The Closet Diary ~ Chapter 58

Review for Scribble!
The designer: Radio Signals was kind enough to pass along the different set of reindeer loungers and the owl pillows.
The owl pillows really remind me of fall, which is the season at the moment, even if it feels like winter! Both pose sets are adorable, and it's completely affordable, only 50L.
The set of reindeer remind me more of winter. One of the poses, it looks like you're knocking heads with the reindeer but in fact it turns out to be a kiss. The other includes a pose that looks like you're 'riding the bull', and then another where you're relaxing on the deer. To me all of these are funny poses, not only that they're also really cute.
If you haven't checked out Scribble, you really should, the store is full of goodies, including clothes, shoes, accessories, home items and much more! Here's the LM ->

Models: Me, Ashlie Coba, Jeodannie Paule (otherwise known as my frannss <3)
Props: ~Scribble~ Reindeer Lounger (1 Pose) (2 Pose) (3 Pose) (these are three separate items) (first pic-1 Pose) (second & third pic-2 Pose) (fourth, fifth & sixth pic-3 Pose)
Pillow: ~Scribble~ Owl Pillows (comes with two pillows with two different pose styles)
Clothing, Shoes, Hair & Skin: &Bean, Surf Couture,, J's, Truth, Laqroki, Maitreya, JCNY, Emery, Elephant Outfitters, BM & Magika