Chapter 724

Summerfest '19 is back with some beautiful decor, which is perfect for summer. Make sure to stop by before it ends on July 7th. Speaking of new summer decor, What Next has these cute lounge chairs and parasols, which come in a variety of colors and patterns. For a limited time, VIP group members can get them for 50% off. Also, new from What Next are these adorable pool drinks, which you can wear or rez, they are free for only a few more days, because of SL16BSL16B is an event in honor of Second Life turning 16 years old and a bunch of brands have set out gifts for the celebration and some have marked items 50% off for a limited time, the event ends on the 9th. 

Pillows: dust bunny . dreamy outing . pillow pile . colorful . adult
Blanket: .peaches. The Queen's Peace - Blanket {free!} - NEW!
Dog & Beach Ball: +Half-Deer+ Summer Paradise - 3. Bit the Beachball
Bikini Bottoms: +Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter - White Dot - Floor Thong
Bikini Top: +Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter - White Dot - Floor Bra
Drink: {what next} SM Vacay Pool Drink {free at SL16B} - NEW!
Drink: {what next} SM Tropical Pool Drink {free at SL16B} - NEW!
Net Bag: dust bunny . beach day . net bag {available at Summerfest} - NEW!
Hedgehog: Ohmai: Ninja Hedgehog (Rez) [Cinnamon]
Pug: O.M.E.N - Gone to the Beach - Pug Pal {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Bag: dust bunny . beach bag . cream
Lounger: {what next} Catalina Lounger - NEW!
Newspaper: Apple Fall Times Newspaper
Bikini Top: +Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter - Stripe - Offside Bra
Bikini Bottoms: +Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter - Stripe - Offside Thong
Parasol: {what next} Catalina Parasol w/lights - NEW!
Table: hive // multi level wooden table
Keg: dust bunny . watermelon vibes . keg {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Cocktails: dust bunny . watermelon vibes . cocktails - {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Watermelon Slices: 33 - 8f8 - Green Grocers - Watermelon Tasting Set
Grapefruit: Apple Fall 'Elvira' Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit
Drink: dust bunny . coconut drink
Drink: dust bunny . pineapple drink
Kebabs: O.M.E.N - Dog Park Day - Fruit Kebabs GIFT
Sandwiches: dust bunny . dreamy outing . croissant sandwiches
Snow Cones: dust bunny . snowcones raspberry
Lemonade: .random.Matter. - Garden Party -  Lemonade - RARE
Lounger: {what next} Catalina Lounger (w/pillow) - NEW!
MP3: -tb- Bon Voyage - MP3 (Blue)
Cocktail: [Merak] - Summer Cocktail
Melon Pizza: dust bunny . watermelon vibes . melon pizza {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Hat: +Half-Deer+ Summer Paradise - 10. Sun Hat Clutter (White)
Beach Towel: Sway's [Sandia] Beach Towel . Watermelon
Floatie w/ Cat: +Half-Deer+ Summer Paradise - 12. Cat Nap Floatie (Pink)
Dropped Ice Cream: 8f8 - 22. Oops! Strawberry Peach Ice Cream
Beach Bag: [Merak] - Beach Essentials {available at Summerfest} - NEW!
Drink: {what next} SM Mermaid 1 Pool Drink {free at SL16B} - NEW!
Drink: {what next} SM Pool Boy -  Pool Drink {free at SL16B} - NEW!
Camera: 06. ACORN Think Pink Camera
Dog: Schadenfreude Boston Dog Days of Summer Chewing
House: Scarlet Creative Harry Pottering Shed
Curtains: {what next} Draped Curtains (SILK)
Hedgehog: !Ohmai: Peek-a-boo Hedgehog (Rez) [Cinnamon]
Boombox: +Half-Deer+ Summer Paradise - 17. Beary Loud Boombox (White)
Table: hive // carved wooden table . natural
Chair: Kalopsia - Summer Rattan Chair
Dropped Ice Cream: 8f8 - 22. Oops! - Cherry Pistachio Ice Cream
Chair: .peaches. Anchors  Aweigh Beach Chair (Ahoy! Version)
Ice Cream Planters: +Half-Deer+ Life is Sweet - Ice Cream Planters (Tri-Color)
Towel Rack: +Half-Deer+ Beach Towel Clutter - Blush - Towel Rack {@ Summerfest} - NEW!
Bicycle: dust bunny . Con - Emma Flower Bicycle -navy- Decor
Laundry Basket: 29 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Laundry Basket
Tree w/ Towel: +Half-Deer+ Beach Towel Clutter - Blush - Windblown on Tree {@ Summerfest} - NEW!
Grass: LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-A
Grass: LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-B
Mossy Land: [FOURTH WALL] Mossy Landform - 01 - NEW!
Road Sign: (epia) - 'All Directions' Roadsign
Seagull: !Ohmai: Herring Gull (Stance2 - Rez)
Clothesline: +Half-Deer+ Beach Towel Clutter - Blush - Clothesline {@ Summerfest} - NEW!
Bikini Bottom: +Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter - Pink - Hanging Thong
Bikini Top: +Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter - Pink - Hanging Bra
Beach Fence: !Ohmai: Lazy Summer Scene
Shells: Sway's [Shell] beach shells (cluster)
Hedgehog: !Ohmai: Squirt Hedgehog (Rez) [Cinnamon]
Flowers: 8f8 - Empty Spaces - Buttercups {group gift} - NEW!
Hedgehog: !Ohmai: Hedgehog Castle (Rez)
Seagull: !Ohmai: Herring Gull (Stance3 - Rez)
Tree: DECO - Palm Tree (straight)
Tree: DECO - Palm tree (bent)