Chapter 508

I decorated this house about a week ago, and I'm just getting around to posting it now. Between being lazy and getting distracted on Netflix, I started watching Roswell, which I finished yesterday, this post kind of took the backseat. Anywho, Mudhoney has some new furniture pieces available, including the Meredith Chair which was available for SUYS, it is now in the mainstore, and the Priya Chair is available for Together For Sway, which is an event to support Sway Dench the lovely creator behind Sway's, you can read more about it here. Another release from Mudhoney are the icicle lights, which come in the multi color pack, and in plain shades, like red, blue, green, yellow and white. Not pictured, but I just wanted to add, Mudhoney also released a snow add on for their latest cottage, the Holiday Cabin, which I blogged a month or two ago. Also the With Love Hunt is still going on, and I wanted to showcase some of the amazing decor items available, including this chair from Cheeky Pea, the nail polish rack from Pilot, this table set with chairs from floorplan, this lamp from Apple Fall, this chalkboard from evolve, and this entertainment center from Alouette. And lastly, I had to blog some of the awesome goodies available at the Arcade Gacha Event, my favorites have to be all the adorable Tres Blah snacks. Definitely check out The Arcade Event if you haven't, there's some amazing items. I'm hoping to do another wintery decor post before the year's up, if I have time. 

Skybox: cluttered. on a winter's night [96 prims]

Artwork: PILOT - Magon Art Collection [4 LI]
Coat Rack: PILOT - Connolly Coat Rack [1 LI]
Boxes: {what next} Box [3 prims each]
Lamp: {af} Manhattan Table Lamp [1 LI] - With Love Hunt
Drawers: {what next} Suitcase Drawers (vintage) [2 LI]
Rack: {what next} Winter Hat Rack (Chocolate) [6 prims]

Icicle Lights: MudHoney Icicle Lights – multi [13 LI] - NEW!
Chair: :CP: Rue Abel Loveseat [6 LI] - With Love Hunt
Tray: {what next} Chocolatier Drinks Tray (with steam FX) [3 LI]
Tree: Hello, September. 'O Christmas Tree! (multi) [20 prims]
Chair: [*Art Dummy!] for winter contemplation. (black & faux fur) [3 LI]
Message Box: The Loft - Message Center Red [3 LI] - Arcade Gacha
Chair: MudHoney Priya Chair (Mauve) [3 LI] - NEW!

Entertainment Center: Alouette - White Wood Entertainment Center - [8 LI] - With Love Hunt
Little Tree: *Tatty Soup* Gingerbread Tree. [21 prims]
Wine Box: *Tatty Soup* Wine Box ;) [7 prims]
Candles: *Tatty Soup* Pinecone Candles Red. [7 prims]
Stool: Zigana. Stool [2 prims]
Board: .evolve.with love.chalkboard. [1 LI] - With Love Hunt
Rack: PILOT - With Love - Nail Polish Rack [1 LI] - With Love HuntBell Holder: .lame - Christmas Bell Holder [1 LI] [group gift]
Book Stack: :: AB :: Minuet Noir Book Stack [6 prims]
Chair: MudHoney Meredith Chair [5 LI] - NEW!Rug: :CP: Georgie Rug [2 LI]
Lantern: MudHoney Sunshine Lantern [2 LI]

Deer Head: [Commoner] Origami Deer Head (Orange) [1 LI] - Arcade Gacha

Art Work: floorplan. species silhouette / ostrich [1 LI] - Arcade Gacha
Polaroids: [North West] Polaroids on a string (flowers) [11 prims]
Plants: [North West] Growing thyme, rosemary & basil [6 prims each]
Frames: [North West] Triple frames on a string (white) [10 prims]
Marquee Light: [Commoner] Monogram Marquee Light / V [53 prims]

Art Work: floorplan. species silhouette / turtle & giraffe [1 LI each] - Arcade Gacha
Kitchen Table: floorplan. aden kitchen table [1 LI] - With Love Hunt
Chair: floorplan. aden kitchen chair / butter [1 LI] - With Love Hunt

Cup: Atelier Kreslo To-Go Cup (Rez) [2 prims]
Pie: {Petite Maison} - Latticed Cobbler (Steamy) [6 prims]
Pie with Plate: {Petite Maison} - Latticed Cobbler & Brynn Cakeplate (steamy) [8 prims]
Newspaper & Cup: MudHoney Newspaper & Coffee Cup [4 prims]
Paper Bag: : ) BCC macaron Paper bag Roseberry [21 prims]
Cake: -tb- Pastry Mania - Chocolate Cake [1 LI] - Arcade Gacha
Cookies: -tb- Pastry Mania - Raspberry Heart [1 LI] - Arcade Gacha
Cup: -tb- Pastry Mania - Mustache Cup [1 LI] - Arcade Gacha
Cake: -tb- Pastry Mania - Bon Appetit Cake [1 LI] - Arcade Gacha
Macarons: -tb- Pastry Mania – Macarons [1 LI] - Arcade Gacha
Cake: -tb- Pastry Mania - Raspberry Cake [3 LI] - Arcade Gacha
Pastry: -tb- Pastry Mania - Pastry Puffs [1 LI] - Arcade Gacha
Frames: MudHoney Garment Frame 3 [9 prims]