Chapter 604

Consensual is a brand new event, focused on furniture, particularly, adult furniture and animations! MudHoney has this plush sofa available at the event, it comes it a bunch of different colors. Also available at the event is the throw blanket on the sofa, the bra, panties and socks shown here, and there's an end table and a coffee table available there as well. The event ends tomorrow, so you have one more day to check out the goodies! Apple Fall has this gorgeous gacha tea set available at Kustom9. And Candy Fair has begun, featuring clothing, jewelry, shoes, poses, decor and more around all things sweet, like candy and sweet treats. Kuro & Consignment teamed up for Candy Fair's gacha, which includes the tissue box and the box of chocolates, which I was aiming to get! Make sure to stop by, the Candy Fair before it ends October 17th. 


Loft: AF Paris Loft Skybox RARE
End Table: MudHoney Laura End Table
Tissues: Kuro & [Con.] - [Just decor] Tissues {available at Candy Fair} - NEW!
Toiletries: -tb- Vanity - Toiletries
Cocktail Mixer: erratic / home - cocktail mixer set RARE
Gin: erratic / home - gin
Rum: erratic / home - rum
Tequila: erratic / home - tequila
Platter: -tb- Vanity - Platter of Treasures
Yellow Roses: -tb- Small Vase of Roses - Yellow
Recipe Tin: floorplan. recipe tin
Glove Box: Lark - Crawford Glove Box
Compact: -tb- Vanity - Compact RARE
Decorative Door: -tb- Decorative Door RARE
Wall Hook & Slip: Lark - Crawford Wall Hook & Slip
Console: -tb- Petite Console Table - Blush
Teacup: AF Teacup Rose {available at Kustom9} - NEW!
Perfume: BAZAR ~ Floria parfume
Brushes: -tb- Vanity - Brushes
Mirror: -tb- Vanity - Mirror
Bobby Pins: floorplan. bobby pins
Teacup: AF Teacup Pearls RARE {available at Kustom9} - NEW!
Roses: AF Rose Bouquet {available at Kustom9} - NEW!
Phone: -tb- Rotary Phone - Cream
Pocket Watch: AF Pocket Watch {available at Kustom9} - NEW!
Cat: (fd) Cat - 11 Sitting
String Lights: -tb- String Lights with Pics
Dress: Dutchie dropped dress
Cats: (fd) Cat - 19 Cuddling Pair RARE
Shoes: *YS&YS* Ischia Sandal Black
Socks: MudHoney Socks on the Floor {available at Consensual} - NEW!
Panties: MudHoney Panties on the Floor {available at Consensual} - NEW!
Sofa: MudHoney Grace Sofa (adult) - white {available at Consensual} - NEW!
Throw Blanket: MudHoney Grace Throw Blanket {available at Consensual} - NEW!
Bra: MudHoney Bra {available at Consensual} - NEW!
Coffee Table: MudHoney Leslie Coffee Table - tea
Chooclates: Kuro & [Con.] - [Just decor] Chocolates {available at Candy Fair} - NEW!
ChatterTeeth: * S O R G O - ChatterTeeth RED
Pad & Pen: {what next} Marais Message Pad & Pen
Cigarettes: 42_8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Cigarettes SECRET
Whiskey: erratic / home - drink / whiskey
Martini: erratic / home - drink / martini
Candle: -tb- Crown and Candle
Spilled Wine: A:S:S - Glass of spilled wine
Wine: O.M.E.N - Enchanted - Little Red Wine
Champagne: [ keke ] champagne bublissimo - nero
Drink: erratic / home - drink / champagne
Champagne Bucket: [ keke ] champagne bubblissimo bucket - gold
Slides: [ keke ] slides
Cat: (fd) Cat - 08 Stretching