Chapter 304

Spruce Up Your Space is back and I'm loving the items available this weekend! Cheeky Pea has this gorgeous bath set out and as usual there's a tons of great features included. The set includes everything shown, well minus the house and avie, of course. The animations included are darling, you'll have to see them for yourself! Single and couple animations included. Also the fabric, candles, roses and metals are all color change. As for the prims the amount ranges, so without some of the additional items that are included, it's 17 prims. with everything shown it's 70 prims. And the shelf is 29 prims. Get it before the price goes up! SPRY has this lovely house out for Spruce Up Your Space, I'll blog it in more detail tomorrow, so look for that. <3

House: [SPRY] pied-a-terre
Bath Set: :CP: Charlotte Bath