Chapter 401

Awesome Blossom released this adorable cottage this past weekend! I love the ivy along the walls, as well as the deck on the top of the house. I would of liked to blog this house sooner, but my computer and SL were really uncooperative this weekend, so I've been working on this post on and off throughout the weekend, yesterday and today. I was playing with some windlight settings if you couldn't tell, so I apologize if the photos are a bit dark <3

House: House: :: AB :: Pembroke Gardener's Cottage [82 prims]
Skydome: Turnip's Pleasant Day Skydome (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [4 prims]
Potted Plants: :: AB :: Tiger Lily Pot & Daisy Pot [6-9 prims]
Birdhouse: :: AB :: Hanging Birdhouse [4 prims]
Bicycle: {what next} Summertime Bicycle Pose Prop (Seasons Hunt) [23 prims]

Wreath: :: AB :: Pembroke Ivy Wreath [8 prims]
Chair: Kari - Ross chair [12 prims]
Wood Box: nordari. / to the order of night. [12 prims]
Bird: :: AB :: Little Sparrow [2 prims]
Plants: Drowsy plant2 Green, Yellow, Brown & Green [6 prims each]
Table: Modest House House & Garden gift Aug 2 [14 prims]
Cup: Barcode - Pencil Cup [5 prims]
Calendar: Barcode - Chuck Norris Desk Calendar [2 prims]
Clock: Kari - Retro alarm clock (Bonus) [8 prims]
Cabinet & Books: Thistle Little Public Library (c) [12 prims]
Books: Thistle Extra Library Books (c) [4 prims]
Pot w/ Brushes: BP*uekibati/oil painting brush [8 prims]

Collage: nordari. pinbee. - music. [5 prims]
Board: {what next} Mirabelle 'Social Butterfly' Noticeboard [11 prims]
Bench: %napoliy% DIY Bed Bench 01 [7 prims]
Art: [KALAVINKA] poster2009/4~6 [1 prim]
Luggage, Cage, Birds & Bird Decal: Baffle! Where the story begins. [56 prims]
Telephone: (arcade) Eggplant Telephone [7 prims]
Mirror: [North West] Tall Gilt Mirror w/ resizer [7 prims]
Wine, Glasses & Dessert: sur+ [luxe wine] [20 prims]
Books: [ARIA] Mela  four book pile [2 prims]

Collage: nordari. pinbee. - i <3 rvk. [11 prims]
Bench: [*Art Dummy!] recycled (bench/coatrack/recycle station) [17 prims]
Boxes: [*Art Dummy!] recycle box (glass, plastic & paper) [1 prim each]
Plant: flowey. spring has sprung [7 prims]
Jug: {theosophy} Overton Jug (Bronze) [2 prims]
Pie: :: AB :: Pembroke Windowsill Pie [3 prims]
Candle: Surf Co. Bluegrass Candle Supply Co. / Harvest Spice (Lid Off) [9 prims]
Butterflies: *alirium* butterflies yellow A [1 prim]
Side Table: {what next} Arbre Table [6 prims]
Drink: BP* ice water 3/kiwi/ rez [10 prims]
Jug: BP* decanter/iced water [9 prims]
Plant: BP* Cup plant/pink [8 prims]
Rubber Ducks: {theosophy} Rubber Duck (Polka, Choco & Watermelon)  [1 prim each]
Frame: [what next] May Photo Frame [3 prims]
Platter w/ Candles: [North West] Candle and stones (landry) [9 prims]
Glass w/ Shells: "MELIA" shell&glass holder [5 prims]
Suitcases: {what next} May Suitcase (mint & blue) [14 prims]
Stove: :: AB :: Pembroke Wood Burning Stove [2 prims]

Chest: [what next] Review items for the Fashion Circus (boxed) [7 prims]
Jar: Barcode - Stick Star Sand Jar [6 prims]
Bucket: sur+ ((spring chipmunk)) [20 prims]
Bags: [North West] & Surf Couture [4 prims]
Basket: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Basket [2 prims]
Box: This is a Fawn [2 prims]
Bag: rbcg. [4 prims]
Butterflies: *alirium* butterflies blue B, pink A [1 prim each]
Headboard: [*Art Dummy!] remnants. (headboard) [8 prims]
Bed: :: AB :: Spring Dreams Bed for Seasons Hunt Spring [10 prims]
Rug: [croire] rug from the attic (1) [1 prim]
Bench: :CP: Chatters Matter Bench [15 prims]
Nightstand: (TLND) Small bedside table (open) White [3 prims w/shadow]
Plant: BP* Beaker 2011/plants [10 prims]
Lamps: { what next } Lottie Lamp (blue) [3 prims]
Clock: [North West] Little Alarm Clock (grey) [12 prims]
Hanging Shells Prop: {what next} Surfer's Paradise Hanging Shells (wall shadow) [11 prims]

Ceiling Fan: :: AB :: Pembroke Ceiling Fan [1 prim]
Art: {what next} Summer Print #1 & 2 [3 prims each]
Mannequin: {theosophy} Halkyn Torso (Thistle/S) [8 prims]
Suitcase: Kari - The Wanderer - Green FLF [27 prims]
Screen: {what next} 'Boho-Chic' Dressing Screen [6 prims]
Stool: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Table Stool (decor only) [4 prims]
Flowers: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Cut Flowers [7 prims]
Wall Shelf: BP*  wall shelf with bags/with shadow/winter2010 [14 prims]
Hat & Scarf: part of {what next} Boathouse Cottage Hallway Clutter [modded] [1 prim each]
Rain Boots: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Wellies [5 prims]
Hatstand: {what next}Coastal Cottage Hatstand [13 prims]
Basket w/ Shoes: {what next} Coastal Cottage Shoe Basket [10 prims]

Bench: [*Art Dummy!] and in summer fall (outdoor loft bed w/lanterns) [29 prims]
Rug: [croire] rugs from the attic [1 prim]
Books & Plant: :: AB :: In Flight Book Stack & [croire] stack of books (back to school hunt)  [8-10 prims]
Newspaper: Dutchie newspapers [1 prim]
Earphones: /artilleri/ Phonograf earphones (floor) *yellow* [9 prims]
Record Player: /artilleri/ Phonograf record player *yellow* [18 prims]
Records: /artilleri/ Phonograf LP/EP records [5 prims]
Chairs: :: AB :: Lizzy's Garden Chair [3 prims each]
Table: :: AB :: Lizzy's Garden Table [3 prims]
Glasses: :: AB :: Lizzy's Pink Lemonade Glass, Lizzy's Limeade Glass, Lizzy's Lemonade Glass [4-5 prims each]
Pitcher: :: AB :: Lizzy's Lemonade Pitcher [4 prims]
Candles: :: AB :: Wnter's Warmth Glass Candle (lid off) [5 prims]
Basket: :: AB :: Lizzy's Lemon Basket [6 prims]
Placemat: :: AB :: Lizzy's Placemat [2 prims]
Surfboard: {what next} Surfboard Decor Gift #1 & #2 [1 prim each]


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