Chapter 415

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For the past few days, I've been really trying to re-organize my inventory, which means a lot of deleting. And I'm still playing with shadows, tweaking windlight settings and all that fun stuff. Anywho, here's my look of the day. There's some new nails from je suis, with the basic nail pack, you get five basic color palette, there's tons of colors and patterned add ons options. Also, Coco is having a sale. Some other stores having sales are Glitterati, Aoharu, Grixdale and Berries Inc. Grixdale and Berries Inc are closing soon, so be sure to get what you want before they're gone. <3

Chapter 414

Friday, August 26, 2011

Introducing Awesome Blossom's Wynn Cottage which is part of the Platinum Hunt. The house is two and half rooms, by half I mean in the front there's a little entry way, and there's a patio. The house is so so cute, and at only 10L it's a total steal! I don't know what takes me longer, taking down all the credits, taking all the pictures, then deciding which pictures to use OR decorating the house, it might be a tie honestly. Oh, and I learned my lesson, don't take pictures at 3am, because my eyes don't catch all the flaws like they would in the daytime; so please ignore the random line in some of the pictures, that's my fault, not the product's. Also, Madison Morlim did a fantastic post on this house too, check it out, definitely drew some inspiration from her's! <3

House: :: AB :: Wynn Cottage [Platinum Hunt] [88 prims]
Wheelbarrow: Baffle! Bloomy Wheelbarow [for The Nest opening - free] [7 prims]
Bicycle: {what next} Summertime Bicycle Pose Prop (Seasons Hunt) [23 prims]
Pots: The Loft - Pot Dude [13 prims]
Chairs: Kari - Almost Paris - Chair (posed) [8 prims]
Table: Kari - Almost Paris – Table [21 prims]
Flowers: Turnip's Bottle of Fall Poppies (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [3 prims]
Plant: BP* Cup plant/pink [8 prims]
Smaller Plants: Drowsy plant Yellow & Green [6 prims]
Hanging Jar: MudHoney Mason Jar Decor – dandelion [13 prims]
Plant: :: AB :: Daisy Pot [6 prims]
Plant: :: AB :: Tiger Lily Pot [9 prims]
Grass: Turnip's Long Summer Grass: Fifty Linden Friday Special [2 prims]
Trees: *PASH* bushy summer trees [13 prims]
Skydome: Turnip's Pleasant Day Skydome (Fifty Linden Friday) [4 prims]

Decorative Window: :: AB :: Out Beyond Decorative Window [5 prims]
Television: nordari. october.transmission [11 prims]
Camera: /artilleri/ Lumoflex camera (just camera, no anim) *turquoise* [8 prims]
Stack of Books: :: AB :: In Flight Book Stack [10 prims]
Bookcase: :: AB :: Lazy Days Rowboat Bookcase [28 prims]
Polaroids: [North West] Polaroids on a string (flowers) [11 prims]

Lamp: LISP - Mathilde Floor Lamp [9 prims]
Art Work: [KALAVINKA] poster 2008/4~6 [1 prim]
Art Work: White Nightgown - drawing w wood back by Lindini2 [1 prim]
Daybed: LISP - Mathilde Daybed [12 prims]
Books: Stack of Books [2 prims]

Lights: (arcade) Temagami, 1989 - String of lights [8 prims]
Basket: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Basket [2 prims]
Bed: {what next} Arbre Bed [17 prims]
Frame: :: AB :: In Flight Window Frame [5 prims]
Hanging Lamp: cluttered. 'don't blink' lamp [7 prims]
Pillows: cluttered. comfy pillows [2 prims]
Rug: Molto Bene! - Fishie Rug [ Light Blue ] [1 prim]
Dress: Dutchie dropped dress [5 prims]
Side Table: {what next} Arbre Table [6 prims]
Lamp: {what next} Arbre Table Lamp [5 prims]
Prints: [North West] Summer Frame 02 (chalk stripes, candy stripes, sky stripes, grape stripes, mint stripes) [3 prims each]

Plant: *Tatty Soup* Twiggy Vase [13 prims]
Suitcases: {what next} May Suitcase (blue & mint) [14 prims]
Globe: [North West] Wordtrotter (love) [5 prims]
Mirror: [North West] Tall Gilt Mirror [7 prims]
Mannequin: {theosophy} Halkyn Torso (Thistle/L) [8 prims]
Flowers: UrbanizeD - Vase & Floral Decoration "NEST" A & B (Limited Edition) [free at The Nest!] [4 prims each]
Divider: *~MMG's~* Room divider-4PL_milkcocoa_5prim [5 prims]
Hangers: *~MMG's~* [parts] Hanger(4)-#cinnamon_2prim [2 prims]
Guitar: LISP - Brighton Beach Guitar décor [The Platinum Hunt] [8 prims]
Music Notes: {what next} Pile of Music Papers *free* [1 prim]
Bench: :CP: Chatters Matter Bench [15 prims]
Cabinet: *~MMG's~* Drawer cabinet_4prim [milk] [4 prims]
Books w/ a Letter: *~MMG's~* 4Book+Letter-B [1prim]
Books w/ a Box: *~MMG's~* 3Book+1Box [1prim]
Cup: flowey. spring has sprung [7 prims]
Pile of Books: *~MMG's~* 4Book-piles up+Letter [1prim]
Decorative Box: Dark Mouse [25 prims]
Perfume: LISP - Perfume Bottle 1 & 2 [2 prims each]
Wood Bobbin: *~MMG's~* Wood bobbin_1prim [red, monotone, purple & orange] [1 prim each]
Basket: *Y's HOUSE* [Display] Kago01(old/Brown Knob) & (natural/Brown Knob)_OMAKE free [2 prims]
Posters: *cheap cheap* SPS Posters [1 prim]

Cranes: (Elate!) White Paper Crane - Short String [5 prims]
Posters: *Cheap Cheap* Posters I [1 prim]
Radiator: :: AB :: Story of Home Skybox Radiator [4 prims]
Vaccum: -RC- SS Meggasuc PLUS Vacuum (silent)(light blue) [59 prims]
Telephone: MudHoney Tealy Phone [7 prims]
Stools: :: AB :: In Flight Wooden Stool [7 prims]
Candles: [North West] Candle and stones (landry) [9 prims]
Television: nordari. october.transmission [11 prims]
Bottle: :: AB :: Message in a Bottle [8 prims]
Newspaper & Coffee: MudHoney Newspaper & Coffee Cup [4 prims]

Art Setup: *Cat's Eye*Atelier set [49 prims]
Book & Coffee: MudHoney Open Book w/ Coffee [5 prims]
Art Work: :: AB :: Keep Our Planet Green print [2 prims]

Chalkboard: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Chalkboard [4 prims]
Basket: :: AB :: Baguette Basket [6 prims]
Baker Rack: :: AB :: French Country Baker's Rack [16 prims]
Print: :: AB :: Home Sweet Home print [3 prims]
Flowers: :: AB :: Potted Flower Pitcher [10 prims]
Jars: :: AB :: Preserve Jars [5 prims]
Pie: :: AB :: Cherry Pie [2 prims]
Salt & Pepper: :: AB :: Salt & Pepper Shakers [4 prims]
Rolling Pin: :: AB :: Rolling Pin [1 prim]
Cookbook: :: AB :: Cookbook [2 prims]
Blanket: :: AB :: Hanging Blanket [2 prims]
Wreath: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen wreath [4 prims]
Signs: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen concession signs [4 prims]
Jugs: {theosophy} Overton Jug (Bronze, Iron & Coal) [2 prims each]
Baskets: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen extra baskets [9 prims]
Cabinet:s Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen cabinets [33 prims]
Flowers: LISP - Mathilde Kitchen Flowers [4 prims]
Waffle Maker: Reek - Waffle Maker [9 prims]
Baskets: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen shelf baskets [8 prims]
Pans: magi take can1, 3, 2 [1 prim each]
Dishtowels: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen stack of dishtowels [4 prims]
Stove: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen stove [11 prims]
Kettle: Barcode – Kettle [1 prim]
Skillet: MudHoney Skillet w/ lid [3 prims]
Pot: Barcode - Boiling Water Pot [5 prims]
Pattern: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen backsplash [5 prims]
Bins: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen old metal bins [12 prims]
Shelf w/ Pots & Pans: MudHoney Kangjon Pots & Pans Wire Shelf [18 prims]
Shelf: MudHoney Platter Wire Shelf [7 prims]
Paper Towel Holder: ::PopArt:: Kitchen Kinder Utillites [9 prims]
Shelf: MudHoney Kangjon Cookbook Wire Shelf [28 prims]
Cutting Board: Little Boxes Cutting Board w/ Bread [3 prims]
Bread Plates: *~MMG's~* Bread plate(6) [2prim]
Soup Plates: *~MMG's~* Soup plate(6) [2prim]
Round Plates: *~MMG's~* Round plate(6)[2prim]
Cookie Sheet: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen cookie sheets [3 prims]
Pile of Dishes: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen pile o' dishes [7 prims]
Wall Shelves: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen wall shelves [7 prims]
Sign: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen eat a cupcake [2 prims]
Canisters: MudHoney Kangjon Canisters [8 prims]
Plates: *~MMG's~* Oval plate(6) [2prim]
Kitchen Utensils Pot: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Utensils Pot (for LS) [6 prims]
Canister: {theosophy} Milton Cannister SC- Coffee, Sugar, Flour & Tea (S & L) [3 prims each]
Set of Canisters: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen set of canisters [9 prims]
Wall Shelf: [MAGIC NOOK] Shabby Mug Rack [1 prim]
Mugs: [MAGIC NOOK] Mug (Gingham Heart, Rose, Vintage Coffee, Chick & Sailing) [1 prim each]
Cake Stand: /artilleri/ Kim Cake stand with noms *WLH* [13 prims]
Fridge: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen old fridge [9 prims]
Scale: /artilleri/ Gunda kitchen scale *blue* [7 prims]
Ceiling Fan: :: AB :: Pembroke Ceiling Fan [1 prim]

Kitchen Island: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen island [10 prims]
Magazine: LISP – Magazine [2 prims]
Drink: BP* ice water 3/kiwi/ rez [10 prims]
Pepper & Salt Shakers: Barcode - Pepper & Salt Shakers [2 prim each]
Jars: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Storage Jars [4 prims]
Bowl of Peaches: LISP Bazaar - Bowl of Peaches [5 prims]
Tray of Food: cluttered. summer breakfast (scripted) [15 prims]
Lemonade & Limeade: :: AB :: Lizzy's Pink Lemonade, Limeade, Lemonade Glass [4-5 prims each]
Iced Water: BP* decanter/iced water [9 prims]
Lemon Basket: :: AB :: Lizzy's Lemon Basket [6 prims]
Flowers: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen pitcher of lilies [23 prims]
Bag of Bread: MudHoney Bag of Bread [5 prims]
Bread: MudHoney Broken Bread [3 prims]
Fire Extinguisher: Barcode - FIRE! extinguisher [5 prims]
Pile of Towels: Barcode - Pile o' Towels (s) [3 prims]
Stack of Books: Barcode - Book Stack [1 prim]
Baskets: Barcode - Stewart Baskets v2 [2 prims]
Baskets: Barcode - Stewart Baskets [3 prims]

Plates: [North West] Pretty Plates III [18 prims]
Table: :CP: Winter Snack [20 prims]
Bowl of Strawberries: {what next} Wimbledom Strawberries & Cream [10 prims]
Basket: LISP - Basket of Shopping – Mathilde [6 prims]
Clock: MudHoney Kangjon Clock [7 prims]

Mailboxes: :: AB :: Love Shack Mailbox (whitewash & pine) [12 prims each]
Table w/ Accessories: :CP: Spring Hall Table [past hunt prize] [55 prims
Flowers: Barcode - Tracesh Orchid Vase [12 prims]
Lamp: [North West] Petites Lampes [15 prims]
Board: {what next} Mirabelle 'Social Butterfly' Noticeboard [11 prims]

Hanging Jar: MudHoney Mason Jar Decor – daisies [12 prims]
Hatstand: {what next}Coastal Cottage Hatstand [13 prims]
Coat Rack: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Coat Rack [14 prims]
Rain Boots: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Wellies [5 prims]
Stool: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Table Stool (decor only) [4 prims]
Flowers: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Cut Flowers [7 prims]
Shoe Basket: {what next} Coastal Cottage Shoe Basket [10 prims]
Surfboards: {what next} Surfboard Decor Gift #2 & 1 [1 prim each]

Chapter 413

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I just got a brand new laptop this week! It's wonderful, now I have shadows and the graphics look terrific, it's quite a different experience from my last computer. Anywho I'm still getting used to shadows and all the settings, so here's my first real attempt at some pictures with them, I'll keep playing around with the settings and learning more about them. JeSyLiLo has a new skin out, Niran, it comes in three tones - pale, dark and tan. I had totally forgotten about this dress from Whippet & Buck, I bought it last year and I haven't wore it since, I love rediscovering items in my inventory. Undefined lilies has this gorgeous necklace available in four different shades, get it while it's only 69L, I think today's the last day. <3


Skin: *JeSyLiLo*Niran - PaleSkin*J8* ( Matte )
Freckles: Tres Blah, Ugly Duckling & L.Fauna
Hair: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Edith, 4pm
Top: {mon tissu} Lace Crop Top - White
Dress: [W&B] Anchored Frock ALABASTER/CHERRY
Necklace: undefined lilies – gems in a shell (gold/01)
Earrings: (Caroline's Jewelry) Flower Petal Pink Earring
Bracelet: :: Exodi :: Summer Lovin' (Printed)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Jane Wedge Sandal :: Roses
Bag: *.[K]:.* OMIYA jam bag
Poses: Olive Juice & LAP

Chapter 412

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Look of the day, courtesy of some lovely items from the Platinum Hunt. Riddle's hunt prize includes this top and skirt and a pair of glasses. Rozena has a set of eye makeup in the hunt. As for the new eyes, I've seen Aphotic Gloom's eyes before but for some reason I hadn't tried them til now, and now I'm definitely a fan, they're gorgeousss. And there's a set of four, including this shade, available at Chic's Fashionably Late event, pick them up before they're gone. <3


Skin: [LeLutka]-HADLEY-Ivory/DB/-GROUP GIFT
Makeup: ROZENA ~Platina eyeshadow~ grey - Platinum Hunt
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Aquilius - Tirablue
Hair: [e] Change - Brown 08
Jacket: Emery - Jacket Roxe #Black
Top: **[ Riddle ]** Mini Lace Tank - Grey  - Platinum Hunt
Skirt: ** [ Riddle ]** High Waisted Skirt - Reversed Black - Platinum Hunt
Belt: {SMS} Wrap Belt Red GG
Ring: R.icielli - ANTIQUE GOLD BUTTERFLY SKULL RING - Platinum Hunt
Watch: Kari - Industrial Watch  - Purple
Socks: This is a Fawn - Knit Knee Socks [black]
Shoes: ANEXX_LaceupBoots/Mouton_Gray
Nails: :: Exodi :: Manipedis - Mani - Black
Tattoo: actchio. lady skulls tattoo
Bag: TOSL *Gran’s Attic* Purse (Small) v1.1 Belle Bleue
Pose: LAP

Chapter 411

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look of the day. 

Skin: Filthy Skin - Platinum - Platinum Hunt
Hair: !lamb. Lovelier Girl - Kit Kat
Necklace: [croire] olive floral necklace (gold)
Earrings: ::je suis…coccinelle::earring - Platinum Hunt
Bracelet: [alaMood] SS - Sophia Fleur Bronze/Gold
Shoes: Ingenue :: Nina :: Roses
Ring: R.icielli - ANTIQUE GOLD BUTTERFLY SKULL RING - Platinum Hunt
Pose: Glitterati

Chapter 410

Monday, August 15, 2011

More goodies from the Platinum HuntLara Hurley and Rockberry have these pretty skins out. Exile has a fatpack of hair in the hunt. Priss has this adorable top. And paper.doll has this pretty dress, which includes a gold and silver version. R.icielli has this cool ring. Di's Opera has a set of poses available in the hunt. 


Skin: Lara Hurley-Dessa - Platinum Hunt
Hair: !lamb. Isolation - Kit Kat
Dress: -paper.doll- Taylor: Gold - Platinum Hunt
Necklace: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Tassel Back in Gold
Ring: R.icielli - ANTIQUE GOLD BUTTERFLY SKULL RING - Platinum Hunt
Shoes: (époque.s) Season Pumps - Floral
Pose: Di’s Opera - Platinum Hunt

Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Apple Platinum Hunt Deux/Natural - Platinum Hunt
Hair: ::Exile:: Buffy:Roots-Wedge - Platinum Hunt
Top: (PRISS) - Holy Heritage Flowy Tube Top - Platinum Hunt
Botoms: .: Somnia :. Plain Leggings {Black}
Shoes: fri. - Basic Flats (Black)
Pose: Glitterati

Chapter 409

Sunday, August 14, 2011

More from the Platinum Hunt, Rockberry has a pretty skin available in the hunt, RezIpsa Loc has this cute bikini in the hunt and oOo Studio has this awesome pose prop which includes a few single poses and some couple poses. 

Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Apple Platinum Hunt Deux/Natural - Platinum Hunt
Hair: .: vive nine :. Morgan in CoffeeRed
Bikini: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Hibiscus Bikini ~ Platinum - Platinum Hunt
Pose Prop: oOo Studio - ponder - Platinum Hunt

Chapter 408

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Platinum Hunt started yesterday! Geez has this wall pose set which includes five poses, and Magoa has this pretty dress, je suis has these adorable earrings and Verve has this skin. Here's a list of all the stores participating in the Platinum Hunt, enjoy the hunt! <3


Skin: *VERVE*SKIN-INA-Sunblush-FALL - Platinum Hunt
Hair: [RA] Fae Hair - Brown Obsession
Dress: Magoa ~ Teresa Dress ~ Platinum Hunt - Platinum Hunt
Earrings: ::je suis…coccinelle::earring - Platinum Hunt
Shoes: Zaara : Ilaida Mojri *fuschia*
Wall & Pose: GEEZ - Platinum Hunt

Chapter 407

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Platinum Hunt starts today, at 4pm SLT! What next has this adorable pose set available in the hunt, the Balloon Love Pose Set. This set includes three couple poses and four single poses. Also, Filthy has this skin in the hunt, I've never tried their skin before this, but it's pretty cute. Fishy Strawberry has this adorable dress, which also comes in blue and both available through the hunt. Indie Rose has this cute outfit in the hunt, it includes the dress and jewelry. And Rozena has a set of eye-shadow in the hunt. Here's a full list of all the stores in the Platinum Hunt, enjoy hunting! <3


Skin: Filthy Skin - Platinum - Platinum Hunt
Makeup: ROZENA ~Platina eyeshadow~ pink - Platinum Hunt
Hair: Clawtooth: Glowing Review - Girl Next Door
Dress: *Fishy Strawberry* Carioca Dress Pink - Platinum Hunt
Shoes: Ingenue :: Bridget Flat :: Pool

Skin: Filthy Skin - Platinum - Platinum Hunt
Hair: [e] With - Brown 08
Dress: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Polka Dot Wrap Dress - Platinum Hunt
Tights: ..::DARE::.. Shear Lace Stocking - White
Necklace: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Rose Pendant Necklace - Platinum Hunt
Earrings: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Rose Pendant Earring - Platinum Hunt
Shoes: loveme.Flat Shoes Gacha - pink lace

Poses & Balloon: {what next} - Platinum Hunt

Grass: Turnip's Long Summer Grass: Fifty Linden Friday Special [2 prims]
[Blue Field] Grass Meadow [1 prim]
Flowers: Zigana [Dandelion Seed] [1 prim]
Trees:*PASH* summer tree 1 [6 prims]
Skydome: Turnip's Pleasant Day  Skydome (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [4 prims]

Chapter 406

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Platinum Hunt starts tomorrow! aDORKable Poses has this pose prop available in the hunt. The Padded Room pose prop includes 7 built in poses with the sculpted room. Here's the list of all the stores that are in the Platinum Hunt. 

Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 - 01 [Fair] Glow skin
Makeup: Face Tattoo- Mascara 2 & 5
cheLLe - (injuries) J’Black Scars Brawl
<porcupine love> crying over you.
Exile: Insomnia
Hair: Baiastice_Lory-BROWN NEW 2
Shirt: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Off shoulder shirt White
Tank: fri. - Basic Cami (White)
Undies: duboo.tommy’s undies
Socks: ~Scribble~ Sock Puppet Socks
Hand Puppet: {theosophy} Ellery the Sockpuppet - Teal & Purple
Bear: {what next}
Pose & Padded Room: aDORKable Poses - The Platinum Hunt

Chapter 405

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Platinum Hunt starts on the 12th! Throughout the week, I'll be showing previews of what's available in the hunt. Baffle has made this adorable home decor piece, which includes the tree, the pictures, the light, the mouse, and the leaves on the tree. The leaves are color change, so they can match different seasons. Also the tree includes other poses, but the one I'm showing was my favorite. The dress is from E&E, which is also available in the hunt. The bow necklace is from LaGyo, and this is also an item in the hunt. And here's a full list of all the stores that are in the Platinum Hunt. <3

Skin: [PF] Elly - Pure (ltbrow/freck)
Hair: [LeLutka]-PINNED hair - BlondeFun
Antlers: .ILLUSORY. Twig Antlers - Clover
Dress: ~ E&E : Diamon Dress [Platinum Hunt]
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Feathers Loose Necklace (pink/
Bow Necklace: LaGyo_Arita necklace [Platinum Hunt]
Socks: Maitreya Scrunched Prim Socks * Cream
Tree: Baffle! Under the tree. [41 prims] [Platinum Hunt]
Box: LISP - Harvest Box [8 prims]
Fallen Leaves: LISP - Pile of Leaves - Autumn [1 prim each for cluster]

Chapter 404

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fucifino has some new releases out! I'm just showing off a couple of the new items, but there's much more, including a skybox, so be sure to go to the store! The Countryside Ladder comes in 10 different wood shades  and it's 33 prims with all the accessories. I just love the colors of the Villa Park Door Screen, it's so cute, and it's 22 prims. Lastly the Hillside Ladder Shelf comes with a bunch of cute garden accessories and it's 34 prims.
Also I'm loving this skybox from cluttered, especially the red door, it really adds something. I really like skyboxes that give off the illusion of a door.

Ladder: [ffucifino.countryside ladder.crème [33 prims]
Clock: :CP: Dandelion Clock [5 prims]
Luggage: Kari - The Wanderer - Green FLF [27 prims]
Magazine Rack: :CP: Dandelion Magazine Rack [5 prims]
Rug: :CP: Dandelion Rug [1 prim]
Sofa: :CP: Dandelion Sofa [14 prims]
Table: [none found.] Low Table [3 prims]
Tray: :CP: Dandelion Coffee Tray [11 prims]
Earphones: /artilleri/ Phonograf earphones (floor) *yellow* [9 prims]
Cup: flowey. spring has sprung [7 prims]
Stack of Paper: ~Scribble~ Group Gift: Stack of Papers (Treasure Map) [7 prims]
Lamp: nordari. / to the order of night. [8 prims]

Screens: [f] fucifino.villa park door screen [22 prims]

Ladder: [ffucifino.hillside ladder shelf [34 prims]
Rain Boots: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Wellies [5 prims]
Plates: [North West] Pretty Plates III [18 prims]
Paint Bucket: ++LP2++ Paint Can Red [3 prims]
Newspaper: Dutchie newspapers [1 prim]
Bucket: sur+ ((spring chipmunk)) [20 prims]
Candles: AMBIANCE Hacienda Candle Trio (House&GardenHunt) [9 prims]
Table: *Y's HOUSE* Round table01_1 [MONAKA/S] [5 prims]
Art Work: nordari. / before the rain [3 prims]
Bed: {vespertine_lazy.spring.bed} [15 prims]
Book: *KUROTSUBAKI* book [3 prims]
Curtains: nordari. sand.curtain [2 prims each]

Skybox: cluttered flowey. 'i know places' [42 prims]

Chapter 403

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've had this surfboard pose prop from aDORKable Poses since last year and I remember trying to figure out what I wanted to blog with it then, but ended up not finding a concept I liked enough. But after trying on the Malibukini from BOOM I had an idea in mind! I ended up pairing it with this pretty hair flower from je suis, which also comes as a mouth attachment. And I tried to be a little bit more modest and added a top from Niniko. Oh and I finally broke down and picked up Pink Fuel's Elly which I'm totally in love with <3


Skin: [PF] Elly - Pure (rdbrow/freck)
Freckles: -tb- Freckles
Lipstick: [PF] Elly Doll Gloss (Beestung)
Hair: “LoQ Hairs” Liqueur - Light Red
Top: “NINIKO” front-tie Shirts
Bikini: *BOOM* Malibukini (red)
Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE BIG SEA NECKLACE & [W&B] Memory Collector Necklace
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied High Bare

Skin: *Sacred* Group gift - Sebastian T3 Shaven
Body Hair: Sacred - Body Hair - Brown
Hair: [Anaphora]_Jayden_Mocha
Shorts: *Valiant* Black Cargo shorts [store closed]

Surfboard & Pose: aDORKable Poses

Chapter 402

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm sharing some new hair dos, Wasabi Pills has been on a roll recently! Introducing Ryoko and Kiki. Also released recently is Kiki II, a similar style to Kiki but instead it's a shorter style. 

Skin: [PF] Elly - Pure (dkbrow/freck)
Lipstick: [PF] Elly - Glam Lipstick - (Cherry)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair - Chocolate
Dress: PIDIDDLE - Dim Sum - Bing Cherry
Tights: madeleine - Hungry Hearts Stockings
Necklace: Magoa ~ I wanna see your peacock necklace
Earrings: :: Exodi :: Light Me Up Earring
Cuff: ::MOOD:: Endless Glam Cuffette [PURE JUICE]
Shoes: Ingenue :: Nina :: Candy Cane
Clutch: [District] Ava Clutch/Distressed Red

Skin: -tb- {Light} Blessa: Catty - Red Brows
Lipstick: -tb- {Light/Pale} Glossy Pink Lippie
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kiki Hair - Cinnamon
Top: .Magoa. Flaunt Shirt [White]
Undershirt: fri. - Longsleeve Scoop.Tee (White)
Bottoms: Berries Inc. lazy sunday boyfriend jeans
Necklace: [W&B] Love is a Deserter Necklace BLACK
Bracelet: [W&B] JF2010 Diamond & Pearl Bracelet Stack PEARL/BLACK
Shoes: fri. - Basic Flats (Black)

Poses: exposeur & <porcupine love>

Chapter 401

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Awesome Blossom released this adorable cottage this past weekend! I love the ivy along the walls, as well as the deck on the top of the house. I would of liked to blog this house sooner, but my computer and SL were really uncooperative this weekend, so I've been working on this post on and off throughout the weekend, yesterday and today. I was playing with some windlight settings if you couldn't tell, so I apologize if the photos are a bit dark <3

House: House: :: AB :: Pembroke Gardener's Cottage [82 prims]
Skydome: Turnip's Pleasant Day Skydome (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [4 prims]
Potted Plants: :: AB :: Tiger Lily Pot & Daisy Pot [6-9 prims]
Birdhouse: :: AB :: Hanging Birdhouse [4 prims]
Bicycle: {what next} Summertime Bicycle Pose Prop (Seasons Hunt) [23 prims]

Wreath: :: AB :: Pembroke Ivy Wreath [8 prims]
Chair: Kari - Ross chair [12 prims]
Wood Box: nordari. / to the order of night. [12 prims]
Bird: :: AB :: Little Sparrow [2 prims]
Plants: Drowsy plant2 Green, Yellow, Brown & Green [6 prims each]
Table: Modest House House & Garden gift Aug 2 [14 prims]
Cup: Barcode - Pencil Cup [5 prims]
Calendar: Barcode - Chuck Norris Desk Calendar [2 prims]
Clock: Kari - Retro alarm clock (Bonus) [8 prims]
Cabinet & Books: Thistle Little Public Library (c) [12 prims]
Books: Thistle Extra Library Books (c) [4 prims]
Pot w/ Brushes: BP*uekibati/oil painting brush [8 prims]

Collage: nordari. pinbee. - music. [5 prims]
Board: {what next} Mirabelle 'Social Butterfly' Noticeboard [11 prims]
Bench: %napoliy% DIY Bed Bench 01 [7 prims]
Art: [KALAVINKA] poster2009/4~6 [1 prim]
Luggage, Cage, Birds & Bird Decal: Baffle! Where the story begins. [56 prims]
Telephone: (arcade) Eggplant Telephone [7 prims]
Mirror: [North West] Tall Gilt Mirror w/ resizer [7 prims]
Wine, Glasses & Dessert: sur+ [luxe wine] [20 prims]
Books: [ARIA] Mela  four book pile [2 prims]

Collage: nordari. pinbee. - i <3 rvk. [11 prims]
Bench: [*Art Dummy!] recycled (bench/coatrack/recycle station) [17 prims]
Boxes: [*Art Dummy!] recycle box (glass, plastic & paper) [1 prim each]
Plant: flowey. spring has sprung [7 prims]
Jug: {theosophy} Overton Jug (Bronze) [2 prims]
Pie: :: AB :: Pembroke Windowsill Pie [3 prims]
Candle: Surf Co. Bluegrass Candle Supply Co. / Harvest Spice (Lid Off) [9 prims]
Butterflies: *alirium* butterflies yellow A [1 prim]
Side Table: {what next} Arbre Table [6 prims]
Drink: BP* ice water 3/kiwi/ rez [10 prims]
Jug: BP* decanter/iced water [9 prims]
Plant: BP* Cup plant/pink [8 prims]
Rubber Ducks: {theosophy} Rubber Duck (Polka, Choco & Watermelon)  [1 prim each]
Frame: [what next] May Photo Frame [3 prims]
Platter w/ Candles: [North West] Candle and stones (landry) [9 prims]
Glass w/ Shells: "MELIA" shell&glass holder [5 prims]
Suitcases: {what next} May Suitcase (mint & blue) [14 prims]
Stove: :: AB :: Pembroke Wood Burning Stove [2 prims]

Chest: [what next] Review items for the Fashion Circus (boxed) [7 prims]
Jar: Barcode - Stick Star Sand Jar [6 prims]
Bucket: sur+ ((spring chipmunk)) [20 prims]
Bags: [North West] & Surf Couture [4 prims]
Basket: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Basket [2 prims]
Box: This is a Fawn [2 prims]
Bag: rbcg. [4 prims]
Butterflies: *alirium* butterflies blue B, pink A [1 prim each]
Headboard: [*Art Dummy!] remnants. (headboard) [8 prims]
Bed: :: AB :: Spring Dreams Bed for Seasons Hunt Spring [10 prims]
Rug: [croire] rug from the attic (1) [1 prim]
Bench: :CP: Chatters Matter Bench [15 prims]
Nightstand: (TLND) Small bedside table (open) White [3 prims w/shadow]
Plant: BP* Beaker 2011/plants [10 prims]
Lamps: { what next } Lottie Lamp (blue) [3 prims]
Clock: [North West] Little Alarm Clock (grey) [12 prims]
Hanging Shells Prop: {what next} Surfer's Paradise Hanging Shells (wall shadow) [11 prims]

Ceiling Fan: :: AB :: Pembroke Ceiling Fan [1 prim]
Art: {what next} Summer Print #1 & 2 [3 prims each]
Mannequin: {theosophy} Halkyn Torso (Thistle/S) [8 prims]
Suitcase: Kari - The Wanderer - Green FLF [27 prims]
Screen: {what next} 'Boho-Chic' Dressing Screen [6 prims]
Stool: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Table Stool (decor only) [4 prims]
Flowers: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Cut Flowers [7 prims]
Wall Shelf: BP*  wall shelf with bags/with shadow/winter2010 [14 prims]
Hat & Scarf: part of {what next} Boathouse Cottage Hallway Clutter [modded] [1 prim each]
Rain Boots: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Wellies [5 prims]
Hatstand: {what next}Coastal Cottage Hatstand [13 prims]
Basket w/ Shoes: {what next} Coastal Cottage Shoe Basket [10 prims]

Bench: [*Art Dummy!] and in summer fall (outdoor loft bed w/lanterns) [29 prims]
Rug: [croire] rugs from the attic [1 prim]
Books & Plant: :: AB :: In Flight Book Stack & [croire] stack of books (back to school hunt)  [8-10 prims]
Newspaper: Dutchie newspapers [1 prim]
Earphones: /artilleri/ Phonograf earphones (floor) *yellow* [9 prims]
Record Player: /artilleri/ Phonograf record player *yellow* [18 prims]
Records: /artilleri/ Phonograf LP/EP records [5 prims]
Chairs: :: AB :: Lizzy's Garden Chair [3 prims each]
Table: :: AB :: Lizzy's Garden Table [3 prims]
Glasses: :: AB :: Lizzy's Pink Lemonade Glass, Lizzy's Limeade Glass, Lizzy's Lemonade Glass [4-5 prims each]
Pitcher: :: AB :: Lizzy's Lemonade Pitcher [4 prims]
Candles: :: AB :: Wnter's Warmth Glass Candle (lid off) [5 prims]
Basket: :: AB :: Lizzy's Lemon Basket [6 prims]
Placemat: :: AB :: Lizzy's Placemat [2 prims]
Surfboard: {what next} Surfboard Decor Gift #1 & #2 [1 prim each]