Chapter 473

This week has been craaaaazy! But I'm finally getting around to blogging about the Home & Garden Expo. It's current going on, and there's some amazing builds and decor available at the expo. I'm showing off one from Tether's End, and all of the furniture shown here from Tether's End is included with the house. Also new is this cute shelf from fucifino. What next is offering the Charlotte Chair and Ottoman, which come in other shades. Silent Woods has this cute chair, table, vase and coffee, and much more at the expo. 

House: Tether's End - Garden Summer House [43 prims] - NEW!
Window Seat: Tether's End Garden Summer House Window Seat [2 prims] - NEW!
Ladder: Tether's End Plant stand 3 tier [1 prim] - NEW!
Plants: Tether's End potted lily green & red [3 prims each] - NEW!
Pot: Tether's End Garden Plant Pot Mod/Copy [2 prims] - NEW!
Plant: Tether's End Potted Plant - Sculpted Garden Flowers Orange [4 prims] - NEW!
Desk: Tether's End Garden Summer House Desk [1 prim] - NEW!
Chair: Tether's End Summer House chair [1 prim] - NEW!
Flowers: Tether's End Vase with spring Daffodils [11 prims] - NEW!
Picture: Tether's End Summer House Robin Picture, mod/copy [3 prims] - NEW!
Flowers: Tether's End Glass Jar with Spring Daffodils [10 prims] - NEW!
Frame: Tether's End Summer house pictures [3 prims] - NEW!
Shelf: fucifino.west branch shelf.brown [5 prims] - NEW!
Bottle: {vespertine} - vesna bottle/smaller. [10 prims]
Chair: {what next} Charlotte Chair & a Half (Set B) [8 prims] - NEW!
Ottoman: {what next} Charlotte Ottoman (Set B) [6 prims] - NEW!
Vase: Tether's End Calla Lily Vase [5 prims] - NEW!
Tree: Botanical - Linden Tree XL (Memorial) [t] [6 prims]
Swing: Tether's End Porch Swing for garden summer house [13 prims] - NEW!
Grass: Turnip's Long Summer Grass: Fifty Linden Friday Special [2 prims]
Flowers: Zigana. [Dandelion Seed] [1 prim]
Tree: *aG* NarrowTree Small Spring [4 prims]
Flowers: Tether's End wild daisy patch [2 prims] - NEW! 
Hose: Tether's End Garden Hose [2 prims] - NEW!
Table: SW - 'Sita' round Side Table -blue- [2 prims] - NEW!
Flowers: SW - 'Livia' blue Vase with pink spotted Orchid [6 prims] - NEW!
Coffee: SW - 'Sita' Cup with Coffee -blue- (only decoration ) [5 prims] - NEW!
Chair: SW - 'Sita' Recamier -blue- [5 prims] - NEW!
Skydome: Turnip's Pleasant Day Skydome (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [2 prims]