Chapter 182

Monday, May 31, 2010

Who's looking forward to summer?
I know I am.
With that said, here's two looks I put together centered around the newish trunks from Reek. They came out a couple of weeks ago, and they come in a wide array of color options, ranging from solids to stripes. I paired the striped pair with a bikini. I hardly get a chance to wear swimwear in SL, so I was glad when the opportunity came up. And I got this hair from Truth recently, I've been slacking when to comes to shopping, so I had a build of hairs I needed to pick up. As for the other look, I threw on a simple tank, and a bikini underneath.

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/br) dec VIP gift
Hair: TRUTH - Marguerite - chestnut
Glasses: Solar Eyewear ~ Rastaban
Necklace: [PF] Bottle Charm Necklace (Yw Heart/Pl Bow) [gacha prize]
Top: mijn.t [Pirate’s outfit] - DOLLARBIE - bikini
Bottoms: Reek - Daft Trunks - Striped Silver/White/Purple

Skin: -Belleza- Elle BR SK HB (cleavage) Group Gift
Hair: TRUTH - Veruca 2 - cocoa
Glasses: Solar Eyewear ~ Rastaban
Top: Willow ~ Freebie Dress Top
Undershirt: JE*REPUBLIC-ETE-Starfish [old freebie]
Bottoms: Reek - Daft Trunks - Solid White
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied High Bare
Poses: dfo! SLC, (p4p) & StoRin

Chapter 181

Sunday, May 30, 2010

There's a bunch of stuff in my inventory that has yet to see the light. Basically, my inventory is a mess, I haven't had time to organize it the way I want it. But when summer comes, I should have more time..maybe.
Anyways the skin I'm wearing is a special this weekend only from Garage. And I hope you are all enjoying your weekend :)

Skin: .:::GARAGE:::. Viola skin
Hair: TRUTH - Aradia - cocoa
Dress: *LP* Lonita dress pink
Undershirt: !O: Basics Puff Blouse [BLANK] [free]
Necklace: MIEL SEY NECKLACE [50l Friday]
Earrings: .:::GARAGE:::. Pamp-earring black
Shoes: [PM] Baby T’s Plain : Black   [Pixel Mode]
Poses: (p4p)

Chapter 180

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I almost forgot about this dress from Willow which I picked up from an earlier SL Daily Deeds. It's the perfect summer dress, and the floral pattern is great, it really does go well with the built in belt. And I paired the dress with some simple brown flats. I tried to stay in the earth tones for my jewerly selection. Then decided on this skin from Pink Fuel, which was from Project Themeory a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love the skin, the face is so pretty.
As for other news, poses4posers or more commonly known as p4p is closing, so there's a big sale, but it's ending soon, I believe on June 4th.

Skin: [PF] Basil - Shy Fawn- no nose [past Project Themeory item]
Hair: (Posh) ; Rumor ; Coffee
Dress: Willow~ Floral Dress - Summer Day
Necklace: Modd.G Horoscope Necklace {Gemini} [gacha prize]
Earrings: :: Happy Finds :: Birdmap BRONZE [past group gift]
Shoes: “T.Z.” SHUFFLE Flats - Light Brown [old 50l Friday]
Poses: (with love & squalor) & (p4p)

Chapter 179

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The weather here put me into a dark mood, lots of rain. But it warmed up in the evening, so yay :)

Skin: &Bean - Hounds of love LIGHT Nyckelpiga dark brow
Makeup: L.Fauna Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Hair: (Posh) ; Zombielicious ; Midnight [Zombie Popcorn Hunt]
Top: Torque True Love ¾ Sleeves [Zombie Popcorn Hunt]
Bottoms: xbordeaux - Hungry Hearts Stocking (Sheer)
Earrings: [ skream! ] “Cliassi” Earring
Piercings: [-B-] :Basic Piercings: Eyebrow L (No Shadow)
Lip Piercings: [ skream! ] “my key” piercing
Bracelet: PR!TTY : Role Model Bangles [old group gift]
Ring: [AddiCt] Keyboard Ring Project Themeory
Shoes: ANEXX_LaceupBoots/Mouton_Black
Bag: rbcg. school bag (black)
Jacket Prop: (P-K) Shoulder trench noir
Poses: SLC, Dismorph & dfo!

Chapter 178

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bangles and boatneck tops = love

Skin: *YS & YS* Andrea April GroupGift Hair
Makeup: L.Fauna Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Hair: Magika - Aurora (B&W: Cocoa)
Jacket: beetlebones**freebie blazer
Top: [W&B] Cole Boatneck Top IVORY
Bottoms: (vive9) Heritage Jeans * Cold Denim [free]
Necklace: [W&B] Peggy Buck Necklace SILVER
Earrings: :+*U&R*+: LE.LOOK! La femme - Earrings - Mazurka Earrings
Bracelet: [PACADI] - Eyti Bangles (PACADI Jasha)
Ring: [AddiCt] Keyboard Ring Project Themeory
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Shanti Chocolat
Poses: StoRin, Sweet Lovely Cute & (pda)

Chapter 177

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lately I've been getting asked where my shape is from or if I can refer them to a good shape store.
So here's an upcoming store called Infatuation, right now it's primarily a shape store, but the owner, Ashlie Coba wants to expand more in the future; so keep a look out. And below I'm showing the shape Cassi, it's my favorite shape from the store.
As for my outfit today, I centered around purple shades, probably due to the Belleza skin. As for the dress, I picked it up a while ago from The Dressing Room. Then I dug through my inventory trying on various black tops, and settled on one from Berries Inc which has a purple heart outlined on the sleeve. As for the tights I decided on these tights from xbordeaux because of the sheer factor and the little hearts. And I left the tank on from Surf Couture, because I liked the little detail of the flower edges showing. So there are a few reoccurring themes in my outfit for today.
And in other news, So Many Styles is having a sale, it ends tomorrow, so be sure to hit SMS if there's something you want.

Skin: -Belleza- Elle BR SK (cleavage) Group Gift
Shape: Infatuation Shape - Cassi
Hair: (Posh) ; Rumor ; Chocolate
Dress: {SMS} Chiffon Dress Mauve
Top: Berries Inc. valentines day gift
Undershirt: [SC] Surf Couture - Colleen Top - Violet
Bottoms: xbordeaux - Hungry Hearts Stockings (Sheer) [free! IM Xanadu Capelo if you want them]
Piercing: [-B-] :Basic Piercings: Eyebrow R (No Shadow)
Earrings: [ skream! ] “The color of my heart” Earrings
Shoes: fri. - Basic Flats (Black)
Poses: au soleil. & LAP

Chapter 176

Monday, May 24, 2010

Skin: &Bean - Hounds of love pale onedollargift!
Glasses: ::Happy Finds:: Eye Teeth Glasses
Hair: Maitreya Sasha - Ash Blond
Dress: ::Happy Finds:: Freebie Outfit - Red Glasses
Bottoms: BP* cotton border tights/charcoal gray
Necklace: +mocha+  -  Sweet Twilight - Necklace
Earrings: Talisman - Perse Earrings (Gold)
Bracelet: +mocha+  -  Sweet Twilight - Bracelets
Shoes: *COCO*_FlatAnkleBoots(Black)
Poses: StoRin & au soleil

Chapter 175

Friday, May 21, 2010

Skin: [the oBscene] SHANA ~ Xmas ~ tone2 [old group gift]
Hair: Maitreya Moon - Cacao
Top: WMD : LE.LOOK! L’homme - Shirt [old group gift]
Bottoms: &Bean - Pull up to the bumper dark
Necklace: (Caroline’s) Anne Crystal Over Hoop Gold Necklace
Earrings: (Caroline’s) Anne Crystal Over Hoop Gold Earrings
Bracelets: (Caroline’s) Anne Crystal Over Hoop Gold Bracelets
Shoes: Maitreya Verve Black
Bag: *COCO*_Gift_Pochette [old group gift]
Poses: dfo! & Piddiddle

Chapter 174

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Buh buh buh buh bah
3 weeks left. Wow. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by.
Onto the outfit, it's a simple look for today, but I like simple.
I love this hair from Truth, as with many other styles from the brand. But Justine <33

Skin: [PF] Syke - Milk - Pink Sugar (ltbrow)
Hair: TRUTH Justine - honey
Hat; (epoque) Baggy Knit Hat - Color Change
Top: *Fishy Strawberry* Jewelled Cashmere Sweater - Taupe
Bottoms: !Ohmai: Basics Sheer Leggings [BLANK]
Body Piercings:  [ P E R A ] My Shooting Star (Pink)
Tattoo: au soleil. If you’re not a bird, I’m a bird.
Poses: dfo! StoRin & LAP

Chapter 173

Monday, May 17, 2010

Short post today, but I just noticed I almost blend into the walls, sort of..

Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -toneC- 10.2 Vapor 2 [old group gift]
Hair: Armidi Hair - The Soho - Brown
Hat: (epoque) Baggy Knit Hat - Color Change
Sweater: +KiiToS!! Lentotahti+ Long Knit Gown *Burlywood*
Undershirt: **MIS** Casual Cami - BlackCherry
Skirt: {SMS} Rose Highwaist Skirt Black-Burgundy
Earrings: (Miriel) Teardrop Earring - Antique Gold
Cheek Piercing: [-B-] :Basic Piercings: - Cheek (No Shadow)
Shoes: J’s gift Laceup Short Boots
Bag: DCCXXIII Bag02 Yellow [old group gift]
Pose: (pda) & Dismorph

Chapter 172

Thursday, May 13, 2010

There's just something about black clothing..
Chic, simple, classic, these are the words that I'm always hearing to describe black clothing. Generally I'm not head to toe in black, but today I felt like trying it. No colors were really sticking for me, so that's when I turned to black. What do you think -yay or nay?

Skin: [KA] SKINS GS-Charlize 2- Pale /Dark Brows/Make Up 05
Makeup: L.Fauna Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Hair: Novocaine Hair - Edward - smoke
Top: R.icielli BRENDA [past group gift]
Undershirt: ARAI nit_black
Bottoms: (vive9) High Waist leggings
Necklace: This is a Fawn + Scribble - Corvus Necklace [blackened gold]
Belt: R.icielli - AINTA High Waist Skirt / black belt [free]
Earrings: [ skream! ] “Cliassi” Earring
Piercings: [-B-] :Basic Piercings: Eyebrow L (No Shadow)
Lip Piercing: [ skream! ] “my key” piercing
Ring: [AddiCt] Keyboard Ring Project Themeory
Shoes: ANEXX_2WayBeltLaceupBoots_Black
Poses: Olive Juice & (pda)

Chapter 171

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The outfit for today is composed of my favorites.
The skin from Bunny B has to be one of my favorite skins, I think it's the mouth and nose. I love the pout, and the nose is just so cute. And the skin tone, is right on cue for what I like.
I tend to lean towards simple shirts, sometimes really plain ones. Don't get me wrong, I also like prints, patterns and such, but I just tend to lean towards the plain ones. And more recently guy's clothes has been more appealing then some of the woman's pieces I've seen; Arai especially. Which is generally known for affordable menswear, most of their clothes can be seen as unisex pieces, because quite a few girls rock them as well. To top it off, the skirt is really feminie but I like that aspect about it. It offsets the simplicity of the rest of the outfit. And then some eccentric flats, I'm terrible when it comes to shoes, I'll want something that's impossible to find.. just like flats with little ciggys on them. Only in SL.

Skin: [[Bunny B]] - Keilgh ::: Pale //Makeup 06
Hair: fri. - Dylan - Thoughtful Brown
Top: *ARAI* Nit_brown
Necklace: Talisman - Anna Marie Necklace (Silver with Pink Stone)
Earrings: Talisman - Anna Marie Earring (Silver with Pink Stone)
Shoes: 50 flats- Mr Fairfax’s ciggy break
Pose: LAP, Dismorph & (pda)

Chapter 170

Monday, May 10, 2010

This is what I was lacking today, a hoodie.
The Laundry Day Hoodie by Reek has been out for a while and if you haven't picked up one yet.. shdfhshdfv, that's all I have to say to you. It's epic, there are so many options to mix and match with colors and such. And to top that, there's a hair made especially for this hoodie from Tiny Bird. Anywho.. I paired it with some jeans from KA, a simple white tank, and tossed some jewerly into that equation, and this is my Monday look; enjoy.

Skin: :: Exodi :: Stephanie Watler - Hot Date (Dk/F) [old group gift]
Hair: Tiny Bird & Reek - Laundry Day Hair - True Black [old 50l Friday]
Hoodie: Reek - Laundry Day Hoodie - Gray
Undershirt: !O: Basics Thrash Tank [BLANK]
Bottoms: [KA] The Skinny - Dirty Denim
Necklace: ElectraCute = Apple Pendant Necklace - Golden
Brow Piercing: [-B-] :Basic Piercings: - Anti Eyebrow L (No Shadow)
Lip Piercing: [ skream! ] “my key” piercing
Ring: ::Happy Finds:: Grinning Death Ring [old group gift]
Shoes: DUBOO*Supermarket shoes [Summer] [gacha prize]
Tattoo: au soleil. If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.
Pose: (pda) & Olive Juice

Chapter 169

Saturday, May 8, 2010

This is pretty much the opposite of what my real life outfit looked like today..but to be fair, I was playing sports for most of the day, and it would probably be a bit hard to do in heels and a short dress. Anywho, this is my look for tonight, it is Saturday after all.

Skin: :: Exodi :: Stephanie Walter - Hot Date (Dk) [old group gift]
Hair: [Detour] Rhapsody II - Brown - Flexi Hair
Dress: *tw. - tiq toq dress - champale
Shoes: Kalnins Shoes - Boudoir

Chapter 168

Friday, May 7, 2010

Quickie post today! Enjoy.

Skin: [LeLutka]-IFElight-VAMP(D Brows)hairbase [old group gift]
Hair: *REDGRAVE* Hair KNOT -dark- / / Free
Jacket: (P-K) Military Denim Jacket
Undershirt: {SMS} Neon Babydoll White
Bottoms: BP* cotton border tights/charcoal gray
Earrings: :+*U&R*+: LE.LOOK! La femme - Earrings [old group gift]
Shoes: BAX Coen: LE.LOOK! La femme - Boots [old group gift]
Pose: .:StoRin:.

Chapter 167

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Newness from Kawaii!
Kawaii is a new store to me. But from what I've seen of it so far, I like! The clothes screams summer, especially these two pieces - the Loose Summer Dress and Sasha Mini Dress.
I love the pattern variety of the loose summer dress, there are eight patterns to choose from, mainly centered around a floral theme. The mini dress comes in an assortment of colors, I really like the vibrant colors of this dress. I usually prefer straps on my dresses and tops, or sleeves. But I really like these dresses strapless.

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: SjORs:: Caramel - TriX CL2 FR [group gift]
Makeup: <porcupine love> teeth 2.0 tattoo.
Hair: !lamb. Ambrosia - Snickers
Dress: *Kawaii* Loose Summer Dress [Granny Green]
Necklace: Modd.G Horoscope Necklace {Gemini} [gacha prize]
Shoes: “T.Z.” SHUFFLE Flats - Light Brown [past 50l Friday]

Skin: :: Exodi :: Dael Oahu (Neu) - In the Air - Lt/C [past group gift]
Makeup: L.Fauna Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Hair: Clawtooth : The Seas Met - AutumnMix [past 50l Friday]
Dress: *Kawaii* - Sasha Mini Dress (Torquoise Blue)
Earrings: (Miriel) Teardrop Earring - Silver
Shoes: fri. - Basic Flats (Black)
Poses: Dismorph

Chapter 166

Monday, May 3, 2010

New release from GARAGE!
Garage released a new skin called Sheryl. It comes with a shape (not shown below), 4 skin tones and 10 makeups options.
Also, recently released is a set of jewerly, which includes necklace and earrings.

Skin GARAGE Sheryl skin tone-1 makeup-1
Top: **MIS** Casual Cami - Snow
Panties: [W&B] Frilly Little Knickers PEACH
Necklace: “Rura”necklace
Earrings: “Rura”earring

Skin: GARAGE Sheryl skin ton-1 makeup-1~10
Hair: TRUTH Edie - chocolate
Lingerie: [W&B] Frilly Little Bra & Knickers PEACH

Poses: Dismorph & dfo!

Chapter 165

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Newness from Posh!
Posh makes hair, if you didn't know. Listed below are some of the newer-newest releases. Generally I'm a brown-dark brown hair person, cause that's close to my hair color in real life. And I guess I like to keep it real, for the most part. But occasionally..I'll throw on some blonde dos, even more rare is when I rock red hairstyles. Anywho.. I really like Posh's red colors. Maybe it's the combo of just the right texture and just the right color, not quite sure what it is, but I like it.
So head to Posh, for prettyyy hair.

Chapter 164

New releases from Hep C & LP Designs!
Hep C is a piercings and jewerly store, full of women's and men's items. Hep C has been around for a while, but is fairly new to me; I remember hearing about the store a few months ago. Listed below are some of the more recent releases. The mouth piercings and mouth pieces especially come in a range of colors, from black, blue, gold, moonstone, pink, silver and white; all the colors are include when you buy the product. And the prices aren't killer, they're decent, even cheap I might add (around 125L). I really like the chew on pieces, probably because I haven't seen chains in the mouth before, oh and because they're brilliant. Here, go there now, Hep C.
LP Designs released some new dresses and belts, fairly recently. The backside of the dress is a bit low, it shows a little bum; besides that I like the design and the colors. The belt comes in different colors - black, blue, cherry, gold, purple and white, also it comes with a resize option. LP Designs is having a sale going on now. 
In other sale news, au soleil is having a retirement sale, going on now til May 8th. Epoque is having a sale, from now til May 8th. Veschi is having a sale from now til May 5th.

Chapter 163

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New release from LP Designs!
LP Designs recently released three different styles of overalls. One is a one shoulder style, with a low cut neckline, leaving the right side more bare than the left. Another is a long sleeve style, with a low cut neckline. And lastly, a tube style one. There are 4-5 colors in each style, ranging from black, white, red, blue, pink and brown. Some of the shades are only available in one style.
They also released skin, the newest being Ivanna. It comes in light and bronze, there are eight make up options.
LP Designs.