Chapter 276

Awesome Blossom released the Amelie Cottage not too long ago, and this past weekend a winter version was released which includes sculpted snow, and other neat winter themed parts. But I wanted to show the original off. I love the cottage, it could work perfectly for a fall themed house or a winter themed one (which I was trying to do). The Amelie Cottage includes 2 and 1/2 rooms, a built in bookcase, a deck and a porch, doors and windows. The cottage is 152 prims total, its footprint is 26x16.
Also if you prefer skyboxes, there's an Amelie Skybox in the With Love Hunt, it'll cost you 10l, but it's well worth it! <3

House: :: AB :: Amelie Cottage [152 prims]
Bench: .Tea - Just another bench [3 prims]
Wreath: {what next} Bric-a-brac Wreath (large) [9 prims]
Grass: Turnip's Long Winter Grass(blue) & (white): Fifty Linden Friday Special [2 prims each]
Trees: *PASH* winter pine & winter tree [4-6 prims]
Tree Stump: {what next} 'First Frost' Treestump Photography Prop [4 prims]

Bed: {what next} Arbre Bed (updated) [17 prims]
Wall Decal: {what next} Arbre Wall Poem (by Marchette Chute) [1 prim]
Box: <<UrbanizeD>> Music Box "Over The Rainbow" // "Rezz" Edition [28 prims]

Screen: Second Spaces - Sophia folding screen *Laryn recolor* [4 prims]
Torso: {theosophy} Halkyn Torso (Thistle/L) [8 prims]
Ottoman: (ss arcade) Battered Ottoman 15 [9 prims]
Slippers: [*Art Dummy!] ruby red walking shoes. [9 prims]
Table: *Y's HOUSE* Round table01_1 [MONAKA/S]_GP.ver_new! [5 prims]
Small Shelves: LISP - Gatcha - Strawberry Books, Book Birdy & Butterfly Star [7-9 prims]

Art Set: *Cat's Eye*Atelier set [49 prims]
Wall Decor: nordari - pinbee. - music. [5 prims]
Shadowboxes: Barcode - Shadowbox Polaroids & Mail [13 - 19 prims]

Tree: {what next} Winter White Christmas Tree [9 prims]
Bench: The Loft - Suede Storage Bench Red [7 prims]
Frame: Kyoot Home - White Autumn Frame (Seasons Hunt) [6 prims]

TV Set: MudHoney Woody Entertainment Center [121 prims]
Fireplace: Magoa ~ First Frost Fire [13 prims]
String of Pinecones: ~La'Licious~ Pinecone String Lights - Natural [8 prims]
Candle: MudHoney Twiggy Candle [7 prims]
Flowers: Turnip's Bottle of Fall Poppies (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [3 prims]
Blocks: Second Spaces - Blocks - ohhai [6 prims]
Ashtray: :YONEYA: Cigarettes and ashtray 1 [1 prim]
Stockings: {what next} 'First Frost' Christmas Stocking #1, 2 & 3 (w/shadow) [3 prims each]
Shelves: :: AB :: Live Well & Food is The Spice of Life Shelves [11 - 13 prims]
Rug: :: AB :: Old Wrinkled Rug [2 prims]
Couch: {what next} 'Winter' Laurel Loveseat (seats two) [11 prims]
Games: [croire] game board cluster [5 prims]

Small Table: [*Art Dummy!] hang your heart here. (table) [7 prims]
Books: [*ArtDummy!]  hang your heart here. (decorative books) [5 prims]
Mittens: :: AB :: Put Your Mittens Away [4 prims]
Candle: :: AB :: Wreath Candle (sm - gold) & (lg - red) [6 prims each]
Basket: :: AB :: Pinecone Ornament Basket [15 prims]
Mirror: [croire] autumn mirror [8 prims]
Plates: Little Boxes Plates [2 prims each]
Art Work: [*Art Dummy!] hang your heart here.  (framed heart) [5 prims]
Frames: Barcode - Sketch Bird & Scene Frames [4 prims each]

Shelf: :: AB :: Let It Snow Winter Shelf [14 prims]
Desk: LISP Bazaar - Cottage Table [15 prims]
Chair: LISP Bazaar - Cottage Chair [12 prims]
Jewelry Box: [ skream! ] Jewelry Box (gift for subscribers!!) [111 prims]
Flower: *chronokit* lily pink [6 prims]
Books: (TLND) books A & B [1 prim each]
Wine: Second Spaces - Vintage wine bottles [13 prims]
Blocks: Second Spaces - Blocks - ohhai [6 prims]
Glass: "MELIA" shell&glass holder [5 prims]
Jar: Barcode - Stick Star Sand Jar [6 prims]

Side Table: Designer Prims - H&G Hunt, table,flowers,frames,books,bag,curtain,chair,sunnies [29 prims]
Phone: (arcade) Eggplant Telephone [7 prims]
Chair: [*Art Dummy!]  (Brick) Yellow Chair 2.0 [13 prims]
Art: [*Art Dummy!] Tin Heart [9 prims]
Shelf: [croire] little shelf [18 prims]

Hanging Butterflies: :: AB :: Hanging Flutterby (pink) [12 prims]
Flower: Barcode - Potted Orchid White [12 prims]
Plate: :: AB :: Pinecone Plate [8 prims]
Doll: : buttons. the prim woman workaholic [11 prims]
Pillows: Home Genie-pillow pile 11 [13 prims]

Mini Tree: {what next} Bric-a-brac Christmas Tree [16 prims]
Gift Boxes: {what next} Bric-a-brac gift & pinecone decor [5 prims]


  1. Beautiful! I might have to steal some decorating ideas from you! <3

  2. Aww thank you! That's so flattering <3


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