Chapter 414

Introducing Awesome Blossom's Wynn Cottage which is part of the Platinum Hunt. The house is two and half rooms, by half I mean in the front there's a little entry way, and there's a patio. The house is so so cute, and at only 10L it's a total steal! I don't know what takes me longer, taking down all the credits, taking all the pictures, then deciding which pictures to use OR decorating the house, it might be a tie honestly. Oh, and I learned my lesson, don't take pictures at 3am, because my eyes don't catch all the flaws like they would in the daytime; so please ignore the random line in some of the pictures, that's my fault, not the product's. Also, Madison Morlim did a fantastic post on this house too, check it out, definitely drew some inspiration from her's! <3

House: :: AB :: Wynn Cottage [Platinum Hunt] [88 prims]
Wheelbarrow: Baffle! Bloomy Wheelbarow [for The Nest opening - free] [7 prims]
Bicycle: {what next} Summertime Bicycle Pose Prop (Seasons Hunt) [23 prims]
Pots: The Loft - Pot Dude [13 prims]
Chairs: Kari - Almost Paris - Chair (posed) [8 prims]
Table: Kari - Almost Paris – Table [21 prims]
Flowers: Turnip's Bottle of Fall Poppies (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [3 prims]
Plant: BP* Cup plant/pink [8 prims]
Smaller Plants: Drowsy plant Yellow & Green [6 prims]
Hanging Jar: MudHoney Mason Jar Decor – dandelion [13 prims]
Plant: :: AB :: Daisy Pot [6 prims]
Plant: :: AB :: Tiger Lily Pot [9 prims]
Grass: Turnip's Long Summer Grass: Fifty Linden Friday Special [2 prims]
Trees: *PASH* bushy summer trees [13 prims]
Skydome: Turnip's Pleasant Day Skydome (Fifty Linden Friday) [4 prims]

Decorative Window: :: AB :: Out Beyond Decorative Window [5 prims]
Television: nordari. october.transmission [11 prims]
Camera: /artilleri/ Lumoflex camera (just camera, no anim) *turquoise* [8 prims]
Stack of Books: :: AB :: In Flight Book Stack [10 prims]
Bookcase: :: AB :: Lazy Days Rowboat Bookcase [28 prims]
Polaroids: [North West] Polaroids on a string (flowers) [11 prims]

Lamp: LISP - Mathilde Floor Lamp [9 prims]
Art Work: [KALAVINKA] poster 2008/4~6 [1 prim]
Art Work: White Nightgown - drawing w wood back by Lindini2 [1 prim]
Daybed: LISP - Mathilde Daybed [12 prims]
Books: Stack of Books [2 prims]

Lights: (arcade) Temagami, 1989 - String of lights [8 prims]
Basket: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Basket [2 prims]
Bed: {what next} Arbre Bed [17 prims]
Frame: :: AB :: In Flight Window Frame [5 prims]
Hanging Lamp: cluttered. 'don't blink' lamp [7 prims]
Pillows: cluttered. comfy pillows [2 prims]
Rug: Molto Bene! - Fishie Rug [ Light Blue ] [1 prim]
Dress: Dutchie dropped dress [5 prims]
Side Table: {what next} Arbre Table [6 prims]
Lamp: {what next} Arbre Table Lamp [5 prims]
Prints: [North West] Summer Frame 02 (chalk stripes, candy stripes, sky stripes, grape stripes, mint stripes) [3 prims each]

Plant: *Tatty Soup* Twiggy Vase [13 prims]
Suitcases: {what next} May Suitcase (blue & mint) [14 prims]
Globe: [North West] Wordtrotter (love) [5 prims]
Mirror: [North West] Tall Gilt Mirror [7 prims]
Mannequin: {theosophy} Halkyn Torso (Thistle/L) [8 prims]
Flowers: UrbanizeD - Vase & Floral Decoration "NEST" A & B (Limited Edition) [free at The Nest!] [4 prims each]
Divider: *~MMG's~* Room divider-4PL_milkcocoa_5prim [5 prims]
Hangers: *~MMG's~* [parts] Hanger(4)-#cinnamon_2prim [2 prims]
Guitar: LISP - Brighton Beach Guitar d├ęcor [The Platinum Hunt] [8 prims]
Music Notes: {what next} Pile of Music Papers *free* [1 prim]
Bench: :CP: Chatters Matter Bench [15 prims]
Cabinet: *~MMG's~* Drawer cabinet_4prim [milk] [4 prims]
Books w/ a Letter: *~MMG's~* 4Book+Letter-B [1prim]
Books w/ a Box: *~MMG's~* 3Book+1Box [1prim]
Cup: flowey. spring has sprung [7 prims]
Pile of Books: *~MMG's~* 4Book-piles up+Letter [1prim]
Decorative Box: Dark Mouse [25 prims]
Perfume: LISP - Perfume Bottle 1 & 2 [2 prims each]
Wood Bobbin: *~MMG's~* Wood bobbin_1prim [red, monotone, purple & orange] [1 prim each]
Basket: *Y's HOUSE* [Display] Kago01(old/Brown Knob) & (natural/Brown Knob)_OMAKE free [2 prims]
Posters: *cheap cheap* SPS Posters [1 prim]

Cranes: (Elate!) White Paper Crane - Short String [5 prims]
Posters: *Cheap Cheap* Posters I [1 prim]
Radiator: :: AB :: Story of Home Skybox Radiator [4 prims]
Vaccum: -RC- SS Meggasuc PLUS Vacuum (silent)(light blue) [59 prims]
Telephone: MudHoney Tealy Phone [7 prims]
Stools: :: AB :: In Flight Wooden Stool [7 prims]
Candles: [North West] Candle and stones (landry) [9 prims]
Television: nordari. october.transmission [11 prims]
Bottle: :: AB :: Message in a Bottle [8 prims]
Newspaper & Coffee: MudHoney Newspaper & Coffee Cup [4 prims]

Art Setup: *Cat's Eye*Atelier set [49 prims]
Book & Coffee: MudHoney Open Book w/ Coffee [5 prims]
Art Work: :: AB :: Keep Our Planet Green print [2 prims]

Chalkboard: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Chalkboard [4 prims]
Basket: :: AB :: Baguette Basket [6 prims]
Baker Rack: :: AB :: French Country Baker's Rack [16 prims]
Print: :: AB :: Home Sweet Home print [3 prims]
Flowers: :: AB :: Potted Flower Pitcher [10 prims]
Jars: :: AB :: Preserve Jars [5 prims]
Pie: :: AB :: Cherry Pie [2 prims]
Salt & Pepper: :: AB :: Salt & Pepper Shakers [4 prims]
Rolling Pin: :: AB :: Rolling Pin [1 prim]
Cookbook: :: AB :: Cookbook [2 prims]
Blanket: :: AB :: Hanging Blanket [2 prims]
Wreath: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen wreath [4 prims]
Signs: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen concession signs [4 prims]
Jugs: {theosophy} Overton Jug (Bronze, Iron & Coal) [2 prims each]
Baskets: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen extra baskets [9 prims]
Cabinet:s Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen cabinets [33 prims]
Flowers: LISP - Mathilde Kitchen Flowers [4 prims]
Waffle Maker: Reek - Waffle Maker [9 prims]
Baskets: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen shelf baskets [8 prims]
Pans: magi take can1, 3, 2 [1 prim each]
Dishtowels: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen stack of dishtowels [4 prims]
Stove: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen stove [11 prims]
Kettle: Barcode – Kettle [1 prim]
Skillet: MudHoney Skillet w/ lid [3 prims]
Pot: Barcode - Boiling Water Pot [5 prims]
Pattern: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen backsplash [5 prims]
Bins: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen old metal bins [12 prims]
Shelf w/ Pots & Pans: MudHoney Kangjon Pots & Pans Wire Shelf [18 prims]
Shelf: MudHoney Platter Wire Shelf [7 prims]
Paper Towel Holder: ::PopArt:: Kitchen Kinder Utillites [9 prims]
Shelf: MudHoney Kangjon Cookbook Wire Shelf [28 prims]
Cutting Board: Little Boxes Cutting Board w/ Bread [3 prims]
Bread Plates: *~MMG's~* Bread plate(6) [2prim]
Soup Plates: *~MMG's~* Soup plate(6) [2prim]
Round Plates: *~MMG's~* Round plate(6)[2prim]
Cookie Sheet: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen cookie sheets [3 prims]
Pile of Dishes: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen pile o' dishes [7 prims]
Wall Shelves: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen wall shelves [7 prims]
Sign: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen eat a cupcake [2 prims]
Canisters: MudHoney Kangjon Canisters [8 prims]
Plates: *~MMG's~* Oval plate(6) [2prim]
Kitchen Utensils Pot: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Utensils Pot (for LS) [6 prims]
Canister: {theosophy} Milton Cannister SC- Coffee, Sugar, Flour & Tea (S & L) [3 prims each]
Set of Canisters: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen set of canisters [9 prims]
Wall Shelf: [MAGIC NOOK] Shabby Mug Rack [1 prim]
Mugs: [MAGIC NOOK] Mug (Gingham Heart, Rose, Vintage Coffee, Chick & Sailing) [1 prim each]
Cake Stand: /artilleri/ Kim Cake stand with noms *WLH* [13 prims]
Fridge: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen old fridge [9 prims]
Scale: /artilleri/ Gunda kitchen scale *blue* [7 prims]
Ceiling Fan: :: AB :: Pembroke Ceiling Fan [1 prim]

Kitchen Island: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen island [10 prims]
Magazine: LISP – Magazine [2 prims]
Drink: BP* ice water 3/kiwi/ rez [10 prims]
Pepper & Salt Shakers: Barcode - Pepper & Salt Shakers [2 prim each]
Jars: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Storage Jars [4 prims]
Bowl of Peaches: LISP Bazaar - Bowl of Peaches [5 prims]
Tray of Food: cluttered. summer breakfast (scripted) [15 prims]
Lemonade & Limeade: :: AB :: Lizzy's Pink Lemonade, Limeade, Lemonade Glass [4-5 prims each]
Iced Water: BP* decanter/iced water [9 prims]
Lemon Basket: :: AB :: Lizzy's Lemon Basket [6 prims]
Flowers: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen pitcher of lilies [23 prims]
Bag of Bread: MudHoney Bag of Bread [5 prims]
Bread: MudHoney Broken Bread [3 prims]
Fire Extinguisher: Barcode - FIRE! extinguisher [5 prims]
Pile of Towels: Barcode - Pile o' Towels (s) [3 prims]
Stack of Books: Barcode - Book Stack [1 prim]
Baskets: Barcode - Stewart Baskets v2 [2 prims]
Baskets: Barcode - Stewart Baskets [3 prims]

Plates: [North West] Pretty Plates III [18 prims]
Table: :CP: Winter Snack [20 prims]
Bowl of Strawberries: {what next} Wimbledom Strawberries & Cream [10 prims]
Basket: LISP - Basket of Shopping – Mathilde [6 prims]
Clock: MudHoney Kangjon Clock [7 prims]

Mailboxes: :: AB :: Love Shack Mailbox (whitewash & pine) [12 prims each]
Table w/ Accessories: :CP: Spring Hall Table [past hunt prize] [55 prims
Flowers: Barcode - Tracesh Orchid Vase [12 prims]
Lamp: [North West] Petites Lampes [15 prims]
Board: {what next} Mirabelle 'Social Butterfly' Noticeboard [11 prims]

Hanging Jar: MudHoney Mason Jar Decor – daisies [12 prims]
Hatstand: {what next}Coastal Cottage Hatstand [13 prims]
Coat Rack: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Coat Rack [14 prims]
Rain Boots: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Wellies [5 prims]
Stool: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Table Stool (decor only) [4 prims]
Flowers: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Cut Flowers [7 prims]
Shoe Basket: {what next} Coastal Cottage Shoe Basket [10 prims]
Surfboards: {what next} Surfboard Decor Gift #2 & 1 [1 prim each]


  1. You did such a great job with this! It's so much for me to see how people decorate my houses. When can I move in? :D

  2. oh wow Vall, i loooove it! There is just something about the way you dress rooms that is always so inpiring to me. Awesome job! How do you feel about 2 roomies? <3

  3. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you both liked it! Haha, the more the merrier! <33


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