Chapter 404

Fucifino has some new releases out! I'm just showing off a couple of the new items, but there's much more, including a skybox, so be sure to go to the store! The Countryside Ladder comes in 10 different wood shades  and it's 33 prims with all the accessories. I just love the colors of the Villa Park Door Screen, it's so cute, and it's 22 prims. Lastly the Hillside Ladder Shelf comes with a bunch of cute garden accessories and it's 34 prims.
Also I'm loving this skybox from cluttered, especially the red door, it really adds something. I really like skyboxes that give off the illusion of a door.

Ladder: [ffucifino.countryside ladder.crème [33 prims]
Clock: :CP: Dandelion Clock [5 prims]
Luggage: Kari - The Wanderer - Green FLF [27 prims]
Magazine Rack: :CP: Dandelion Magazine Rack [5 prims]
Rug: :CP: Dandelion Rug [1 prim]
Sofa: :CP: Dandelion Sofa [14 prims]
Table: [none found.] Low Table [3 prims]
Tray: :CP: Dandelion Coffee Tray [11 prims]
Earphones: /artilleri/ Phonograf earphones (floor) *yellow* [9 prims]
Cup: flowey. spring has sprung [7 prims]
Stack of Paper: ~Scribble~ Group Gift: Stack of Papers (Treasure Map) [7 prims]
Lamp: nordari. / to the order of night. [8 prims]

Screens: [f] fucifino.villa park door screen [22 prims]

Ladder: [ffucifino.hillside ladder shelf [34 prims]
Rain Boots: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Wellies [5 prims]
Plates: [North West] Pretty Plates III [18 prims]
Paint Bucket: ++LP2++ Paint Can Red [3 prims]
Newspaper: Dutchie newspapers [1 prim]
Bucket: sur+ ((spring chipmunk)) [20 prims]
Candles: AMBIANCE Hacienda Candle Trio (House&GardenHunt) [9 prims]
Table: *Y's HOUSE* Round table01_1 [MONAKA/S] [5 prims]
Art Work: nordari. / before the rain [3 prims]
Bed: {vespertine_lazy.spring.bed} [15 prims]
Book: *KUROTSUBAKI* book [3 prims]
Curtains: nordari. sand.curtain [2 prims each]

Skybox: cluttered flowey. 'i know places' [42 prims]


  1. Thanks for the post! I love see my items it other people's eyes :)

  2. Of course! Thank you for making some great pieces :)


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