Chapter 445

First post of the new year! I hope you have all started off your new year well. Anyways, this is a bit more of an autumn house, but I really wanted to decorate it, so hopefully it doesn't look too out of season. On a more somber note, Awesome Blossom is closing its doors, so I wanted to showcase a couple of pieces from the store. I've really loved watching the store progress over the years, as cheesy as this is going to sound, it's truly blossomed over the years into a wonderful store. And I'm sad to see it close. But there is a closing sale going on now until the Jan. 15th. So pick up all that you want before it's gone. Also, cluttered flowey has some new items out, the melody lamp and more DIY chairs. They were released last year technically, but definitely worth checking them out. <3

House: Zigana. PT Oh! We're In Meixco! Home [102 prims]
Grass: Turnip's Long Dry Grass: Fifty Linden Friday Special [2 prims]
Small Tree: nordari. and.birds [11 prims]
Tree: Zigana. Winter group gift [17 prims]
Wagon: Zigana. [24 prims]
Skydome: Turnip's Pleasant Day Skydome (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [4 prims]

Lamp: cluttered flowey. melody lamp [7 prims]
Chair: Kari - Ross chair [12 prims]
Shoe Rack: {theosophy} Raikes Shoe Rack (Moss) [17 prims]
Magazines: {what next} Magazine Pile [3 prims]
Flowers: LISP - Mathilde Kitchen Flowers [4 prims]
Box: LISP - Shepherd Box of Eggs [5 prims]
Basket: [*Art Dummy!] Traveling Basket [5 prims]
Books: [ARIA] Mela four book pile [2 prims]
Mailbox: :: AB :: Love Shack Mailbox (pine) [12 prims]
Bowl: (iTuTu)Water bowl(M) [5 prims]

Rack: -RC- Nana's Antler Rack [9 prims]
Garland: Zigana. Lucky garland [20 prims]

Paint Brushes: BP*uekibati/oil painting brush [8 prims]
Tree: :: AB :: Leaves Are Falling Tree [14 prims]
Table: Kari - het Atelier [28 prims]
Candle: Surf Co. Bluegrass Candle Supply Co. / Harvest Spice (Lid Off) [9 prims]
Drink: BP* ice water 3/kiwi/ rez [10 prims]
Plant: :: AB :: Leafy Plant [6 prims]
Art: Kari - Cross stitch O.G (txt change) [3 prims]
Easel: Kari - het Atelier – Easel [5 prims]

Horns: {theosophy} Steer Horns (Black/Black) [4 prims]
Basket: :: AB:: Wood Basket [5 prims]
Chair: LISP - Autumn shades Chair Olive &  [14 prims]
Art: Kari - Almost Paris – Painting [3 prims]
Table: Barcode - Bird Stump Table [4 prims]
Book: [*ArtDummy!] hang your heart here. (decorative books) [5 prims]
Cups: [*Art Dummy!] stacked cups and strawberries. [8 prims]
Chair: LISP - Autumn shades Chair Rust [14 prims]
Lamp: "MELIA" glass lamp 07 [3 prims]

Cabinet: *~MMG's~* File cabinet_2prim [cookie] [2 prims]
Plant: :: AB :: Minuet Draped Plant [8 prims]
Candle: Surf Co. Bluegrass Candle Supply Co. / Harvest Spice (Lid On) [6 prims]
Bird: :: AB :: Little Sparrow [2 prims]
Cup: LISP - Shepherd Cup with Cone [4 prims]
Clock: Kari - Retro alarm clock (Bonus) [8 prims]
Cup: LISP - Shepherd Cup with Candle [4 prims]
Letters: LISP - Postal Shelf letters pile [4 prims]
Box: Dark Mouse [25 prims]
Cup: Barcode - Pencil Cup [5 prims]
Calendar: Barcode - Chuck Norris Desk Calendar [2 prims]
Magnifying Glass: :: AB :: Minuet Magnifiying Glass [3 prims]
Jar: Kari - Empty jar – Extra [2 prims]
Box: [11 prims]
Plate: -RC- Nana's Plate Collection – Pink [2 prims]
Jar: Kari - Hobbies in a jar (S) [9 prims]
Flower: {what next} Morning Tea Rose [4 prims]
Candle: :: AB :: Minuet Pinecone Candle [3 prims]
Nest: Tiny Bird [42 prims]
Pot: Turnip's Summer Mosaic Pot (small) [1 prims]
Candle: MudHoney Twiggy Candle [7 prims]
Jar: Barcode - Stick Star Sand Jar [6 prims]
Bottle: :: AB :: Message in a Bottle [8 prims]
Bucket: sur+ ((spring chipmunk)) [20 prims]
Cushions: LISP - Warm Double Floor Cushion – Orange/Brown [7 prims]
Frames: Barcode - Dark & Light Wood Wire Frame [6 prims each]
Stove: Kari - The old Stove [29 prims]
Music Sheets: {what next} Pile of Music Papers *free* [1 prim]
Pinecones: ~La'Licious~ Pinecone String Lights – Natural [8 prims]
Drawers: MudHoney Delia Drawers [19 prims]
Books: :: AB :: Minuet Noir Book Stack [6 prims]

Flags: Zigana. Prayer flags. Lights [2 prims]
Chair: [*Art Dummy!] millennium (chair with mask) [hunt gift] [14 prims]
Mask: [*Art Dummy!] millennium (mask) [hunt gift] [5 prims]
Art: [*Art Dummy!] 2012 (art) [3 prims]
Crates: [croire] bachelor pad crate tan & brick [13-16 prims]
Table: Zigana. Table .s [6 prims]
Cup: cluttered flowey. homeless books. tea cozy cup (rezz) [5 prims]
Candles: [*Art Dummy!] (Clear) Seaglass bottle w/candle medium, small & large [4 prims each]
Box: nordari. hold on, hold on. [13 prims]
Chairs: cluttered. DIY chair (dark set) [8 prims each]

Polaroids: [North West] Polaroids on a string (flowers) [11 prims]
Box: nordari [12 prims]
Chair: :: AB :: Afternoon Rocking Chair [12 prims]
Lights: LISP - Sunshine Flower Lightbulb Plants Floor Arrangement [26 prims]
Bed: :: AB :: Afternoon Bed [11 prims]
Print: :: AB :: Keep Our Planet Green print [2 prims]
Flowers: LISP - Christmas Flowers Blue Snow [16 prims]

Rack: 1prim Hanger Rack [1 prim]
Hangers: *~MMG's~* [parts] Hanger(4)-#amber [2 prims]
Hangers: *~MMG's~* [parts] Hanger(2)-#ochre  [1 prim]
Hangers: *~MMG's~* [parts] Hanger(4)-#cinnamon [2 prim]
Canvas: [ARIA] Mela canvas trio [5 prims]
Drafts: [ARIA] Aalis rolled drafts [4 prims]
Bin: [ARIA] Aalis drafting bin [5 prims]
Wardrobe: {vespertine_heirloom wardrobe/oak wood} [15 prims]
Polaroids: vespertine_Object [included with the wardrobe] [13 prims]
Polaroids: vespertine_Object [1 prims]
Birdcage: {theosophy} Acton Birdcage (Wood) S [16 prims]
Music Box: Zigana. Music box .red [16 prims]
String: vespertine. two.little.swallows.deco [6 prims]
Books: [ARIA] Apple Simple book pile 2 & 1 [2 prims each]
Teapot: [*Art Dummy!] teapot dummy. (blue) [15 prims]
Fan: LISP - Fan - Texture Change (touch base) [5 prims]
Shoes: [*Art Dummy!] ruby red walking shoes. [9 prims]

Cabinet: nordari. ?vortimisol. [29 prims]
Books: The Loft- (LP)- Book Stack [11 prims]
Music Box: Zigana. Music box .green [16 prims]
Clock: [North West] Little Alarm Clock (grey) [12 prims]
Candle: [*Art Dummy!] Standing Candle Dummy (blue) [14 prims]
Boxes: Second Spaces Claire accessory boxes [4 prims]
Baskets: The Loft- (LP)- Baskets [5 prims]
Art: Zigana drawings [ Here.. ] [2 prims]
Dresser: :CP: Sheldon NYE Bureau [22 prims]
New Year's Bureau d├ęcor [42 prims]
Luggage: Kari - The Wanderer - Green FLF [27 prims]


  1. Wow!! I love everything about how you decorated this house! I should hire you to do my tree house!! Awesome.

  2. Absolutely stunning Vall, you did a terrific job! Ps. Where did that 1 prim hanger rack come from?

  3. Thanks so much Bouncer!! I would definitely be down, interior design is always fun :)

    Thanks so much for the compliment, Madison! It is from NoaR, the owner's name is Noan Kurka, I got it a while ago, so I'm not sure if it's still available.


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