Chapter 596

I love art supplies in SL, they're probably one of my favorite home decor products. Anywho, MudHoney released the Jesse set, which includes a craft station and art supplies, it's made for kids, and it's just so cute. The set comes in a few colors, and you can add your own art to the papers and to the string art. Also there's a playhouse available, which is from I pulled the string lights from. 


House: Scarlet Creative Atlantic Gazer Prefab
Clipboards: *ionic* clipboards
Chairs: MudHoney Jesse Chair - Pink & Blue - NEW!
Table: MudHoney Jesse Table - Blue - NEW!
Paints: {vespertine}-aquarell colors
Drawings: MudHoney Papers Example - NEW!
Crayons: MudHoney Scattered Crayons - NEW!
Crayon Bucket: MudHoney Crayon bucket - NEW!
Paintbrush Bucket: MudHoney Paintbrush Bucket - NEW!
Paintbrushes: MudHoney Paintbrush Pile - NEW!
Papers: MudHoney Scattered Papers Example - NEW!
Paintbrush Holder: +Half-Deer+ Deer Paintbrush Holder - Shabby Chic
Dessert Tray: MudHoney Jesse Dessert Tray - NEW!
Tea Set: MudHoney Jesse Tea Seat - NEW!
Tea Cups: MudHoney Jesse Tea Cup  - NEW!
Craft Supplies: *Second Spaces* craft room - punches
Teddy Bear: {what next} Justa Bear
Stool: MudHoney Jesse Stool - Cirlces - NEW!
Cloud Mobile: The Secret Store - Cloud Mobile - Pink Hearts
String Lights: MudHoney Jesse String Lights - NEW!
String Art: MudHoney Art String Example - NEW!
Chalkboard: MudHoney Jesse Chalkboard - NEW!
Bench: MudHoney Jesse Bench - Blue - NEW!
Furby: (fd) Nightmare Fuel - Pink
Paints: *Second Spaces* craft room - paints 4
TV: {vespertine- plastic combo tv/licorice}
Box: [*Art Dummy!] recycle box (paper)
Various Plushies: Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Rainforest - June 2014 Arcade
Books: {what next} Row of Books  A (Decorated)
Tissues & Cough Drops: Second Spaces - sick day tissues, thermometer, cough drops
Puzzle: Second Spaces - Gettin' Jiggy - puzzle (out of the box)
Puzzle Box: Second Spaces - Gettin' Jiggy - puzzle (in the box)
Magazines & Soup: Second Spaces - sick day mags, soup, remote
Rug: MudHoney Sloth Rug - NEW!
Pillows: MudHoney Princess Playhouse Pillows 1
Cardboard: HIDEKI - Farm Animals