Chapter 731

As September ends, the beginning of autumn begins, which means bringing out all of the awesome pumpkin and gourd themed decor that exist. I always enjoy decorating for this time of year, especially because of the gorgeous warm hues. 

Room: MudHoney Photo Room 3 {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Succulent: {vespertine} hanging succulents. - string of pearls.,
Suitcase: {moss&mink} Suitcase Lounger - Autumn LE (Mustard) {group gift} - NEW!
Hedgehog: JIAN Hedgehog Rollyboi Placer - NEW!
Hedgehog: JIAN Hedgehog Wanderer (rez me!) - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine}illuminated pumpkin - tall /jack orange
Gourd: {what next} Farmhouse Gourd 1
Art: MudHoney Azalea Art
Shelves: brocante. rustic shelf
Candlesticks: {what next} Farmhouse Candlestick 1, 2 & 3
Shell: dust bunny . conch shell planter . gallant group gift
Gourds: {what next} Farmhouse Gourd 6 & 2
Gourd Tower: {what next} Farmhouse Gourd Tower 2 (SMALL)
Trunk & Pillows: MudHoney Azalea Trunk w/ Pillows
Scarf & Books: dust bunny . cozy reading
Sweater: Foxwood ~ November Days ~ Sweater Decor
Plant: MudHoney Azalea Plant 1
Plant: MudHoney Azalea Plant 2
Gourd Tower: {what next} Farmhouse Gourd Tower 2
Gourd: {what next} Farmhouse Gourd 5
Gourd: {what next} Farmhouse Gourd 4
Pumpkin Snowman: 9. Apple Fall Pumpkin Snowman
Knitting Set: Foxwood ~ November ~ Knitting - grey