Chapter 433

Spruce Up your Space (SUYS) is back this weekend! This month's theme is "flashback". Awesome Blossom has a gorgeous set out, the Minuet Lumiere Trinket Cabinet & Stool, which includes a cabinet fully stocked with accessories, a stool and books. The cabinet has this vintage vibe, and they come in light (lumiere) and dark (noire) wood. The back of the cabinet is texture change, so is the cushion on the stool. And the clock in the set actually tells time! MudHoney also has a lovely set available, which includes the Virginia Sofa and the Virginia Console, the set includes the table, a turntable and a bowl. There's some other really great pieces for SUYS, be sure to check them out! <3

Cabinet: :: AB :: Minuet Noir Trinket Cabinet [24 prims]
Stool: :: AB :: Minuet Noir Stool [3 prims]
Books: :: AB :: Minuet Noir Book Stack [6 prims]
Prints: [North West] Summer Frame 02 (banana stripes) (sky stripes) (chalk stripes) (mint stripes) (candy stripes) (grape stripes) [3 prims]
Table: MudHoney Virginia Console Table [22 prims]
Records: /artilleri/ Phonograf LP/EP records [5 prims]
Sofa: MudHoney Virginia Sofa [16 prims]
Print: Kari - Almost Paris - Painting [3 prims]
Wall Texture: made by moo Texture