Chapter 474

The Home & Garden Expo ended today. I hope you were able to check out the expo, it was extraordinary! I think the really exciting part were all the amazing activities going through the week, there were some really creative and wonderful events that went on, hopefully you got to partake in at least one of them. So a couple of things in this post are from the expo, including the house, which is from Designer Prims, it's a gorgeous beach house, so I decided to put it on the water. Also, what next's Charlotte Sofa set, there are different color options available, check it out it's a really great set. Lastly, the curtains from Insight Designs, as usual the texture is beautifully crafted. <3

House: Designer Prims Little Beach House  [87 prims] - NEW! - Home & Garden Expo 
Beach Ball: {what next} Rainbow Beach Ball Light [2 prims]
Surfboards: {what next} Surfboard Decor Gift #1 & #2 [1 prim each]
Palm Trees: DECO - Palm Tree (straight) & (bent) [13 prims each]

Art Set: Dutchie summer subscriber gift 2.0 [16 prims]
Art Table: Zigana [ Drafting table ] [16 prims]
Bucket: sur+ ((spring chipmunk)) [20 prims]
Paper Planes: LISP - Paper Plane Yellow, Red & Blue [3 prims each]

Hanging Shells: {what next} Surfer's Paradise Hanging Shells (wall shadow) [11 prims] 
Table Set: :CP: Likable Things Table w/Chairs [65 prims]

Lamp: :CP: Likable Things Light [9 prims]
Wall Plates: [North West] Pretty Plates III [18 prims]

Hatstand: {what next}Coastal Cottage Hatstand [13 prims]
Shoe Basket: {what next} Coastal Cottage Shoe Basket [10 prims]
Fan: LISP - Fan - Texture Change (touch base) [5 prims]
Suitcase: {what next} May Suitcase (mint) & (blue) [14 prims]
Cabinet: LISP - Postal Cabinet with texture change (touch wood) [8 prims]
Boxes: LISP - Postal Boxes Pile [2 prims]
Bottle: :: AB :: Message in a Bottle [8 prims]
Bottles: Kari - Cologne bottles [1 prim]
Jar: Kari - Hobbies in a jar (S) [9 prims]
Jar: Kari - Empty jar – Extra [2 prims]
Cookbook: :: AB :: Cookbook [2 prims]
Rolling Pin: :: AB :: Rolling Pin [1 prim]
Jar: Barcode - Stick Star Sand Jar [6 prims]
Preserves: : :: AB :: Preserve Jars [5 prims]
:: AB :: The One That Didn't Get Away [4 prims]
Pot: Turnip's Summer Mosaic Pot (small) [1 prim]
Books: *~MMG's~* 3Book+1Box [1 prim
Table: LISP - Postal Console Table - texture change click wood [5 prims]
Hat: {what next} Wimbledon Floppy Hat décor [4 prims]
Coat Rack: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Coat Rack [14 prims]
Letters: LISP - Postal Shelf letters pile [4 prims]
Mirror: LISP - Shell Table Mirror [12 prims]
Phone: MudHoney Tealy Phone [11 prims]
Fragrance: (iTuTu) room fragrance *winter berries & white forest  [project htemeory] [3 prims each]
Boxes: *Y's HOUSE* [Display] Kago01(natural/Brown Knob) & (old/White Knob) _OMAKE free [2 prims each]

Crate: LISP - White Postal Crate [4 prims]

Sunbeam: Zigana. Sunbeam White/ Tintable [1 prim each] 
Lamp: [North West] Petites Lampes [
15 prims]
Cake Stand: /artilleri/ Kim Cake stand with noms *WLH* [13 prims]  
Toaster: /artilleri/ Bixleta toaster *blue* [10 prims] 
Utensils Pot: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Utensils Pot (for LS) [6 prims] 
Jars: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Storage Jars [4 prims]
Flowers: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Cut Flowers [7 prims]
Stool: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Table Stool (decor only) [4 prims]

Can: Little Boxes Moo Juice Cans [13 prims]  
Bread & Cheese: Dutchie gift: bread and cheese [8 prims]
Flower Pitcher: :: AB :: Potted Flower Pitcher [10 prims]
Tea: cluttered. homeless books. tea cozy cup (rezz) [5 prims]
Water: BP* decanter/iced water [9 prims]

Drink: BP* ice water 3/kiwi/ rez [10 prims] 
Cookie Sheets: Second Spaces Charming Country Kitchen cookie sheets [3 prims] 
Dishes: Second Spaces Charming Country Kitchen pile o' dishes [7 prims]
Vases: [ARIA] Lilly vases group [4 prims]
Strawberries & Cream: {what next} Wimbledom Strawberries & Cream [10 prims]Cups & Strawberries: [*Art Dummy!] stacked cups and strawberries. [8 prims] 
Book & Coffee: MudHoney Open Book w/ Coffee [5 prims] 

Chalkboard: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Chalkboard [4 prims]
Board: Kyoot - Small Reminders Board [5 prims]

Shelf: :: AB :: Chloe Reading Shelf [5 prims]
Sprout Pet: Intrigue Co. - Sprout Pet (click to grow!) [6 prims]
Map: :: AB :: Old World Map [3 prims]
Typewriter: :CP: Hemmingway Typewriter [1 prim]
Plant: Kari - Mr Cactus (Freebee) [1 prim
Small Cabinets: LISP - Curiosity Cabine – Green & Blue [3 prims each]
Jar: Kari - Hobbies in a jar (L) [9 prims]
Poster: {what next} Woodstock Framed Poster (mesh) [1 prim] - NEW!
Bench: :CP: Chatters Matter Bench [15 prims]
Screen: {what next} 'Boho-Chic' Dressing Screen [6 prims]

Sofa Set: {what next} Charlotte Sofa (Set B) [64 prims]
Box of Eggs: LISP - Shepherd Box of Eggs [5 prims]

Candle: LISP - Shepherd Cup with Candle [4 prims]
Pinecone: LISP - Shepherd Cup with Cone [4 prims]
Candles: [*Art Dummy!] (Clear) Seaglass bottle w/candle (medium) & (small) [4 prims each]
Record Player: {what next} Fleeftone Retro Record Player (blue) – SCRIPTED [16 prims] - NEW!
Vinyls: {what next} Pile of Vinyl (mesh) [5 prims] - NEW!
Earphones: /artilleri/ Phonograf earphones (floor) *yellow* [9 prims]

Guitar: LISP - Garden Party Guitar décor [8 prims]
Poster: Let's Go Anywhere poster (insight Designs) [2 prims] NEW! - Home & Garden Expo 
Basket: LISP - Shepherd Wood Basket [5 prims]
Plant: Designer Prims Abstract Boxed Hedged [6 prims] NEW! - Home & Garden Expo  
Bookshelf: LISP - Piggy Bank Bookshelves [10 prims] 

Bookshelf: Baffle! [Book Shelf.] [49 prims] 
Brush Pot: 
BP*uekibati/oil painting brush [8 prims] 
Shelf: cluttered. march shelves [6 prims]
Flower: :: AB :: Colorful Daisy [3 prims]
Flower: {what next} Morning Tea Rose [4 prims]
Bottle: {vespertine} - vesna bottle/smaller. [10 prims]
Camera: /artilleri/ Lumoflex camera (just camera, no anim) *turquoise* [8 prims]
Clock: [North West] Little Alarm Clock (grey) [12 prims]
Clock: Kari - Retro alarm clock (Bonus) [8 prims]
Pots: Dutchie 3 makeup pots, [2 prims]
Books: The Loft- (LP)- Book Stack [11 prims]
Plant Cup: flowey. spring has sprung [7 prims]

Boat: :: AB :: Lazy Days Rowboat [10 prims]

Mannequin: {what next} "Boho-Chic"' Mannequin (with floor shadow) [7 prims]
Ironing Board: {what next} Laundry Room Ironing Board [4 prims]

Curtains: neon garden curtain (CM) by insight designs [2 prims] - NEW! - Home & Garden Expo 

Poster: {what next} Got Music Framed Poster (mesh) [1 prim] - NEW!  
Bed: :CP: Maude Bed [12 prims]
Cranes: (Elate!) White Paper Crane – Long, Medium & Small String [5 prims each
Side Table: : LISP - Margot Side Table Tex Change - Medium Wood [7 prims]
Flowers: LISP - Grandma Posy Flowers décor [3 prims]
Vase: Designer Prims Coco Vases [3 prims] - NEW! - Home & Garden Expo 

Candle: {what next}Morning Tea Teacup Candle [3 prims]
Frame: {what next} Surfer's Paradise Photo Frame [4 prims]
Rug: {what next} Loungin Rug (mesh) [2 prims] - NEW! 
Slippers: {what next} 'Cosy Christmas' Slippers (decorative only) [5 prims]
Floor Pillow: {what next} Loungin Floor Pillow (pink) [2 prims] - NEW! 
Dropped Dress: Dutchie dropped dress [5 prims]

Pin Board: {what next} Life's a Beach Pin Board (SMALL) updated [10 prims]
Daisies: MudHoney Mason Jar Decor – daisies [12 prims]
Mirror: [North West] Tall Gilt Mirror w/ resizer [7 prims]
Polaroids: [North West] Polaroids on a string (flowers) [11 prims]
Chair: Cheeky Pea & Olive Juice - Painter's Chair Worn [2 prims]


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. Want to come over and decorate my place too? I am the worst decorator ever. *laughs*

  2. Thanks so much!! Hah, I totally would, I really enjoying decorating homes :)


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