Chapter 309

Today, I wanted to show off a new house from a store new to me, Keje Creations has this lovely house out. It's so cozy. The house is a ranch style home, and I really like this style cause I feel it's versatile over the seasons, like it looks like a summer house, but can also be a winter home. And the house includes this screen in the back, I'm not quite sure what to call it, but it partially encloses the back, and I just think it's a nice touch. The house is 129 prims. 

Also the bed set from buttons is out now as part of Spruce Up Your Space, there's more included then what's shown here, so make sure you check it out for yourself! <3

House: [Keje Creations] - My Country Home [129 prims]
Bench: [*Art Dummy!] between autumn and spring. (garden chaise) [24 prims]

Table: Clutter (tm) - Informal Lunch Table [8 prims]
Food: Clutter (tm) - Peanut Butter Lunch [11 prims]
Mug with Spoon: Chintz Mug [ Gingham ] with spoon by AM at Insight Designs [5 prims]
Mug: Chintz Mug [ Gingham ] by AM at Insight Designs [4 prims]
Plate: Chintz Gingham Platter by AM at Insight Designs [3 prims]
Side Dish: Chintz [Gingham] Side dish with spoon by AM at Insight Designs [4 prims]
Board: {what next} Mirabelle 'Social Butterfly' Notice board [11 prims]

Fridge: {His Happy Housewife}Country Fridge [31 prims]
Counters & Stove: b.v Kitchen (white) [10 prims]
Cabinet: opendoor Shelf [4 prims] [creator: muu Ceriano]
Cake Stand: /artilleri/ Kim Cake stand with noms *WLH* [13 prims]
Cake: b.v Merry Xmas Cake [21 prims]
Tea Kettle:{HisHappyHousewife}TeaKettle [9 prims]
Towel Rack: Washcloth hanger [4 prims] [creator: muu Ceriano]
Pot Holder: wall potset [7 prims] [creator: muu Ceriano]
Clock: {what next} Time For Tea Wall Clock [6 prims]
Shelf: Clutter (tm) - Vital Peanut Butter Supply Shelf [8 prims]
Bowl: [SP]bowl [2 prims]
Whisk: [SP]whisk [9 prims]
Pots, Dishes, Cups, Pitcher: lidpot, Longpot smok [1-2 prims each]  [creator: muu Ceriano]
Waffle Maker: Reek - Waffle Maker [9 prims]
Jars: Barcode - Kitchen Jars [8 prims]
Pans: magi take can1, 2, 3, 4 [1 prim each]

Couch: Little Boxes Candy Christmas Couch [16 prims]
Chair: Little Boxes Candy Christmas Chair [12 prims]
Rugs: Little Boxes Rumpled Rug (yellow) (pink) (brown) [1 prim each]
Coffee Table: Little Boxes Natural Coffee Table [11 prims]
Tray w/ Mugs: {what next}Time For Tea Tray with Mugs [11 prims]
Poster: s b s-  sculpted poster Cold Lemonade [1 prim]

Bed: buttons. Beachbed [15 prims]
Rug: buttons. ruggie [white] [1 prim]
Pillows: buttons. throw cushions [3 prims]
Fireplace: buttons. b-fireplace [11 prims]

Chair: LISP - Cupcake & Coastal Chair [8 prims each]
Table: LISP - Coastal Table [2 prims]
Bottles & Frame: LISP - Bottles & Cake Frame [10 prims]
Seashell: LISP - Coastal Shell 1 [2 prims]
Rug: LISP - Peaches & Cream Rug [1 prim]

Garden Hutch: :CP: Garden Hutch [95 prims]
Stepladder: *petal* GIFT Stepladdar [6 prims]

Grass & Flowers: Zigana [ Daisy love ] .Boxed [1 prim]Butterflies: *alirium* butterflies [1 prim]


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