Chapter 664

I wanted to do a little Halloween post, with some of the cool decor currently available and some items from the past. TAG! Gacha is still going on for one more day! So make sure to stop by the stores and play the machines for any last minute items. MudHoney has this beautiful set available as part of TAG! Gacha, including the sofa, cabinet, table, fireplace, artwork, chandelier, rug, books, roses, urn and candles. This chair from Willow Home is available for FLF. Also, Willow Homes is closing and having a sale, everything is 50% off, going on until the 6th. Currently vespertine has a little Halloween hunt, with 8 pumpkins scattered through the sim to find, the hunt ends on the 8th. 

Skybox: 01 .: vive atelier :. Artists Studio Skybox - RARE
Cabinet: 5. MudHoney Lenore Cabinet black c {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Box w/ Clothes: :HAIKEI: where you've been /gacha {3}
Rug: 20. MudHoney Lenore Rug c {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Phone: 18 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Off the Hook
Books: [n.i] anatomy at its best {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Chair: Willow Home- Ghost Chair - NEW!
Dogs: {anc} flottante puppy. milk . layA 2Li & layB 2Li
Table: 11. MudHoney Lenore Table white c {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Cigarettes: Apple Fall 'Lucky Numbers' Cigarettes & Tray
Whiskey: 33 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Whisky Set
Snack: O.M.E.N - Halloween Cake Snack Yum! (decor) {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Tea Cloth: Apple Fall Red Teacloth
Sketchbook: Apple Fall Liberty Sketchbook
Cotton Plant: Apple Fall Cotton Cluster
Books: Apple Fall Design Books
Camera: O.M.E.N - The Long Ride - Rollcam #1
Candles: MudHoney Lenore Candle 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1 white {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Fireplace: 6. MudHoney Lenore Fireplace - gray c {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Polaroids: LISP - Mesh - Polaroid String Resizable - Halloween
Boxed Roses: Apple Fall Roses Box (Pink)
Skull: [ keke ] the prince {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Boxed Supplies: Apple Fall Boxed Supplies w/ Spectacles
Keys: [ keke ] skull keys {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Books: 15. MudHoney Lenore Books c {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Jars: {vespertine} pumpkin pops and jars {hunt item - free!} - NEW!
Pumpkins in Jar: Havenhollow III - Keepsake {available at Havenhollow - free!} - NEW!
Roses: 14. MudHoney Lenore Roses c {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Stone Art: MudHoney Stone Art {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Papers: [ keke ] crown papers {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Art: MudHoney Raven Art, Torture Art, Skull Art & Cara mia Art {TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine} lighted carved grumpy pumpkin/darker {Halloween Hunt - free!} - NEW!
Jewel Candlesticks: MudHoney Lenore Jewel medium, tall & short {TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Candlesticks: MudHoney Lenore Candlestick 3, 2, 4 & 1 white {TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine} black cat pumpkin 1 & 2 {Halloween Hunt - free!} - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine} orange tall  pumpkin {Halloween Hunt - free!} - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine} orange round pumpkin Pumpkin {Halloween Hunt - free!} - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine} carved angry pumpkin {Halloween Hunt - free!} - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine} black  round pumpkin 2 {Halloween Hunt - free!} - NEW!
Art: MudHoney Normal Art {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Urn: 8. MudHoney Lenore Urn c {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Flowers: Apple Fall White Iris
Chandelier: 2. MudHoney Lenore Chandelier c {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Sofa: 1. MudHoney Lenore Sofa c {available during TAG! Gacha} - NEW!
Newspaper: Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper