Chapter 500

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mudhoney has a new, really awesome cabin out for SUYS! It kind of made me think of an artist's retreat. So that's kind of how I decorated it. I was planning on making it a bit more cluttered looking, but unfortunately, time is never on my side, and I wanted to make sure I posted this before the weekend was over. It gave me a chance to whip out some of my recent furniture purchases, that haven't really seen the light of day. 
So while I was getting the credits for this decor post, a thought struck me, on whether prims and land impact are different. So I just wanted to kind of end with an
 apology if I mis-mark items that are meant to use the land impact scale, instead of prims. Enjoy!

House: Mudhoney Holiday Cabin (mesh) [18 LI] - NEW!
Grass: Turnip's Long Summer Grass: Fifty Linden Friday Special [2 prims each]Dandelions: Zigana. Random shape 2 [1 prim each]
Tree: *aG* NarrowTree Small Spring [4 prims]

Tree: *aG* NarrowTree Small Spring [4 prims]
Picnic Table: Dutchie summer gift (mesh) [3 LI]
Chair: :CP: Peboamauk Rocking Chair [15 prims]

Plant: *Funky*Junk* Bird of Paradise [18 prims]
Tree: Botanical - Linden Tree XL (Memorial) [t] [6 prims]

Crane: (Elate!) Goup Gift - Origami Paper Crane [1 prim]
Bookshelf: floorplan. bookworm ladder (mesh) [4 LI]

Table: Zigana. From where we travel. Cabinet (mesh) [2 LI]

Message Board: floorplan. - messageboard / turquoise (mesh) [1 LI]
Cake: Teawood - October birthday cake. [freebie!] [9 prims]
Plant: *Funky*Junk* Aloe Vera [5 prims]
Cactus: Kari - Mr Cactus (Freebee) [1 prim]
Beer & Pizza: Dutchie subscriber gift: 1 prim dinner (mesh) [1 prim]

Shelf: PILOT - Haywood Pipe Shelf 1 (mesh) [3 LI]
Dresser: :CP: Sky High Dresser (9 prims - Working Drawers) (mesh) [9 prims]
Plant: [North West] Twigs in a vase [5 prims]
Shelf: PILOT - Bohn Crate Shelf - Texture Change (mesh) [10 LI]
Chair: MudHoney Juliet Chair (cream) [10 prims]
Sidetable: nordari. sidetable_a [3 prims]
Camera: /artilleri/ Lumoflex camera (just camera, no anim) *turquoise* [8 prims]

Map: PILOT - Traveler's Map 1 (mesh) [5 LI]
Bench: :CP: Laurence Traveller Bench (mesh) [3 LI]
Roses: -Hanaya- Dozen Long Stemmed Roses (Pink Blush) [55 prims]
Flowers: LISP - Grandma Posy Flowers décor [3 prims]
Wall Decor: :CP: Georgie Pictures (mesh) [6 prims]
Bed: MudHoney Mia Palette Bed [12 prims]
Manuscript: floorplan. jack's manuscript. (mesh) [1 LI]

Shelf: *Y's HOUSE* ID Shelf 00 [white/mesh]_for FLF (mesh) [6 LI]
Paper Bag: : ) BCC macaron Paper bag Roseberry [21 prims]
Bottles: Kari - Cologne bottles [1 prim]
Mug: R(S)W Mug Gone Cold (mesh) [1 LI]
Pencil Set: R(S)W Ruler Pencil Set (mesh) [1 LI]
Dummy: [*Art Dummy!] once. (linked tabletop version decorative dummy) (mesh) [5 LI]
Beaker: BP* Beaker 2011/plants [10 prims]
Bottle: {vespertine} - vesna bottle/smaller. [10 prims]
Humpty: !O: Humpty for Breakfast [PolkaYellow] [White] & [Polka Green] [8 prims each]
Pots: [North West] Growing thyme, rosemary & basil [6 prims each]
Plant: :CP: Millesime Baignoire Table Topiary (mesh) [3 prims]
Coffee Pot: Teawood - black magic coffee pot [Halloween Hunt Prize[2 prims]
Decor: :CP: New Year's Bureau décor [42 prims]
Dummy: [*Art Dummy!] once. (decorative dummy) (mesh) [3 LI]
Lantern: :CP: Winter Lantern Quiet [7 prims]
Room Divider: [*Art Dummy!] idle. (room divider) [8 prims]
Frames: [North West] Triple frames on a string (white) [10 prims]
Chalkboard: Kyoot Home - Resto Chalkboard (M) [3 prims]
Book Shelf: Baffle! [Book Shelf.] [49 prims]
Chalkboard: Kyoot Home - Resto Chalkboard (SM) [3 prims]
Post Its: Thistle Post-It single (cm) [1 prim each]

Hat Rack:{what next} Winter Hat Rack (Chocolate) [6 prims]
Telephone:{what next} Retro Telephone (black) [6 prims]

Candles: Doppelganger - Mason Jar Candles [8  prims]
Mirror & Pictures: :CP: Old Memories Mirror – Walnut (mesh) [3 LI]

Light Tree: [North West] Gustav Potted Limb w/ Bulbs [12 prims]

Table: Zigana [ Drafting table ] [16 prims]
Book & Pen: {what next} Novelle Book & Pen décor [2 prims]
Typewriter: :CP: Hemmingway Typewriter (mesh) [1 LI]
Stool: Zigana. Stool [2 prims]

Tree w/ Cups: [North West] Chaiyya Tree Cups [31 prims]
Log Pile: {what next} Pineknot Log Pile [8 prims]

Chapter 499

Thursday, October 25, 2012

So for this post, I really did try to make it my mission to blog mainly current and past Collabor88 items. Tonight's the last day to enter for their blogger contest. So of course, I'm finally getting to that, on the last day possible. Anywho this month's Collabor88 theme is pink flamingos, which is completely adorable! Intrigue Co. has a ton of awesome items, my favorite is probably the shelf. Also, I'm loving u.f.o's cardigan, especially cause of the flamingo print, plus I'm loving that shade of mint. And once I picked up the cardigan, I found it nearly effortless to put an outfit together! 

Chapter 498

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well hello again! That was unplanned and unexpected blogging vacation. September was insanely busy for me, as well as the beginning of October. Now I'm just trying to decide what to blog! I've also been in the process of editing my shape, which I'm still not 100% satisfied with, so bare with me if there's a few transition shapes I go through.
Anwho, Wasabi Pills has this gorgeous new hair out for Cinema. In case you haven't heard about Cinema, it's a themed sim-wide event that is focused on movies. Cinema runs from now until October 31st. And Apple May Designs have a lovely new dress, I love the way it hangs, and it definitely makes me think of autumn.

Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY* -Skin of the Sunday19
Lipstick: -tb- {Light/Pale} Red Lippie
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Taylor Mesh Hair - Cinnamon - NEW! 
Dress: Apple May Designs - October - Warm - NEW!
Necklace: LaGyo_Alice necklace
Bracelet: ASO!AlphabetBrace(V)Gold
Rings: LaGyo_Bonbon ring gold & LaGyo_Ludovica double ring
Shoes: [HABERDASHERY] Charlotte Riding Boots - Natural
Purse: Leverocci - Resort Satchel_Pumpkin
Pose: don't freak out!