Chapter 539

Arghghghdhvhsydcfv. Yep. That is how I'm going to start off this post. So I've been internet-less for the past few days, which put a major dent in finishing this post. And before that, a number of other issues. Basically this post was supposedly to be up over two weeks ago, but life. And what do you I was writing this post, my internet cut out. 
Anyways, a home decor post! I was aiming for a fall themed home, with some obvious Halloween decor. And I really love the space I ended up decorating. It's such a mix of old and new pieces, which is something I enjoy, especially when I find a piece of furniture I haven't seen or used in ages. And it's such a cluttered space, yet it feels positively cozy to me!

Chair: {what next} Pine Ridge Chair [1 LI]
Box: nordari. / hold on, hold on. [12 LI]
Chair: {what next} Pine Ridge Chair (plaid blanket) [2 LI]
Log Pile: {what next} Pineknot Log Pile [8 LI]

Cases: Second Spaces 8mm open cases [1 LI]
Film Stacks: Second Spaces 8mm tall stack [2 LI]
Box of Videotapes: {vespertine- old videotapes box more full} [2 LI]
Boxes: LISP - Postal Boxes Pile [2 LI]
Hanging Decor: Zigana . elephant red [3 LI]
Map: PILOT - Traveler's Map 3 [5 LI]
Chair: [*Art Dummy!] sustain. (chair-wood2) [5 LI]
Table: [*Art Dummy!] sustain. (table-wood) [3 LI]
Computer: [AF] iFall [1 LI]
Cupcake: O.M.E.N - Fall Delights - Cupcake - Pumpkin Spice 5 [1 LI]
Tea: {af} Lemon Tea [1 LI]
Phone: {what next} Smart Phone (wear me) [3 LI]
Magazine: MudHoney Vogue Magazine Prop [2 LI]
Camera & Lens: TA PhotoStudio Camera & Lens [14 LI]
Sunflower: :: AB :: Little Sunflower Pot [5 LI]
Jar: Kari - Hobbies in a jar (S) [9 LI]
Pencil Cup: Barcode - Pencil Cup [5 LI]
Boxes: Second Spaces accessory boxes - orange [4 LI]
Plant: BP* Beaker 2011/plants [10 LI]
Washi Tape: *Second Spaces* craft room - washi tape [1 LI]
Paper Supplies: *Second Spaces* craft room - papers [1 LI]
Books: [croire] stack of books (back to school hunt) [8 LI]
Punch Card Supplies: *Second Spaces* craft room - punches [1 LI]
Notebook: -tb- Bon Voyage - Ready to Travel [1 LI]
Tin: -tb- Tea Time - Tin with Flowers [2 LI]
Caddy with Jars: :: AB :: Wooden Pencil Caddy [12 LI]
Light: Zigana . Branch light . rose 3 [4 LI]
Potions: Zigana . potion master [1 LI]
Books & Papers: Zigana . potion wisdom [1 LI]
Boxes: Zigana . boxed [1 LI]
Storage Box: The Loft - Storage Box Old Map [1 LI]
TV: {vespertine- plastic combo tv/licorice/shadow} [4 LI]
Drafting Bin: [ARIA] Aalis drafting bin [5 LI]
Canvases: [ARIA] Mela canvas trio [5 LI]
Chair: PILOT - Inflatable Chair [Teal Wood] [2 LI]

Lamp: The Loft - Tribeca Lamp Multi-Colored [5 LI]
Box of Eggs: LISP - Shepherd Box of Eggs [5 LI]
Shelf: MudHoney Autumn Shelf [4 LI]
Frames: MudHoney Autumn Leaf Frames [9 LI]
Bowl: PILOT - Shaving Kit - Bowl [1 LI]
Brush: PILOT - Shaving Kit - Brush [1 LI]
Candle: :: AB :: Winter's Warmth Glass Candle (lid on) [4 LI]
Candle: :: AB :: Wnter's Warmth Glass Candle (lid off) [5 LI]
Paint Brushes: BP*uekibati/oil painting brush [8 LI]
Art: Zigana drawings [ Here.. ] [2 LI]
Makeup Brushes: -tb- Vanity - Brushes [1 LI]
Toiletries: -tb- Vanity - Toiletries [1 LI]
Candle: Surf Co. Bluegrass Candle Supply Co. / Harvest Spice (Lid On) [6 LI]
Candle: Surf Co. Bluegrass Candle Supply Co. / Harvest Spice (Lid Off) [9 LI]
Pot: Turnip's Summer Mosaic Pot (small) [1 LI]
Furby: (fd) Nightmare Fuel - White [2 LI]
Mirror: {vespertine- old bathroom mirror} [1 LI]
Platter: -tb- Vanity - Platter of Treasures [1 LI]
Nail Polishes: -tb- Vanity - Nail Polishes [1 LI]
Soaps: {vespertine- pack of soaps} [1 LI] 
Soap Dish: {vespertine-vintage soap dish} [1 LI]
Paints: *Second Spaces* craft room - paints 4 [1 LI]
Jewelry Tree: -tb- Vanity - Jewelry Tree RARE [1 LI]
Polaroids: [North West] Polaroids on a string (flowers) [11 LI]
Hanger: floorplan. photo hanger [1 LI]
Bottles: Kari - Cologne bottles [1 LI]
Candle Bag: Tweedle- Jack-o-Lantern Candle Bag [3 LI]
Crates: floorplan. 3 empty crates / pumpkin ale [1 LI]
Pumpkin Ale: floorplan. crate of pumpkin ale [1 LI]
Chalkboard: {vespertine- daily chalkboard/ think version} [4 LI]

Pumpkins: {vespertine- all pumpkins linked} [4 LI]
Candy Corn: +Half-Deer+ Spilled Candy Corn - Original - Scattered [1 LI]
Books: floorplan. book clutter [2 LI]
Game: The Loft  - Tic Tac Toe [1 LI]
Cabinet Chest: MudHoney Sydney Chest - Black [3 LI]
Telephone: (arcade) Eggplant Telephone [7 LI]
Wine Bottles: Second Spaces Vintage wine bottles [13 LI]
Candle: MudHoney Black Wood Pillar Candle Short [4 LI]
Candle: MudHoney Black Wood Pillar Candle Tall [4 LI]
Pumpkin Candle: LISP - Carved Wooden Pumpkin Candle Smallest [5 LI]
Vase: {vespertine- vase full of branches/autumn} [1 LI]
Halloween Vase: {vespertine- vase full of branches/halloween} [1 LI]
Ladder: vespertine ladder [1 LI]
Print: floorplan. dictionary prints [1 LI]
Mini Shelf: {vespertine- oak house shelf with lines} [1 LI]
Shell: LISP - Coastal Shell 2 [2 LI]
Shell: O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Little Mermaid - Shell & Sparkle [1 LI]
Shell: LISP - Coastal Shell 1 [2 LI]
Fork: O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Little Mermaid - Hair Comb(fork?) [1 LI]
Candle: -RC- Nana's Autumn Decorations - Brown Candle [2 LI]
Candle: -RC- Nana's Autumn Decorations - Orange Candle [2 LI]
Box: O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Snow White -  Heart Box [1 LI]
Poison: O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Alice - Drink Me [1 LI]
Shelf: BALACLAVA!! for DUV - Phantom. [2 LI]

Print: floorplan. dictionary prints [1 LI]
Pumpkins & Mat: vespertine_tricky gift. [17 LI]
Shoes: [*Art Dummy!] ruby red walking shoes. [9 LI]
Records: /artilleri/ Phonograf LP/EP records [5 LI]
Records: /artilleri/ Phonograf LP/EP records [1 LI]
Records: dfo! [prop] we used to be friends (wear) [13 LI]
Record Player:{what next} Fleeftone Retro Record Player  (coffee) [12 LI]
Paper Garland: Zigana . Halloween flags.pumpkin [2 LI]
Cabinet: {vespertine_pieces of autumn seat.} [20 LI]
Halloween Treats: {vespertine-tricky treats} [9 LI]
Lamp: {vespertine- anthropologie lamp 02- orange} [2 LI]
Memory Board: :: AB :: Faded Memories Board [9 LI]
Blocks: *Second Spaces* block stack set [1 LI]
Boat: AF Harry's Boat [1 LI]
Chair: Zigana lazy sunday chair .manly man [2 LI]
Shelf with Bags: BP*  wall shelf with bags/with shadow/winter2010 [14 LI]
Books: MudHoney Mesh Books [1 LI]
Frame: MudHoney Laura Picture Frame 1 [2 LI]

Paper Plane: LISP Paper Plane Blue [3 LI]
Light: vespertine hanging light [3 LI]
Paper Plane: LISP Paper Plane Yellow [3 LI]
Wood Basket: LISP - Shepherd Wood Basket [5 LI]
Shelf: {what next} Rohan Pallet Shelf [2 LI]
Candles: {what next} Pair of Candles [4 LI]
Pills & Cough Syrup: Second Spaces - sick day pills, cough syrup [3 LI]
Flowers: LISP - Mathilde Kitchen Flowers [4 LI]
Tea: Atelier Kreslo To-Go Cup (Rez) [2 LI]
Candle: LISP - Shepherd Cup with Candle [4 LI]
Books & Letter: *~MMG's~* 4Book-piles up+Letter_1prim [1 LI]
Book & Box: *~MMG's~* 3Book+1Box_1prim [1 LI]
Memo Board: :CP: Birdy Memo Board [18 LI]
Tree: :: AB ::  Leaves Are Falling Tree [14 LI]
Art: Tango Dog drawing  w wood back  by Lindini2 [1 LI]
Art: White Nightgown - drawing  w wood back  by Lindini2 [1 LI]
Art: Homage to Jim Dine - drawing  w wood back  by Lindini2 [1 LI]
Art: Cachagua [right half of diptych] Ur-A w wood back  by Lindini2 [1 LI]
Art: Portrait of Stevie Smith - drawing  w wood back  by Lindini2 [1 LI]
Couch: Zigana . recycle couch [3 LI]
Mouse: !Ohmai: Mochi Mouse (Pet Ver - Hold) [4 LI]
Remote, Magazines & Soups: Second Spaces - sick day mags, soup, remote [1 LI]
Tissues, Thermometer & Cough Drops: Second Spaces - sick day tissues, thermometer, cough drops [1 LI]
Laptop: [AF] iFall Notebook [4 LI]
MP3: -tb- Bon Voyage - MP3 (Blue) [1 LI]
Ketchup: PILOT - Burger Meal Ketchup [1 LI]
Burger: PILOT - Burger Meal [1 LI]
Pizza & Beer: Dutchie subscriber gift: 1 prim dinner [1 LI]

Stove: Kari - The old Stove [29 LI]
Backgammon: AF Backgammon Table [2 LI]
Shadow Box: {what next} Keys Shadow Box 2 [3 LI]
Shadow Box: {what next} Key Shadow Box 1 [3 LI]
Frames: [North West] Triple frames on a string (white) [10 LI]
Rug: vespertine Rug Multi1 [2 LI]
Art: GRANNY drawing (table) w wood back  by Lindini2 [1 LI]

Canvas & Accessories: Dutchie summer subscriber gift 2.0 [16 LI]
Drink: BP* ice water 3/kiwi/ rez [10 LI]
Violin & Notes: Baffle! Symphony (rezz me) [22 LI]
Music Sheets: {what next} Pile of Music Papers *free* [1 LI]
Crate: LISP - White Postal Crate [4 LI]
Water: BP* decanter/iced water [9 LI]

House: {vespertine- faded horizons skyloft} [13 LI]