Chapter 310

Monday, January 31, 2011

Newness! I love new releases, don't you? Anywho, MINA has a new hairstyle out now, Amber, which is this cute loose ponytail. And Magoa has these cute tanks out, I love the pattern on them. Enjoy <3

Skin: -Belleza- Erika Deep Tan group gift
Freckles: *YS & YS* Freckles3 Add Tatoo Layer SL2
Lashes: L.Fauna - Iris’ Eyelash tattoo & dfo! Faux twiggy lashes
Hair: MINA Amber - Hazelnut
Top: .Magoa. Shameless Shirt Prim [ Gold ]
Skirt: Doppelganger Inc. - Ballerina Skirt Pink
Necklace: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Gold Leaf Necklace
Earrings: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Gold Leaf Earring
Bracelet: [W&B] JF2010 Diamond & Pearl Bracelet Stack GOLDEN PEARL/CREAM
Shoes: tram gift Flats (bg) [old group gift]
Poses: marukin & Olive Juice

Skin: *YS & YS* Rebecca Dols TDR
Freckles: *YS & YS* Freckles3 Add Tatoo Layer SL2
Lashes: L.Fauna - Iris’ Eyelash tattoo & dfo! Faux twiggy lashes
Hair: MINA Amber - Cinnamon
Top: .Magoa. Shameless Shirt Prim [ Yellow ]
Skirt: (Milk Motion) My buttoned short skirt [past 50l Friday]
Necklace: This Is a Fawn + Scribble - Corvus Necklace [gold]
Earrings: (Miriel) Teardrop Earring - Gold
Pose: Dismorph & marukin

Background Texture by InSight Designs

Chapter 309

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today, I wanted to show off a new house from a store new to me, Keje Creations has this lovely house out. It's so cozy. The house is a ranch style home, and I really like this style cause I feel it's versatile over the seasons, like it looks like a summer house, but can also be a winter home. And the house includes this screen in the back, I'm not quite sure what to call it, but it partially encloses the back, and I just think it's a nice touch. The house is 129 prims. 

Also the bed set from buttons is out now as part of Spruce Up Your Space, there's more included then what's shown here, so make sure you check it out for yourself! <3

House: [Keje Creations] - My Country Home [129 prims]
Bench: [*Art Dummy!] between autumn and spring. (garden chaise) [24 prims]

Table: Clutter (tm) - Informal Lunch Table [8 prims]
Food: Clutter (tm) - Peanut Butter Lunch [11 prims]
Mug with Spoon: Chintz Mug [ Gingham ] with spoon by AM at Insight Designs [5 prims]
Mug: Chintz Mug [ Gingham ] by AM at Insight Designs [4 prims]
Plate: Chintz Gingham Platter by AM at Insight Designs [3 prims]
Side Dish: Chintz [Gingham] Side dish with spoon by AM at Insight Designs [4 prims]
Board: {what next} Mirabelle 'Social Butterfly' Notice board [11 prims]

Fridge: {His Happy Housewife}Country Fridge [31 prims]
Counters & Stove: b.v Kitchen (white) [10 prims]
Cabinet: opendoor Shelf [4 prims] [creator: muu Ceriano]
Cake Stand: /artilleri/ Kim Cake stand with noms *WLH* [13 prims]
Cake: b.v Merry Xmas Cake [21 prims]
Tea Kettle:{HisHappyHousewife}TeaKettle [9 prims]
Towel Rack: Washcloth hanger [4 prims] [creator: muu Ceriano]
Pot Holder: wall potset [7 prims] [creator: muu Ceriano]
Clock: {what next} Time For Tea Wall Clock [6 prims]
Shelf: Clutter (tm) - Vital Peanut Butter Supply Shelf [8 prims]
Bowl: [SP]bowl [2 prims]
Whisk: [SP]whisk [9 prims]
Pots, Dishes, Cups, Pitcher: lidpot, Longpot smok [1-2 prims each]  [creator: muu Ceriano]
Waffle Maker: Reek - Waffle Maker [9 prims]
Jars: Barcode - Kitchen Jars [8 prims]
Pans: magi take can1, 2, 3, 4 [1 prim each]

Couch: Little Boxes Candy Christmas Couch [16 prims]
Chair: Little Boxes Candy Christmas Chair [12 prims]
Rugs: Little Boxes Rumpled Rug (yellow) (pink) (brown) [1 prim each]
Coffee Table: Little Boxes Natural Coffee Table [11 prims]
Tray w/ Mugs: {what next}Time For Tea Tray with Mugs [11 prims]
Poster: s b s-  sculpted poster Cold Lemonade [1 prim]

Bed: buttons. Beachbed [15 prims]
Rug: buttons. ruggie [white] [1 prim]
Pillows: buttons. throw cushions [3 prims]
Fireplace: buttons. b-fireplace [11 prims]

Chair: LISP - Cupcake & Coastal Chair [8 prims each]
Table: LISP - Coastal Table [2 prims]
Bottles & Frame: LISP - Bottles & Cake Frame [10 prims]
Seashell: LISP - Coastal Shell 1 [2 prims]
Rug: LISP - Peaches & Cream Rug [1 prim]

Garden Hutch: :CP: Garden Hutch [95 prims]
Stepladder: *petal* GIFT Stepladdar [6 prims]

Grass & Flowers: Zigana [ Daisy love ] .Boxed [1 prim]Butterflies: *alirium* butterflies [1 prim]

Chapter 308

Saturday, January 29, 2011

When I first saw the Phoney Poney prop from aDORKable Poses, I knew I had to have it! Lucky me, it's the Pro Posers hunt gift. The adorable horse prop comes with three poses. And the hunt ends on the 15th of February, so get it before it's gone! 

Skin: -Belleza- Alyson MED Group gift
Lashes: L.Fauna Iris’ Eyelash tattoo & dfo! Faux twiggy lashes
Freckles: *YS & YS* Freckles3 Add Tatoo Layer SL2
Hair: Reek - Savannah 2 Hair - Ginger
Top: -tb- Floral Sleeveless Top
Bottoms: -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts
Necklace: (Elate!) Silver Pocket Watch Necklace [Seasons Hunt gift]
Earrings: ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Callisto earring (iron) [old gift]
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Olea Boots - Worn
Pose & Prop: aDORKable Poses

Tree, Grass & Flowers: Zigana & Turnip's

Chapter 307

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little late..but AddiCt released a bunch of new items a couple of weeks ago. And I just wanted to show a few of the items. I've been itching for more high waisted shorts, and these are nice, the length is really good and I love the denim shades. And I paired it with this new scarf also from AddiCt, I love how it wraps around. Also the Aradia jumper is cute, I can see myself pairing it with a long sleeve shirt, the next time I wear it. And the Ziomara sweater dress are finally out with a full line of colors. Also, the hair is only available at CHIC Limited. It's the first time Kianna has made hair to my knowledge and it came out pretty cute! <3

Skin: &Bean - Old Bone IBLEWC3PO IN THE FALL rosy
Lashes: L.Fauna - Iris Eyelash tattoo & dfo! Faux twiggy lashes
Lipstick: PIDIDDLE - Lip Color - Matte Bare All / Teeth
Hair: -[AddiCt]-Brielle/Chestnut
Top: -[AddiCt]-VO-HAN Sweater/Bubblegum
Bottoms: Doppelganger Inc. Frost Jeans Season Hunt
Necklace: Tee*fy Bangle Necklaces

Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 - 01 [Fair] Glow skin
Makeup: Cheap Makeup Sparkly Shadow Powder #9
Lashes: L.Fauna - Iris Eyelash tattoo & dfo! Faux twiggy lashes
Hair: [e] Frost - Blonde 08 [Seasons Hunt gift]
Sweater: {mon tissu} Heathered Pullover - Red
Shorts: -[AddiCt]-NORA Jean Shorts/Dingy
Scarf: -[AddiCt]-MINNU Scarf/Cranberry
Ring: alaMood Sweet Stacked Silver Sapphire Burst Rings
Shoes: [mdrm]belt short boots

Skin: Grixdale - Emery - Caramel - Saccharine - Frex
Lashes: L.Fauna - Iris’ Eyelash tattoo & dfo! Faux twiggy lashes
Lipstick PIDIDDLE - LipColor - Glossy Lost My Keys/NoTeeth
Hair: TRUTH - Snow Kitty - coffee
Top: -[AddiCt]-ARADIA Jumper Body/Berry
Skirt: Doppelganger Inc. - Cut-Off Jean Skirt Light Blue
Tights: H&V: strike-a-pose tights BLACK
Socks: Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks
Shoes: *FIR & MNA* Wavie Shoes

Skin: -Belleza- Erika Pale group gift
Lashes: L.Fauna - Iris’ Eyelash tattoo & dfo! Faux twiggy lashes
Hair: !lamb. Wild Nothing - Honeycomb
Dress: -[AddiCt]-ZIOMARA Sweater dress /Grey
Tights: Peqe - Blender tights
Necklace: (Elate!) Silver Pocket Watch Necklace
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Assassin boot - grey

Poses: Glitterati, marukin & croire

Chapter 306

Monday, January 24, 2011

More from CHIC Limited <3

Skin: -Belleza- Erika SK group gift
Hair: [LeLutka]-POMPAI hair - Burnt
Dress: (Royal Blue) City to Country Dress in Chocolate - CHIC Limited
Shoes: *GF* Flower Pumps “Eve” -red- - CHIC Limited

Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 2} [Mystic]
Hair: !lamb. Heart - Kit Kat
Dress: (Royal Blue) City to Country Dress in Violets - CHIC Limited
Tights: Peqe - Blender tights - CHIC Limited
Necklace: *ICED* Maisy Necklace - Purple - CHIC Limited
Shoes: Peqe - G Wedge v3 - CHIC Limited
Poses & Rack: Glitterati

Chapter 305

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I haven't done a full blown home decor post in a while, I figured it was time, since I had some free time this weekend. What I really wanted to show off was this gorgeous new house from SPRY, it's available this weekend through Spruce Up Your Space (SUYS) for only 150L. The house could function as a skybox or house. And the skylight is just perfect. Also, there's four rooms, a patio and the fireplace is included. All in all, it's 147 prims. So check out the demo at the mainstore! <3
Note: Some of the items shown are not available anymore. 

House: [SPRY] pied-a-terre -[147 prims]
Trees: Zigana [ Loving fall - Pignut, Poplar & Ironwood .lightbark .shape 3 ] .Boxed [2 prims each]
Grass & Flowers: Zigana [ Daisy love ] [1 prim each]
Large Tree: Botanical - Linden Tree XL (Memorial) [t] [6 prims]
Tree: :YONEYA: Poplar(Populus) 01-04 [2 prims each]
Trees: *PASH* spring tree 3 [6 prims each]

Screen: <<UrbanizeD>> Retro Screen "H1de" // Rose Garden [7 prims]
Mirror: Barcode - Beauty Is Mirror [8 prims]
Table: MudHoney Breitman Console - Black with draws 
Jar: MudHoney Empty Jar [3 prims]
Candles: MudHoney Black Wood Pillar Candle Tall & Short [4 prims each]
Cubes: MudHoney Cube Ottoman - Cream [3 prims each]
Flower: *chronokit* lily black [6 prims]

Perfume: LISP - Perfume Bottle 2 [2 prims]
Frames: MudHoney Shabby White Wood Frames [4 prims]
Jewelry Box: [ skream! ] Jewelry Box (gift for subscribers!!) [111 prims]
Chandelier: The Loft - Antler Chandelier [19 prims]
Chair: MudHoney Prestige Medallion Chair - Red Paisley [11 prims]
Branch: {theosophy} Rog Jeleni [14 prims]
Painting: :: AB :: Following the Moon print [2 prims]

Bath Set: :CP: Charlotte Bath [70 prims]
Shelf: :CP: Charlotte Bath Shelf [29 prims]
Divider: nordari. - room divider [9 prims]
Slippers: {what next} 'Cosy Christmas' Slippers (decorative only) [5 prims]
Paintings: junkDrawer - painting - Brando & Bogart [2 prims each]

Lanterns: Turnip's Festive Paper Lanterns string of 5 (oriental) [21 prims]

Bed & Rug: sur+ [luxe bed] chocolate [21 prims]
Miror & Curtains: sur+ [luxe mirror + curtains] [6 prims]
Ottoman: sur+ [luxe seating]  [6 prims]
Wine, Glasses & Bowl: sur+ [luxe wine] [20 prims]
Tray: {what next}Time For Tea Tray with Mugs [11 prims]
Lamp: nordari. lamp.flower garden [5 prim]
Shoes: [*Art Dummy!] ruby red walking shoes. [9 prims]

12 Paitings: [KALAVINKA] posters [creator: caca Drevenerussky] [1 prim each]

Shadoxes: Barcode -  Polaroid  [10-19 prims]
Shelf: :CP: Ladder Shelf [20 prims]
Hanging Art: nordari. winterized memories. [24 prims]
Candle: MudHoney Twiggy Candle [7 prims]
Plate: :: AB :: Pinecone Plate [8 prims[
Small Trees: MudHoney Pinecone Tree w/ Silver & Gold Star [4 each prims]
Box: <<UrbanizeD>> Music Box "Over The Rainbow" // "Rezz" Edition [28 prims]
Books: Barcode - Books and bookends [5 prims]
Bottles: *Tweedle* Bottles- Table Type [5 prims]
Branch: Barcode - Bay Branch [17 prims]
Frames: Kyoot Home - Autumn Frame (Seasons Hunt) [6 prims each]
Lamp: "MELIA" glass lamp 07 [3 prims]
Lantern: {what next} Snowflake Floor Lantern [3 prims]
Chair: :: AB :: Oversized Knit Chair [10 prims]
Rug: Molto Bene! - Prongs Rug [ texture change ] [1 prims]
Table: buttons. coffee table [dirty wood] [10 prims]
Birdcage: {theosophy} Acton Birdcage (Wood) S [16 prims]
Bird: {what next} Robin - Prop (rez) [3 prims]
Books: [*ArtDummy!]  hang your heart here. (decorative books) [5 prims]
Basket: [*Art Dummy!] Traveling Basket [5 prims]

Small Table: Molto Bene! little wooden table/bench [6 prims]
Book Case: *Cheap Cheap* Book Case I [13 prims]
Painting: Painted Lily - Sunny Days & Spring Green Picture [2 prims]
Snowman: MudHoney Joyful Snowman Decoration [12 prims]
Tray w/ Cookies: :: AB :: Gingerbread Cookie & Hot Chocolate Tray [16 prims]
Candlesticks: [*Art Dummy!] rusty candlestick holder (white) (red) [4 prims each]
Nest: Tiny Bird [42 prims]
Snowglobe: !Ohmai: !Pigmai: Snowglobe Ver. Girl [13 prims]
Mittens: :: AB :: Put Your Mittens Away [4 prims each]
Candles: :: AB :: Wreath Candle (sm - red, gold) (lg - white) [6 prims each]
Picture Frame: [what next] May Photo Frame [3 prims]
Books: [croire] stack of books (click the books) (back to school hunt) [8 prims]
Clock: [North West] Little Alarm Clock (grey) [12 prims]
Cup: Barcode - Pencil Cup [5 prims]
Calendar: Barcode - Chuck Norris Desk Calendar [2 prims]
Pinecone Basket: :: AB :: Pinecone Ornament Basket [15 prims]
Basket: *Y's HOUSE* [Display] Kago01(natural/Brown Knob, old/White Knob)_OMAKE free [2 prims each]
Bobbin pins: *~MMG's~* Wood bobbin_1prim [1 prim each]
Glass: "MELIA" shell&glass holder [5 prims]
Jar: Barcode - Stick Star Sand Jar [6 prims]
Candles: :: AB :: Wnter's Warmth Glass Candle (lid off) & (lid on) [4-5 prims]
Record Player: ponitee:::Change URL - Turntable ver.2 [8 prims]
Canister: {theosophy} Milton Cannister SC- Sugar (L) [3 prims]
Small Canisters: {theosophy} Milton Cannister SC- Tea, Flour, Coffee (S) [3 prims each]

Frame: :: AB :: In Flight Window Frame [5 prims]
Stack of Books: AB :: In Flight Book Stack [10 prims]
Stool: :: AB :: In Flight Wooden Stool [7 prims]
Artwork: Caachagua & White Nightgown by Lindini2 [1 prim each]
Potted Plants: Kyoot Home - (group gift) Rotted & Terracotta Flower Pot [3 prims each]
Flower: Barcode - Potted Orchid White [12 prims]
Cabinets: Second Spaces *group gift* Leftover Cabinet [29 prims]
Art: [croire] cumulonimbus [22 prims]
Light Bulbs: Zigana. - hanging light [3 prims each]
Coat Rack: -RC- Nana's Antler Rack [9 prims]
Rainboots: {what next} Wellies (rainboots!) - decorative only [5 prims]

Chair: {theosophy} Garvagh Stool (Tan) [7 prims]
Table with Accessories: Second Spaces - Kessel table [slightly modded, 29 prims]
Book Case w/ Accesores: :: AB :: Reading Nook [30 prims]
Telephone: (arcade) Eggplant Telephone [7 prims]
Candles: Surf Co.'s Bluegrass Candle Supply Co. / Harvest Spice (Lid On) & (Lid Off) [6-9 prims]
Flower: Turnip's Bottle of Fall Poppies (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [3 prims]

Table: Kari - Feast table (group) [past group gift] [40 prims]
Couch: {what next} Balmoral Loveseat (for two) [8 prims]
Small Table: Olive Juice- Into the Woods Table [9 prims]

Chapter 304

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spruce Up Your Space is back and I'm loving the items available this weekend! Cheeky Pea has this gorgeous bath set out and as usual there's a tons of great features included. The set includes everything shown, well minus the house and avie, of course. The animations included are darling, you'll have to see them for yourself! Single and couple animations included. Also the fabric, candles, roses and metals are all color change. As for the prims the amount ranges, so without some of the additional items that are included, it's 17 prims. with everything shown it's 70 prims. And the shelf is 29 prims. Get it before the price goes up! SPRY has this lovely house out for Spruce Up Your Space, I'll blog it in more detail tomorrow, so look for that. <3

House: [SPRY] pied-a-terre
Bath Set: :CP: Charlotte Bath

Chapter 303

Grixdale has this gorgeous skin out now, it's only available at CHIC Limited. The face is so cute, I think my favorite detail are the lips, they look really unique. Also, if you're not a huge fan of freckles all over the face, you may like these, because the freckles are really faint. The skin comes three tones, and two versions, one with the paint on the face, and one without, also all three tones have a version with freckles and without. 

Skin: Grixdale - Emery - Saccharine & Caustic - Chic Limited
Hair: !lamb. Lovage - Kit Kat
Bra: .VOLUPTIA. Pafait Bra
Panties: [W&B] Frilly Little Knickers IVORY
Jewelry: je suis::douce::bright - CHIC Limited
Pose: exposeur

Chapter 302

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Simple LOTD with pieces mostly available at CHIC Limited

Skin: LG Pd’A - DUMAH - Iumineux MUChicevent (light brows) - CHIC Limited
Hairbase: LG Pd’A DUMAH - Iumineux BLONDE HB - CHIC Limited
Hair: LG PdA - luminous - Hairstyle #BO1 - blonde - CHIC Limited
Dress: PIDIDDLE - Dim Sum Dress - Bing Cherry - CHIC Limited
necklace: ::je suis::douce::bright::necklace - CHIC Limited
Earrings: ::je suis::douce::bright::earring - CHIC Limited
Shoes: *GF* Flower Pumps “Eve” -red- - CHIC Limited
Pose: exposeur

Chapter 301

Monday, January 17, 2011

CHIC Limited has officially opened! I'll continue showing some of the exclusive items available throughout the week. This whole look makes me think that spring is right around the corner. True it's a few months away, but time flies, so it'll be here before you know it. Anyways, this gorgeous skin from Grixdale comes in two versions, one with the paint and one without, also they come with freckles and non freckles. As for the jewelry, the pearls, metals and flowers are all color change. And the dress is so pretty, I really like the color combo. Be sure to check out the event before it ends <3

Skin: Grixdale - Emery - Caramel - Caustic - Frex - CHIC Limited
Makeup: Cheap Makeup Sparkly Pewter Shadow #15
Hair: TRUTH - Aiyana (Plain) - mocha
Dress: {SMS} Floral Dress CHIC Limited
Necklace: ::je suis::douce::soft::necklace - CHIC Limited
Earrings: ::je suis::douce::soft::necklace - CHIC Limited
Pose: hate me and eat me

Tree: Zigana [Tree .Yellow autumn]
Grass: Zigana [ Daisy love ]

Chapter 300

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I usually don't blog more than once a day, but today's the exception. I wanted to preview some of the other items available at CHIC Limited. CHIC Limited is another wonderful event brought to us by Keira Seerose and a bunch of well known designers. The difference with this event is that the items are exclusive and sold at a normal price, so the price isn't super expensive or cheap. It opens later today! Check here for more info on the event. <3

Skin: LAQ~ Mima 08 [Milky] Glow skin
Liner: Cheap Makeup- Cat Power
Lashes: Cheap Makeup Spider Lash 2
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Taylor
Bra: -Glam Affair- Amara - Bra - CHIC Limited
Skirt: Berries Inc. Amalia skirt (black) - CHIC Limited
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 High Bare
Chair & Pose: aDORKable Poses: Brazen Hussy Chair - CHIC Limited

Skin: [CheerNo] Brent_Bronze Base Shav - - CHIC Limited
Freckles: [CheerNo] Brent_Freckles - - CHIC Limited
Hair: TRUTH - Hank - walnut
Scarf: [NSD] Alexander Poncho/Gray&Black - - CHIC Limited
Bottoms: [LeLutka]-MATUSALEN pants
Rack with Poses: GLITTERATI

Home Décor: 
Skybox: *Tweedle* Atelier [132 prims]
Set: MudHoney Breitman Entrance Set [63 prims] - CHIC Limited
Canvas: *Tweedle* Bunch of Canavas [12 prims]
Boxes:  *Tweedle* Closed cardboard box [3 prims]

Chapter 299

I want to start off by saying sorry for the late hour blogging I'm doing here, anyways I wanted to preview some of the items available at CHIC Limited. CHIC Limited is another awesome event brought to us by Keria Seerose and a bunch of well known designers. The difference with this event is that the items are exclusive and are sold at a normal price, the price isn't jacked up, and it isn't super cheap. And, it opens later today! There is more info here on the event.
And look out for future blog posts, on other items available at CHIC Limited, maybe even later today at preferable a decent hour. <3

Skin: LAQ~ Vilda *Chirstmas gift* [Peach] Glow skin
Powder: Cheap Makeup Sparkly Shadow Powder#9
Lipstick: PIDIDDLE - Party Pink Lipstick - No Gloss/No Teeth
Makeup: L.Fauna Makeup [Countdown] Pale
Hair: TRUTH - Eric - mocha
Dress: Peqe - Blender V2 - CHIC Limited
Tights: Peqe - Blender Tights - CHIC Limited
Necklace: ::je suis:: douce ::soft::necklace - CHIC Limited
Earrings: ::je suis::douce::soft::earring - CHIC Limited
Shoes: Peqe - G Wedge_Blender - CHIC Limited

Skin: [:T:] Claire / fall / li :: TDR Newyear 2011 LE
Makeup: cheLLe - (eyeshadow) Priori Incantatem
Hair: !lamb. Sleepyhead - Honeycomb
Dress: .Magoa. Wild At Heart Dress - CHIC Limited
Necklace: ::je suis:: douce::bright::necklace - CHIC Limited
Earrings: ::je suis:: douce::bright::earring - CHIC Limited
Shoes: Peqe - G Wedge_Blender - CHIC Limited

Skin: *YS&YS* - Andrea April GroupGift Hair
Hair: Maitreya Miabella - Walnut
Necklace: ::je suis:: douce::bright::necklace - CHIC Limited
Earrings: ::je suis:: douce::bright::earring - CHIC Limited
Shoes: Peqe - G Wedge_Blender - CHIC Limited

Poses & Prop: Glitterati 

Chapter 298

Friday, January 14, 2011

I can't believe it's week ten of the color challenge, anyways this is my attempt on sienna. I ended up with kind of a lighter sienna, but I like it!
Also, I wanted to show this new ring from Caroline's Jewelry. I'm just showing one of them, there's a few other styles, and they're lovely, be sure to check them out at the mainstore. They're meant to be engagement/wedding rings, but can be worn otherwise. It's color change too, so play around with the settings! <3

Skin: &Bean - Old Bones IBLEWC3PO IN THE FALL rosy [past hunt gift]
Powder: Cheap Makeup Sparkly Shadow Powder #9
Lashes: Cheap Makeup- Babysitters Club Lashes
Cheap Makeup chubby bottom lashes 5
Lipstick: PIDIDDLE - Lip Color - Red Hot New Years / Teeth
Hair: !lamb. Heart - Snickers
Top: [W&B] Maddy Lace-Inset Top SIENNA
Bottoms: This is a Fawn - Knit Leggings [rust] [past hunt gift]
Ring: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Heart Diamond with Pear Sidestones
Pose: Glitterati

Chapter 297

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kind of showing two looks of the day focusing on the cap. New from is 'Winter', which is this cute hairstyle with the Winter.Cap, the cap is color change and so are the earmuffs. 

Bring on the sweaters, because I can't get enough of them, especially during winter. I picked up this top from Milk Motion from a previous FLF, and for some reason it's showing two colors, but it's supposed to be one, it kind of looks like tie-dye gone wrong, but I like it. And I love corridor pants so of course I turn to these from from Doppelganger Inc. As for the other look, I was playing up the winter theme, the skin from Glam Affair has all those features of a harsh winter day, red nose, flushed cheeks, and I even added the lipstick from cheLLe, which kind of look like chapped lips. And these leggings from couverture are great, they were available from a hunt, probably the best hunt I've done, it was around the holidays and you went around killing santa zombies and won prizes, it was epic. And I'm still in complete bliss with these socks from Maitreya, love love love them. <3

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Yri :: Caramel - Soft CL1 HBRed FR
Lashes: dfo! Faux twiggy lashes
Makeup: Cheap Makeup Sparkly Shadow Powder#9
Hair: fri. - Winter - Scornful Red
Top: (Milk Motion) My little cashmere
Bottoms: Doppelganger Inc. - Cuffed Cords - Dark Blue
Necklace: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Anne Crystal Oval Hoop Gold Necklace
Socks: Maitreya Scrunched Prim Socks 
Shoes: loveme. Tea House HUNT - cherry blossom shoes

Skin: -Glam Affair- Eva skin - Winter make up
Makeup: [PXL] Tone Smoother/Lightener
Lipstick: cheLLe - (lipstick) ALS Rubbed on Champagne
Lashes: Cheap Makeup Vintage Lash 1
Hair: fri. - Winter - Timid Brown
Top: {T}-Snuggle Thermal Sweater Coral
Undershirt: *ARAI* Nit_brown
Bottoms: couverture - Nordic knit Leggings > Chocolate :Zombie Hunt  
Socks: Maitreya Scrunched Prim Socks
Shoes: J’s Laceup Short Boots

Poses: Glitterati

Chapter 296

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lazy Sunday has some great deals today. Cheeky Pea is offering this skybox for only 75l! This cute set from what next is also a Lazy Sunday pickup which includes the side table with the built in pillow, baskets, bag, rain boots and art work. And Just A Pose has this lego furniture set, with six built in poses. The set is color change too. 

Skybox: :CP: Edinburgh Loft [54 prims]
Set: {what next} Laurel Hallway [29 prims]
Bedroom Set: {Just A Pose} SLego Bedroom Set [8 prims total]

Chapter 295

Saturday, January 8, 2011

To start this post off I'd like to say darn you SL for your bazillions of crashes! 
Anyways onto the fashion talk.. I have some new stuff to show off! This dress from Magoa is available for 60l in SBS this Saturday, there's a few more hours left, so pick it up before the price goes up. Also the dress comes in two version, I preferred this one because it's more simple, and sometimes I like simple pieces. As for the pose used, it's by Just A Pose, which is also part of a weekend deal called Disco Deals, the set includes six new poses for 75L. And finally, this new jewelry set from je suis, and like always there's an endless array of color options. I generally prefer more delicate jewelry, but this je suis set is nice for when I want to make a bolder choice. <3

Skin: [LeLutka]-LOLA_lgt-ORTA (D Brows) hairbase
Lashes: Cheap Makeup Spider Lash 2
Cheap Makeup Lashes (Vivienne) 4
Lipstick: PIDIDDLE - Party Pink Lipstick - Gloss/NoTeeth
Hair: [LeLutka]-LOLA Bun_DARK_SunKissed
Dress: Magoa. The Brigadier Dress
Necklace: ::je::suis::raye::colar1
Earrings: ::je::suis::raye::earring
Pose: Just A Pose

Chapter 294

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First post of the year! Hoping you all had a good new years and all that. 
This week's color is silver, and I was able to find some silvery items fairly easy, the dress isn't quite silver..but it's cute so shhh! <3

Skin: [:T:] Claire / fair / li :: TDR Newyear 2011 [TDR exclusive]
Hair: !lamb. Wild Nothing - Honeycomb
Jacket: [ATOMIC] Ritzy Blazer - Silver [past hunt gift]
Dress: *tw. - tiq toq dress - champale
Necklace: Dark Mouse Baroque Flower Necklace - Silver
Cuff: -[AddiCt]-ATHENA Cuff /Silver
Shoes: *YS&YS* Playa Llevante  II NewYear’sEve [old group gift]