Chapter 375

Apple May Designs released a new skin, Teegan. The skin comes in all seven of the skin tones. Also they released lipgloss on tattoo layers to mix up different makeup types. I'm loving this bracelet from Kari, which is available at the Albero Gatcha FestivalReek released these Tennessee Slip Ons recently, and they're so cute, and as usual there's tons of options and styles you can access through the HUD. They remind me of TOMS, which I don't really like in rl, but I think the idea behind them is great. Does that ever happen to you, where you like something in SL, but dislike it in rl? 

Skin: (AMD) Teegan - Pale
Freckles: -tb- Freckles
Lipgloss: (AMD) Teegan Lipsticks - Naturals *Copper Kiss*
Hair: !lamb. Heart -Honeycomb Roots
Top: Tiny Bird - Boyfriend Sweater - Cream
Bottoms: ** Tyra Jeans Bleached Blue Skinny Turned up Cuff
Necklace: [W&B] Memory Collector Necklace
Bracelet: Kari - Ruler bracelet - Fabric
Clip On: Intrigue Co. Pixel Pets: Kitty
Shoes: Reek - Tennessee Slip Ons
Pose: (pda)