Chapter 635

The Arcade still has a few days left, so make sure you stop by to play any machine you still haven't! MudHoney has this awesome decor set full of mixed items for when you're on your way out of the house, including this distressed table to display them on. Willow Home has this gorgeous new rustic wall shelf. 

House: {vespertine} - chanson dautomne skyloft
Pile of Stuff: HIDEKI - Pile of Stuff
Laundry Basket: Apple Fall Neva's Laundry Basket
Polaroids: [North West] Polaroids on a string (flowers)
Bookshelf: HIDEKI - String Bookshelf
Laundry Basket: 29 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Laundry Basket {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Folded Clothes: -tb- Bon Voyage - Folded Clothes
Stool: 29 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Stool {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Shoes: MudHoney Canvas Shoes - Floral {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Nail Polishes: -tb- Vanity - Nail Polishes
Book Stack: [ keke ] the pea princess's DIY book stable
Wall Shelf: Willow Home - Rustic Wall Shelf - Blonde - NEW!
Table: MudHoney Distressed Table RARE {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Glasses Case: MudHoney Glasses w/ Case - Coral {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Smart Phone: MudHoney Smart Phone {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Magazines: -tres blah-  Hodgepodge - Stacked Magazines {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Earphones: MudHoney Earphones {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Message Pad: MudHoney Message Pad {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Keys: MudHoney Cat Keys {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Jar: ASO! Alphabet Jar -V {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Roses: AF Rose Bouquet
Print & Books: -tres blah- Workspace - Print and Books
Bills: MudHoney Bill Pile {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Catch All: -tres blah- Hodgepodge - Catch All {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Pocket Clutter: MudHoney Pocket Clutter {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Cats: (fd) Cat - 10 Scared & 06 Caught in the Act
Tossed Clothes: -tres blah- Hodgepodge - Tossed Clothes {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Chair: 06_8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Armchair {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Bag: MudHoney Leather Bag - Mint {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Paper Pile: -tres blah- Hodgepodge - Paper Pile {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
End Table: MudHoney Laura End Table
Open Book: dust bunny . spring reading {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Euros: * S O R G O - Pile of Euros Stack
Folded Stacks: * S O R G O - Folded Stack 100e
Dirty Dishes: -tres blah- Hodgepodge - Dirty Dishes {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Milk Caddy: floorplan. vintage milk caddy
Map: PILOT - Traveler's Map 4