Chapter 276

Monday, November 29, 2010

Awesome Blossom released the Amelie Cottage not too long ago, and this past weekend a winter version was released which includes sculpted snow, and other neat winter themed parts. But I wanted to show the original off. I love the cottage, it could work perfectly for a fall themed house or a winter themed one (which I was trying to do). The Amelie Cottage includes 2 and 1/2 rooms, a built in bookcase, a deck and a porch, doors and windows. The cottage is 152 prims total, its footprint is 26x16.
Also if you prefer skyboxes, there's an Amelie Skybox in the With Love Hunt, it'll cost you 10l, but it's well worth it! <3

House: :: AB :: Amelie Cottage [152 prims]
Bench: .Tea - Just another bench [3 prims]
Wreath: {what next} Bric-a-brac Wreath (large) [9 prims]
Grass: Turnip's Long Winter Grass(blue) & (white): Fifty Linden Friday Special [2 prims each]
Trees: *PASH* winter pine & winter tree [4-6 prims]
Tree Stump: {what next} 'First Frost' Treestump Photography Prop [4 prims]

Bed: {what next} Arbre Bed (updated) [17 prims]
Wall Decal: {what next} Arbre Wall Poem (by Marchette Chute) [1 prim]
Box: <<UrbanizeD>> Music Box "Over The Rainbow" // "Rezz" Edition [28 prims]

Screen: Second Spaces - Sophia folding screen *Laryn recolor* [4 prims]
Torso: {theosophy} Halkyn Torso (Thistle/L) [8 prims]
Ottoman: (ss arcade) Battered Ottoman 15 [9 prims]
Slippers: [*Art Dummy!] ruby red walking shoes. [9 prims]
Table: *Y's HOUSE* Round table01_1 [MONAKA/S]_GP.ver_new! [5 prims]
Small Shelves: LISP - Gatcha - Strawberry Books, Book Birdy & Butterfly Star [7-9 prims]

Art Set: *Cat's Eye*Atelier set [49 prims]
Wall Decor: nordari - pinbee. - music. [5 prims]
Shadowboxes: Barcode - Shadowbox Polaroids & Mail [13 - 19 prims]

Tree: {what next} Winter White Christmas Tree [9 prims]
Bench: The Loft - Suede Storage Bench Red [7 prims]
Frame: Kyoot Home - White Autumn Frame (Seasons Hunt) [6 prims]

TV Set: MudHoney Woody Entertainment Center [121 prims]
Fireplace: Magoa ~ First Frost Fire [13 prims]
String of Pinecones: ~La'Licious~ Pinecone String Lights - Natural [8 prims]
Candle: MudHoney Twiggy Candle [7 prims]
Flowers: Turnip's Bottle of Fall Poppies (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [3 prims]
Blocks: Second Spaces - Blocks - ohhai [6 prims]
Ashtray: :YONEYA: Cigarettes and ashtray 1 [1 prim]
Stockings: {what next} 'First Frost' Christmas Stocking #1, 2 & 3 (w/shadow) [3 prims each]
Shelves: :: AB :: Live Well & Food is The Spice of Life Shelves [11 - 13 prims]
Rug: :: AB :: Old Wrinkled Rug [2 prims]
Couch: {what next} 'Winter' Laurel Loveseat (seats two) [11 prims]
Games: [croire] game board cluster [5 prims]

Small Table: [*Art Dummy!] hang your heart here. (table) [7 prims]
Books: [*ArtDummy!]  hang your heart here. (decorative books) [5 prims]
Mittens: :: AB :: Put Your Mittens Away [4 prims]
Candle: :: AB :: Wreath Candle (sm - gold) & (lg - red) [6 prims each]
Basket: :: AB :: Pinecone Ornament Basket [15 prims]
Mirror: [croire] autumn mirror [8 prims]
Plates: Little Boxes Plates [2 prims each]
Art Work: [*Art Dummy!] hang your heart here.  (framed heart) [5 prims]
Frames: Barcode - Sketch Bird & Scene Frames [4 prims each]

Shelf: :: AB :: Let It Snow Winter Shelf [14 prims]
Desk: LISP Bazaar - Cottage Table [15 prims]
Chair: LISP Bazaar - Cottage Chair [12 prims]
Jewelry Box: [ skream! ] Jewelry Box (gift for subscribers!!) [111 prims]
Flower: *chronokit* lily pink [6 prims]
Books: (TLND) books A & B [1 prim each]
Wine: Second Spaces - Vintage wine bottles [13 prims]
Blocks: Second Spaces - Blocks - ohhai [6 prims]
Glass: "MELIA" shell&glass holder [5 prims]
Jar: Barcode - Stick Star Sand Jar [6 prims]

Side Table: Designer Prims - H&G Hunt, table,flowers,frames,books,bag,curtain,chair,sunnies [29 prims]
Phone: (arcade) Eggplant Telephone [7 prims]
Chair: [*Art Dummy!]  (Brick) Yellow Chair 2.0 [13 prims]
Art: [*Art Dummy!] Tin Heart [9 prims]
Shelf: [croire] little shelf [18 prims]

Hanging Butterflies: :: AB :: Hanging Flutterby (pink) [12 prims]
Flower: Barcode - Potted Orchid White [12 prims]
Plate: :: AB :: Pinecone Plate [8 prims]
Doll: : buttons. the prim woman workaholic [11 prims]
Pillows: Home Genie-pillow pile 11 [13 prims]

Mini Tree: {what next} Bric-a-brac Christmas Tree [16 prims]
Gift Boxes: {what next} Bric-a-brac gift & pinecone decor [5 prims]

Chapter 275

Sunday, November 28, 2010

SK Designs has a new dress out - Blaine 2.0, the dress comes in two colors, red and white, also there's sleeve attachments, but my sweater covered them up. 

Skin: [PF] Ember - Nudey (dkbrow)
Makeup: estetica: pink rage

Hair: fri. - Fiona - Moody Brown
Sweater: JANE - tailgate sweater.truffle
Dress: :SK Designs: Blaine 2.0 Dress Red
Undershirt: LF Free Snowflake Bodysuit
Tights: *Sheer* Tights 25:Semi-Opaque Black
Necklace: Dark Mouse VIctorian Tassel Necklace - Silver
Earrings: Dark Mouse Victorian Tassel Earring - Silver
Shoes: Ingenue :: Dianthus :: Rose
Poses: !BANG & Olive Juice

Chapter 274

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The With Love Hunt is going on now! In case you haven't heard of it, it's brought to you by the same people behind the Platinum Hunt, so that means each hunt item cost 10L, but they're really nice, and there's a ton of stores participating. The hunt ends December 17th. And here's the starting point!

I wanted to show one of the awesome prefabs available, it's from Magoa. It comes with the skybox, built in fireplace, sofa, chairs, bed, clocks, tv, shelves, pillows, painting, flowers, frames, dinning table, chairs and candles. You get all of this for 10L!

I'll be showing some of the other home decor items in the hunt later this week. <3

Chapter 273

Thursday, November 25, 2010

With Love Hunt starts today! It's brought to you by the same people behind the Platinum Hunt, so that means each hunt item cost 10L, but they're really nice, and there's a lot of stores participating. The Hunt ends December 17th. 
The items I mark with a * are With Love Hunt gift. 

Skin: !Imabee: With love from Brendon Papp *
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Dove
Ear Muffs: ::je suis::ear muffs *
Dress: Peqe - With Love Hunt, Tartan HighWaist Sweater/Dress *
Necklace: +.+WTG+.+love beyond the end necklace *
Earrings: +.+WTG+.+ love beyond the end ear pierce *

Skin: Lara Hurley-Milla[With Love Hunt] *
Hair: [ATOMIC] Hair_Emma - Umber
Dress: [[[ SWANSONG ]]] With Love (Nude) *
Pose: LAP *
Skin: Lara Hurley-Milla[With Love Hunt] *
Hair: Maitreya Miabella - Almond
Top: justB /basic longsleeve wool tee BEIGE *
Arm Warmers: justB/ knitted arm warmers *
Bottoms: justB /knitted tights RUST *
Scarf: justB /knitted scarf C *
Antlers: [PERA] Antlers * 
Leaf: [PERA] NOM NOMM Leaves *
Tail: [PERA] Tail *
Pose: LAP *

Skin: -Glam Affair- Nina - With love *
Hair: fri. - Hailey - Moody Brown
Ear Muffs: Hucci Antler Ear Muffs - Pink *
Top: Hucci Snokflake Swearer - Pink *
Bottoms: DeeTaleZ - grey flowers cotton pantyhose *
Pose: LAP *

Skin: With Love From … Candy Doll - Elvira *
Hair: fri. - Hailey - Cranky Brown
Ear Muffs: ::je suis::ear muffs *
Dress: DeeTaleZ - cashmeer wool dress/ sweater strapless beige *
Tights: DeeTaleZ - grey flower cotton pantyhose *
Scarf: DeeTaleZ - wool scarf *
Shoes: Orion - Mr O’s Boots - Teal/Tartan *
Pose: LAP *

Skin: -Glam Affair- Nina - With love *
Hair: [LeLutka]-POMPAI hair - Burnt
Top & Bottoms: *Fishy Strawberry* Metal Foil Top & Jeans *
Shoes: (CS) Avanti Flats - Black
Pose: LAP *

Chapter 272

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I wanted to wait until I got a new skin to show off these rose sets from je suis, but I remember I had this skin from Pink Fuel, and I thought it'd go really well with it. The rose attachments from je suis are colorchange, with a bunch of different color options. <3

Skin: [PF] Dia De Los Muertos (Rose)
Tears: <porcupine love> crying over you.
Hair: “LoQ Hairs” Con Panna - Ash Black
Earrings: ::je::suis::une pricnesse::creoles
Rose In Mouth: ::je::suis::comme une rose::mouth
Roses On Arm: ::je::suis::comme une rose::arm attachment
Shoes: Ingenue :: Clara :: Ruby

Chapter 271

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've really caught the decorating bug lately, and I have a lot more home decor items to show you this week! Today I'm showing off this new kitchen set from MudHoney, I really love kitchens cause there are so many small trinkets you can put in. The full kitchen set is 409 prims, I know that sounds really scary for some of us, but it's cause there are A LOT of accessories. Also if you pick this up, play around with the kitchen set, there's tons of sits with different animations. Since Rayvn is super awesome, she actually broke the set into three different packs, one of the sets is called Bare Essentials, and the name gives it away, you get the fridge, counters, the shelves, the stove, the sink and a spare table (island); this set is 128 prims. The Kitchen Accessory pack includes all the small trinkets, that I so love - the jars, the food, the hanging light, the hanging wine set, a towel, pots, a clock a smaller shelf with accessories, a second shelf with pots and pans, and a standing shelf with accessories, and more! The Furniture Pack includes the table, the chairs, the artwork, and spare chairs; this set is 54 prims. So go check it out! <3

House: -abode- The Bachelorette
Kitchen Set: MudHoney Kangjon Kitchen
Tree: *PASH* winter tree 3
Grass: Zigana [ Winter grass ] high/ low shape .1
Buttefly: *alirium* butterflies yellow A

Chapter 270

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have to say, this week's color goldenrod for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, gave me a lot of trouble, but I realized I actually have more than I thought I did in that shade, the problem I had was what to pair it with. So here's my attempt!

Olive Juice is in Super Bargain Saturday this weekend with a super cute pose set called Airplanes, the set comes with two couple poses and one friend pose. SBS happens every Saturday, a group of stores places an item out for 60L, and it'll only be available for that price on Saturday, sometimes the item is new and sometimes it's a pre-existing item, all in all it's worth checking out. has some new tops out, called the Dion.Shirt, available in ten colors with a little prim bow. I'm totally going to layer these with other shirts I have. They're a bit sheer, so I'd suggest wearing something under if you aren't comfy showing some nip. 

The bangles from je suis are new and they're colorchange, there's tons of colors to choose from and you can change each of the bangle's colors. <3


Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 - 04 [Fair] Glow skin
Hair: Maitreya Sasha - Ash Blond
Top: fri. Dion.Shirt (Badger)
Undershirt: *Fishy Strawberry* Jewelled Cashmere Sweater - Taupe
Gloves: fri. - Dion.Shirt (Gloves) - Cocoa
Skirt: [W&B] Drew Mini-Skirt CHOCOLATE
Necklace: Dark Mouse Victorian Tassel Necklace - Gold
Earrings: Dark Mouse Victorian Tassel Earrings
Bangles: ::je::suis::magnifique::bangles ALL colors
Socks: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Dot Stockings ~ Goldenrod
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Olea Boots - Worn

Skin: MyUglyDorothy
Hair: W&Y
Glasses: Yip
Dress: Church of Luxe
Tights: Paper Couture
Bracelet: Hoot
Cape: Niniko

Skin: League
Lipstick: Kosh
Hair: !lamb.
Bottoms: W&B
Scarf: Mr.Poet
Socks: RezIpsa Loc
Shoes: Shiny Things
Bag: LeLutka

Second Picture:
Skin: LAQ~ Tess 2 - 04 [Fair] Glow skin
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Saddie
Sweater: Pig - Ladies Like Flowers Sleeve Autumn [sale at Pig!]
Top: fri. - Dion.Shirt - Leo
Bottoms: fri. - Low.Rise Jeans (Light)
Necklace: [W&B] Memory Collector Necklace
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Saturday Moccasins

Skin: Sacred skin
Hair: Uw.
Sweater: Emery
Top: Doppelganger Inc.
Bottoms: Emery
Shoes: Duh! 
Poses: Olive Juice

Chapter 269

Friday, November 19, 2010

More cuteness from The Fashion Circus. Fume has this cute sweater in 11 colors, and the sweater comes with a bow version and a plain version. These sweaters by Fume are available for guys as well, and they're exclusive to the Fashion Circus, so get them before they're gone! Also, Boho has this cute turtleneck available, it comes in seven shades. The event end on the Dec. 18th. 
Oh, and on a side note, Fume's mainstore plans on moving to the Le Cirque sim soon, so watch out for a landmark change!


Skin: LAQ ~ Mima 07 [Milky] Glow skin
Makeup: Cheap Makeup- Warhol’s Mse Eyeshadow baby blue
Hair: fri. - Brande - Timid Brown
Sweater: Fume’ - Knit Sweater_Blue
Skirt: (NO) Inner Ballerina TuTu Skirt - White
Tights: (Royal Blue) Line to the Crown in Pure
Earrings: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Kennedy White Pearl Earrings
Shoes: ::Kookie:: Lazies/Desert/
Poses: aDORKable Poses

Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 - 06 [Fair] Glow skin
Hair: fri. - Lucy.2 - Moody Brown
Top: boho - Merino Wool Sweater - Blush
Bottoms: This is a Fawn - Knit Leggings [grey]
Necklace: [W&B] Love is a Deserter Necklace
Bracelet: [W&B] JF2010 Diamond & Pearl Bracelet Stack ROSE PEARL/CREAM
Shoes: fri. - Basic Flats (White)
Poses: (marukin)

Chapter 268

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Fashion Circus starts today! The Fashion Circus brings together designers that bring you exclusive themed items, the theme this month is First Frost. The events run until December 18th, so you have plenty of time to check it out.

!BANG has out this pose set called Snow Queen, you can purchase the prop, or you can buy the poses separately. There's six poses in all. I feel like a collectible little doll in the prop. SWANSONG has out this gorgeous dress called the Frost Dress, it's available in ice and noir, and includes scatter diamonds along the bottom of the skirt. 


Skin: LAQ ~ Mima 02 [Milky] Glow skin
Makeup: Cheap Makeup- Warhol’s Muse Eyeshadow baby blue
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Dove
Shoes: fri. - Basic Flats (White)
Poses & Prop: !BANG

Chapter 267

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Warning, a lot of words below! 
The Fashion Circus starts November 18th, and runs until December 18th, so you have a full month to check out the event! Designers gather at the Le Cirque sim to bring exclusive themed items, the theme this month is First Frost.

what next is offering lots of new goodies! The treestump and the lantern are exclusives to the event, while the stockings and the tree aren't. The First Frost Treestump is awesome! There are two versions, one with a snow layer, which is 4 prims, and one without which is 2 prims, they come with 10 poses, ranging from sitting and standing poses, and two props a small little bird and snowflakes to be worn for specific poses or you can get creative. The lantern is 3 prims, and there's also a hanging lantern (not shown here). The stockings come in three colors, and they come with a shadow and a non shadow version. The tree is just gorgeous, it looks great outdoors as well!
Magoa is offering a furniture set, it's kind of a mix between a dinning room/living room set. The set includes the fireplace with the vase, the hanging ornaments, the table, the chairs, the cloth on the table, the magazine, the sideboard, the box, the painting and the small ornament. This set is great for winter, the colors are perfect.  It's around 106 prims.
PIDIDDLE's offering this chic dress, and the belt is color change.

Also, newness from je suis, the une princesse creloes, which are a pair of earrings, you can change metal, gemstones and glow. I love that the designer is incorporating more and more options in her jewelry and accessories, it really allows for true customization.

Skin: LAQ~ Tess2 - 02 [Fair] Glow skin
Hair: Maitreya Miabella - Almond
Dress: PIDIDDLE - Sweater Dress - The Fashion Circus Event Item
Necklace: Dark Mouse Victorian Tassel Necklace
Earrings: ::je::suis::une princesse::creoles
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black)

Home Decor:
House: buttons. 'the light is always on' home
Set: Magoa ~ The First Frost Set
Stockings: {what next} First Frost Christmas Stockings  (w/shadow)
Mugs & Tray: {what next} Snowflake Mugs & Tray (for table/without anims)
Tree: {what next} Winter White Christmas Tree
Treestump: {what next} 'First Frost' Treestump Photography Prop (4 prims)
Lantern: {what next} Snowflake Floor Lantern

Chapter 266

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Little BIG Shop Event started a few days ago and there's tons of great shops partaking in the event. The purpose of the Little BIG Shop Event is to bring together big shops and little shops. The event ends on the 29th. 

I wanted to show two items I really like from the event, especially cause they have that autumn feel to them, OH My Stars (OMS) has more than what's shown here, but these two are my favorites - the Lost In Autumn set and they did a collaborative pose set with Olive Juice called Harvest Hayride. The Lose In Autumn set includes the prop of the tree, leaves and chair, as well as three poses on the chair, and two on the tree. I think it's 12 prims in all so it's not that primmy, and you could totally rez this on your plot for a nice autumn feel!

The Harvest Hayride set includes the prop and accessories on it, like the plant and some of the leaves. There are 9 poses included. All I can say is it's hard to coordinate eight of your friends getting on at good times, but thank you to all the people who were in the picture - Chantelle, Kilo, Rezzie, Adelayda, Sarah, Randi, Kiara, and Shay! <3

Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine. Pale 2 } [Mystic-FR]
Eyelashes: dfo! Faux twiggy lashes
Blush: Exile: Flush
Hair: *Dark Mouse* Kelly (Toasted Almond)
Top: *RezIpsa Loc* ~ Brown Stripped Fall Long-Sleeve
Bottoms: Doppelganger Inc. - Cuffed Cords - Dark Blue
Necklace: (FD) Summer Peacock Necklace
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Olea Boots
Tattoo: [TH] Tattoo - Leaves Were Falling
Pose & Prop: *OMS* Lost In Autumn 
Grass: Turnip’s Long Dry Grass

Skin: &Bean - Pillow Light Group Gift
Hair: !lamb. Lovage - Kit Kat
Sweater: *FIR & MNA* Addison Cardigan Grey
Top: fri. - Longsleeve Scoop.Tee (White)
Bottoms: fri. - Low.Rise Jeans (Regular)
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Olea Boots
Pose & Prop: *OMS* & Olive Juice- Harvest Hayride
Leaves: Olive Juice- Fallen Leaves Ground Cover

Chapter 265

Monday, November 15, 2010

FTLO Fall Hunt is going on now, there's over 60 stores participating. You're looking for a brownish-yellowish small robot (it's been used in the previous FTLO hunts). Below are just some of the items available from the hunt, I wanted to show some of my favorite hunt prizes mixed in with some of the decor I already own.
Sorry for the picture spam! <3

House: estetica: Little Office Space [FTLO hunt prize]

Desk: estetica: Little Office Space Desk [FTLO hunt prize]
Books: Stack of Books
[croire] stack of books (click the books) (back to school hunt)
Barcode - Book Stack
Lamp: {theosophy} Whixley Lamp
Opened Books: [MAGIC NOOK] Book (Hand) /FREEBIE/
Mug: cleo design coffe mug
[MAGIC NOOK] Mug (Chick)
Pencils: [MAGIC NOOK] Pencil (Mouth) /FREEBIE/
Pile of Paper: ~Scribble~ Group Gift: Stack of Papers (Treasure Map)
Frames: Barcode - Dark Wood & Light Wood Wire Frame
Art: [croire] autumn snapshots [FTLO hunt prize]
Chandelier: Kyoot Home - Mason Jar Chandelier

Ladder & Accessories: :CP: Ladder Shelf [FTLO hunt prize]
Bookcase: estetica: Little Office Space Bookcase [FTLO hunt prize]
Plant: Olive Juice- Pumpkin Planter
Books Pile: [ARIA] Mela  four book pile
Books: (TLND) books A & B
Bottles: [*Art Dummy!]Studio (Empty Bottle) & (Empty Bottle small)
Candle: Surf Co. Bluegrass Candle Supply Co. / Harvest Spice (Lid Off)
Shadowboxes: Barcode - Shadowbox Mail, Birdies, Polaroids, Recipes
Rug: estetica: Little Office Space Rug [FTLO hunt prize]

Fireplace: [M] Wooden Fireplace [FTLO hunt prize]
Candle: MudHoney Twiggy Candle
Chair & Pillows: ::COOL BEANS:: Southern Comfort Chair [FTLO hunt prize]
Wall Decal: estetica: Little Office Space Wall Art [FTLO hunt prize]

Grass: Turnip's Long Dry Grass: Fifty Linden Friday Special

Chapter 264

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm a bit late, but when I heard about the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, I knew I wanted to try it out. So here's this past week's - grey, and this week's - blue. And this upcoming week the color is goldenrod. Enjoy!

Just A Pose has an item out for Taste of SL (TOSL), the theme is 'Time Warp". If you haven't heard of TOSL, it's basically an event that takes place every weekend where different stores put out an item new or old for 50% off the original price. It comes with five pillows, two texture change pillows, four poses, and your friends can join you on the pillow. And it totally has that retro vibe to it. It's available for 69L this weekend only. Just A Pose is also in the Albero Fall Gacha Festival offering 11 drunken poses with a bottle prop, called Holiday Spirits, they're totally lol worthy.

Skin: [dekade.] SKINS-Brooke 2- Sunkissed/ L Brows/ Hair/PH Special
Lashes: Cheap Makeup- Babysitters Club Lashes
Hair: TRUTH - Charlotte - caramel
Hoodie: Reek Laundry Day Hoodie - Gray
Top: *Ki2* Mrs Deli Salami (Soot)
Undershirt: *ARAI* Nit_gray
Bottoms: This is a Fawn - Knit Leggings [grey]
Shoes: fri. - Basic Flats (White)
Cushions: {Just A Pose} Flower Power Pillows
Skybox: Barcode - City Grunge Skybox

Skin: LAQ~ Tess2 - 02 [Fair] Glow skin
Makeup: estetica: blue spine
Hair: *Dark Mouse* Kelly (Toasted Almond)
Sweater: Reek - Papercut Cardigan - Navy
Dress: Bang Bang - Glitterdress midnight blue
Necklace: Dark Mouse Victorian Tassel Necklace - Silver
Earrings: Dark Mouse Victorian Tassel Earring - Silver
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Shanti Chocolat
Poses & Prop: Just A Pose