH* summer tree [6 prims each]

Dresser: :: AB :: Garden Dresser [25 prims]
Books: :: AB :: Old Book Stack [2 prims]
Side Table: MudHoney Telling Time End Table [26 prims]
Painting: Kari - Almost Paris - Painting [3 prims]
Bed: MudHoney Mia Palette Bed [12 prims]
Jewelry Box: [ skream! ] Jewelry Box (gift for subscribers!!) [111 prims]
Vanity w/ Accessories :CP: Getting Ready for the Party [65 prims]

Jewelry Box: [ skream! ] Jewelry Box (gift for subscribers!!) [111 prims]
Vanity w/ Accessories :CP: Getting Ready for the Party [65 prims]
Luggage: Kari - The Wanderer - Green FLF [27 prims]
Posters: *Cheap Cheap* Posters I & SPS Posters  [1 prim each]
Record Shelf: ponitee:::Record Shelf (psychedelic) [14 prims]

Cabinet: {theosophy} Killay Cabinet + Baskets (Attic) [17 prims]
Dog: Intrigue Co. - Sprout Pet (click to grow!) [6 prims]
Nest: Tiny Bird [42 prims]
Mug: flowey. spring has sprung [7 prims]
Snowglobe: !Ohmai !Pigmai: Snowglobe Ver. Girl [13 prims]
Makeup Pots: Dutchie 3 makeup pots [2 prims]
Toothpaste & Toothbrushes: Dutchie toothbrushes and paste [4 prims]
Powder: Dutchie powder box [2 prims]
Bucket: sur+ ((spring chipmunk)) [20 prims]
Wall Décor: nordari. winterized memories. [24 prims]
Drawers: Kyoot - Drawer Seat w/ Pose [19 prims]
Screen: {what next} 'Boho-Chic' Dressing Screen [6 prims]
Mannequin: {what next} "Boho-Chic"' Mannequin (with floor shadow) [7 prims]
Board: nordari. pinbee. - i <3 rvk. [11 prims]

Shelf: [ARIA] Lina tree shelf with books [5 prims]
Bird: [ARIA] Lina black birdy [5 prims]
Painting: [6 prims]
TV Set: MudHoney Woody Entertainment Center [121 prims]

Surfboards: {what next} Surfboard Decor Gift #2 [1 prim each]
Magazine Rack: :CP: Dandelion Magazine Rack [5 prims]
Sofa: MudHoney Camille Sofa [14 prims]
Drawers: Kyoot Home - (group gift) Drawer Set 5 [24 prims]
Rain Boots: {what next} Wellies (rainboots!) - decorative only [5 prims]
Bench: {what next} Laurel Hallway Bench(with wall shadow) [7 prims]
Fragrance: (iTuTu) room fragrance *winter berries & *white forest [project htemeory] [3 prims each]
Bag: {what next} Laurel Bag (decor only) [5 prims]
Baskets: {what next} Laurel Hallway with Scarf [3 prims]
Smaller Baskets: {what next} Laurel Hallway Basket (empty) [2 prims each]
Shadowbox Pictures: {what next} Keys Shadow Box [3 prims each]

Board: :CP: Birdy Memo Board [18 prims]
Small Cabinet: :CP: Greta Wine Cabinet [36 prims]
Bookshelf: LISP - Woodcutter Bookshelf [21 prims]
Hatstand: {what next}Coastal Cottage Hatstand [13 prim]
Shoe Box: {what next} Coastal Cottage Shoe Basket [10 prims]
Bookshelf: LISP - Woodcutter Bookshelf [21 prims]
Cabinet: [Baustein] The Chapman (HDH Special) [19 prims]
Basket: :: AB :: Spring Bloom Basket (Spring 2011 Group Gift) [20 prims]
Candles: :: AB :: Wnter's Warmth Glass Candle (lid on & (lid off) [4-5 prims]
Books & Plant: :: AB :: In Flight Book Stack [10 prims]
Shoe Box: {what next} Coastal Cottage Shoe Basket [10 prims]
Hatstand: {what next}Coastal Cottage Hatstand [13 prim]

Table w/ Accessories: [North West] Arts 'n Crafts Work linked set [37 prims]
Mailboxes: :: AB :: Love Shack Mailbox (pine) & (whitewash) [12 prims each]
Board: :CP: Birdy Memo Board [18 prims]
Bench w/ Accessories: :CP: Chatters Matter Bench [15 prims]
Small Cabinet: :CP: Greta Wine Cabinet [36 prims]

Table: Kari - Almost Paris - Table [21 prims]
Chairs: Kari - Almost Paris - Chair (posed) [8 prims each]

Chapter 385

Monday, June 13, 2011

Look of the day. I finally picked up these gorgeous flats from Zaara, they were 50% off, the sale might still be going on. <3


Skin: LAQ ~ Mima 04 [Milky] Glow skin
Freckles: -tb- Freckles & Ugly Duck - Swan - Full Body Freckles
Lipstick: (AMD) Teegan Lipsticks - Naturals *Pink Shimmer*
Hair: TRUTH - Pia - mocha
Sweater: {mon tissu} Prudence Cardigan - Pink
Top: -tb- Floral Chemise (Seasons Hunt)
Undershirt: Reek - Classic Tee - Warm White
Skirt: Yozoh* blossom band long skirt
Necklace: ::Happy Finds:: Vintage Owl Necklace
Earrings: Willow~ Full Feather Earring - Salt and Pepper
Rings: {theosophy}Fordmouth Ring (G/B/G) & Melville Ring
Shoes: Zaara : Ilaida Mojri *turquoise*
Bag: (Milk Motion) My satchel
Poses: Glitterati

Chapter 384

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This gorgeous tassel necklace from Caroline's Jewelry is available at the CH1C event, the necklace also comes in silver and gold. Be sure to check out the event before it ends! <3

Skin: Lara Hurley-Odette /Dark - CH1C
Hair: Maitreya Jordyn - Auburn
Necklace: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Tassel Back in Black - CH1C
Pose: Bent! - CH1C

Chapter 383

Saturday, June 11, 2011

This lovely pose prop is from aDORKable Poses, avaialble at CH1C. There's five different poses, and the mirror and lipstick props are included. <3

Skin: L.Fauna Skins {Lea P3} (Cleavage)
Makeup: L.Fauna Makeup for LEA [Pinup] Light
Hair: [e] Early - Brown 11
Top: .:A&A:. Silk Top - Chic Blue - CH1C
Ring: LaGyo_Butterfly love ring gold
Nails: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Poppy Nails
Pose & Props: aDORKable Poses  -CH1C
Background: Insight Designs

Chapter 382

Friday, June 10, 2011

More from CH1C, make sure you check out this event, there's tons of stores involved! <3


Skin: -CD- Janett Pale Cup C - CH1C
Freckles: Ugly Duck - Swan - Full Body Freckles
Lipstick: (AMD) Teegan Lipsticks - Naturals *Pink Shimmer*
Hair: .: vive nine :. Elsa in Orchid - CH1C
Dress: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Summer Dress, Floral Print, Cool - CH1C
Necklace: ::je suis::chic::necklace - CH1C
Earrings: ::je suis::chic::earring - CH1C
Watch: Kari - Industrial Watch - Purple
Shoes:  ::Duh!:: Season’s Hunt Espadrille Flat
Pose: exposeur

Skin: AtomicBambi-Tania-Sunblush-DK-CH1C
Freckles: AtomicBambi Tattoo - Medium Frex - CH1C
Hair: .:vive nine:. Elsa in Bean - CH1C
Dress: :::LiNe::: WidFlower/White - CH1C
Necklace: Swallowtail Juicy flower necklace
Bracelet: :: Exodi :: Summer Lovin’ (Flowered)
Ring: (Elate!) Bow Tie Ring (Blush)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Skully pumps red / white - CH1C
Pose: Bent! - CH1C

Skin: ~Mynerva~Bianca English Rose - CH1C
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Clarus Eyes - No Iris Eye - CH1C
Makeup: Kyoot Makeup - The Clocks Are Broken (White) - CH1C
Hair: [Shag] - There She Goes - bistre - CH1C
Dress & Leg Wrap: Kyoot - The Clocks Are Broken w/o undershirt - CH1C
Earrings: PIDIDDLE - Coral Earring - Barnacle - PurePearl - CH1C
Shoes: [Gos] GTFO Boot in Savage
Pose: Bent! - CH1C

Chapter 381

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Check out elly, a cute new store. 

Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 - 01 [Fair] Glow skin
Freckles: -tb- Freckles
Lipstick: (AMD) Teegan Lipsticks - Naturals *Cooper Kiss*
Hair: [e] Past - Red 05
Top: elly::suntop.halter [cream]
Bottoms: Doppelganger Inc. - Cuffed Cords - Eggplant
Necklace: Dark Mouse Vintage 50’s Pearl & Diam. Necklace
Earrings: Dark Mouse Vintage 50’s Pearl & Diam. Earring
Bracelet: [alaMood] SS - Sophia Fleur Bronze/Gold [old group gift]
Shoes: [PM] Fae Wedges [C] - Pink White Plaid [group gift]
Pose: Olive Juice

Chapter 380

Saturday, June 4, 2011

CHIC Management events are celebrating their 1 year anniversary! The CH1C event opens today! Here's a preview of some of the items available, I will be blogging more throughout the next week. The theme is 'chic', there's clothing, hair, jewelry, furniture and more, and like many of CHIC's past events, there's tons of stores involved! Check out it <3


Skin: ~Mynerva~Bianca Apricot - CH1C
Hair: [Shag] - There She Goes - toffee - CH1C
Necklace: SIGMA Jewels/ Daphne necklace (silver) - CH1C
Shoes: Ingenue :: Clara :: Ruby
Pose: Bent - CH1C

Chapter 379

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet L.Fauna's latest skin creation, Lea! The skin should be released later today, if not then it will be out soon! There's a great array of skin tones with this release. There are nine new tones, three for each - pales, tans and darks. I'm glad that she added more skin tones, and I totally love the jump from pale to tan, before I always thought there should of been another skin in between, but with this release I think it's perfect. All makeups will be on tattoo layers and the makeups will come with three shades, that way they can be worn with the different tones. And there's more cleavage options, there will be four breast options, and they're built in. Be sure to try this skin when it comes out, it's gorgeous <33

Skin: L.Fauna Skins {Lea T2} (Frckl . B Cup)
Makeup: L.Fauna Makeup for LEA [Smokey] Med
Hair: Maitreya Jordyn - Walnut

Skin: L.Fauna Skins {Lea P3} (Cleavage)
Makeup: L.Fauna Makeup for LEA [Pinup] Light
Hair: [e] - Comfort - Brown 11

Skins: L.Fauna Skins {Lea}
Hair: fri. - Fiona - Cranky Brown
Poses: *EverGlow*
Background: Insight Designs