Chapter 623

MudHoney has this fabulous new bookcase currently available at FaMESHed. The Amy Bookcase includes 3 pieces, a large case and two smaller cases, which includes 21 texture options on the backing of the bookcase, and that means you can mix and max the texture of the bookcases, there are 5 different wood shades. The accessories are sold separately, from that set I am especially loving all the gorgeous books!

House: Scarlet Creative - Foundry Prefab MC
Projector: flowey. projector
Chair: Zigana . winter chair. neutral
Bookcart: {vespertine - bookcart for wizard}
Books: AF Reading Pile
Rug: MudHoney Alex Rug
Chest: floorplan. map chest / old
Books: floorplan.&Willow. apothecary books
Cigarettes: 42_8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Cigarettes SECRET
Dominoes: HIDEKI - Domino
Jenga: *Second Spaces* block stack set
Apples: Apple Fall Natural Apples
Recipe Tin: floorplan. recipe tin
Apple Pie: Apple Fall Neva's Fresh Apple Pie
Sketchbooks: {vespertine}sketchbooks.
Wood: AF Woodstock
Chaise: MudHoney Alex Chaise - Cream
Books: MudHoney Alex Books
Basket: MudHoney Alex Blanket Basket

Bookcase: MudHoney Amy Bookcase - Walnut {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Vintage Camera: -tb- Bon Voyage - Vintage Camera
Camera: AF Vintage Portable Camera
Books: MudHoney Fashion Books {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Plant: MudHoney Amy Plant {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Catch All: -tres blah- Workspace - Catch-All
Frame: MudHoney Amy Frame 1 {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Vase: MudHoney Amy Vase 4 {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Art Clutter: -tres blah- Workspace - Art Clutter
Books: MudHoney Zombie Lair Books {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Flowers: MudHoney Red Tulips {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Trinket Box: MudHoney Amy Trinket Box {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Vase: MudHoney Amy Vase 3 & 2 {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Bouquet: AF Rose Bouquet
Print & Books: -tres blah- Workspace - Print and Books
Books: Apple Fall Design Books {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Books: MudHoney Home Books {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Books: MudHoney Interior Books {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Frame: MudHoney Amy Frame 3 {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Ceramic Owl: MudHoney Ceramic Owl {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Elixirs: ISON - elixirs
Stack of Books: Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Book Stack
Candlesticks: MudHoney Amy Candlesticks {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Basket: MudHoney Amy Basket {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Vase: MudHoney Amy Vase 1 {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Books: MudHoney Mustache Books {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Scissors: floorplan. scissors
Files: -tres blah- Workspace - And Files
Magazines: MudHoney Ombre Magazines {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Books: MudHoney Paint Books {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Candle: MudHoney Amy Candle {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Books: MudHoney Bored Cat Books {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!
Glass Jars: {vespertine} - never stop dreaming glass jar. & stardust jar
Frame: MudHoney Amy Frame 3 {available at FaMESHed} - NEW!

Sideboard: Apple Fall Neva's Sideboard
Polaroids: LISP - Mesh - Polaroid String Resizable
Wooden Trees: Hideki - Wooden Trees
Cocoa: dust bunny . cookies & cocoa
Dreamer Book: {vespertine - book of dreamer.}RARE
Table: oyasumi / rolling wood table
Soup: {what next} Winter Harvest Soup Tray
Drinks: {what next} Winter Harvest Drinks Tray
Spices: *Second Spaces* Ready to Bake - spices & flavorings
Tarts: {what next} Winter Harvest Jam Tarts
Pallet Wall: floorplan. pallet wall