Chapter 260

This set from Magoa is out now for Super Bargain Saturday (SBS), it's only 60L, and you get the shelves, the plates, the cups, the candles, and the glasses. It's 88 prims in all, but you can mod it or take things out. SBS is a weekly event, taking place every Saturday, basically a group of stores places an item out for 60L and it will only be available for that price for one day. I love kitchen decor especially done with this color scheme, and this set is so cute! It's a steal, so get it before the price goes up! <3

Skybox: buttons. rainy.days skybox {rez in edit}
Display Shelves: Magoa ~ E.E.'s House Display Shelves
Picture Frame: {what next}May Photo Frame
Flower: *chronokit* lily white
Art: {what next} May Print
Barcode - Sketch Scene Frame
Suitcases: {what next} May Suitcase (blue) & (mint)