Chapter 271

I've really caught the decorating bug lately, and I have a lot more home decor items to show you this week! Today I'm showing off this new kitchen set from MudHoney, I really love kitchens cause there are so many small trinkets you can put in. The full kitchen set is 409 prims, I know that sounds really scary for some of us, but it's cause there are A LOT of accessories. Also if you pick this up, play around with the kitchen set, there's tons of sits with different animations. Since Rayvn is super awesome, she actually broke the set into three different packs, one of the sets is called Bare Essentials, and the name gives it away, you get the fridge, counters, the shelves, the stove, the sink and a spare table (island); this set is 128 prims. The Kitchen Accessory pack includes all the small trinkets, that I so love - the jars, the food, the hanging light, the hanging wine set, a towel, pots, a clock a smaller shelf with accessories, a second shelf with pots and pans, and a standing shelf with accessories, and more! The Furniture Pack includes the table, the chairs, the artwork, and spare chairs; this set is 54 prims. So go check it out! <3

House: -abode- The Bachelorette
Kitchen Set: MudHoney Kangjon Kitchen
Tree: *PASH* winter tree 3
Grass: Zigana [ Winter grass ] high/ low shape .1
Buttefly: *alirium* butterflies yellow A


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