Chapter 709

It's fall, y'all! This Madison Fireplace set from what next is adorable for fall, I love all of the different pumpkins with lights on them! Also, these shelves from what next are perfectly suited for autumn. These cutesy pumpkin candles from Sayo are available at Salem, which goes until the 31st. I picked up this pretty autumn plant from hive, currently available for FLF. 

Skybox: llorisen // wilby pied-a-terre skybox v2 - NEW!
Painting: brocante. unfinished wallpaper / salem
Power Strips & Cords: *Second Spaces* geeky powerstrip with cords
Basket of Pumpkins: hive // basket of mini pumpkins
Table: Apple Fall Key Table (Washed Light)
Apple Basket: hive // apple basket {available at C88} - NEW!
Apples: hive // pair of apples {available at C88} - NEW!
Camera: --ANHELO-G05-10-182GA : instant camera
Plant: hive // autumnal plant . oak - NEW!
Scarf & Lipsticks: Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days - Gryffind - COMMON
Caramel Apples: dust bunny . caramel apples [maybe]
Spilled Pumpkins: hive // basket of mini pumpkins . spilled
Canvases: *YS&YS* European Taste - Canvas 02
Shelf: {what next} Autumn Picture Shelf 2
Shelf: {what next} Autumn Picture Shelf 1
Doll: *YS&YS* - Minchiolini - 02 Coherent - RARE
Dolls: *YS&YS* - Minchiolini - 01 Lovers - RARE
Lamp: *YS&YS* Essential White Lamp
Chaise: MudHoney Alex Chaise - Cream
Cat: Mutresse-Tired-Shortie Cats
Tablet: .peaches. Modeh Ani Tablet Clutter - Tablet - NEW!
mp3: -tb- Bon Voyage - MP3 (Blue)
Puppy in the Pumpkin: JIAN Pumpkin Pupper - NEW!
Candy Corn: +Half-Deer+ Spilled Candy Corn - Original - Trail & Scattered
Table: MudHoney Skyler Table - Gold
Snack: O.M.E.N - Halloween Cake Snack Yum! (decor)
Candle: SAYO - Fallen Autumn Set - Pumpkin Candles {available at Salem} - NEW!
Twigs: Ariskea[Louise] Wood Sticks & baies {available at uber} - NEW!
Pile of Stuff: dust bunny . cozy reading - NEW!
Apple Cider: hive // apple cider mug {available at C88} - NEW!
Shoes: Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
Dominos: HIDEKI - Domino
Chair: MudHoney Meredith Chair
Blanket: +Half-Deer+ Blanket Clutter - White - Edge Small {available at C88} - NEW!
Chandelier: MudHoney Addison Chandelier - white
Fireplace: {what next} Madison Fireplace - NEW!
Pumpkins: {what next} Starry Pumpkin - Chevron (white) - NEW!
Pumpkins: {what next} Starry Pumpkin - Dotty - NEW!
Pumpkin: {what next} Starry Pumpkin - Heart (white) - NEW!
Banner: {what next} Happy Fall Banner {past group gift}
Vase: {what next} Harvest Wheat Vase
Candles: MudHoney Lenore Candle 2, 3, 4 & 5 white
Mini Pumpkin: hive // mini pumpkin
Polaroids: LISP - Mesh - Polaroid String Resizable - Fall/Autumn
Pumpkins: {what next} Starry Pumpkin - Stripe - NEW!
Pumpkin: {what next} Starry Pumpkin - Stripe (white) - NEW!
Bookshelves: Apple Fall Mercantile Bookshelf - Double w/ Doors, Corner & Single Left Door
Box of Supplies: Apple Fall Boxed Supplies w/ Spectacles
Candles: Apple Fall Plaster Candles
Books: AF Books
Coral: Apple Fall Coral Specimen
Blocks: {what next} I Love Fall Blocks (mantle size) - NEW!
Conch: Apple Fall Pumpkin Clonch
Books: Apple Fall Design Books
Teacup: dust bunny . wanderlust . daisy teacup
Scissors: floorplan. scissors
Mugs: hive // stacked copper mugs {available at C88} - NEW!
Phone: dust bunny . storybook living . white candlestick phone
Books: floorplan. leaning book stack
Tea Tins: AF Tea Time Tins 1
Paints: Sari-Sari - Art Class - Acrylic Paint
Recipe Tin: floorplan. recipe tin
Books: MudHoney Mesh Books
Vase: 19 *YS&YS* Memories Pipes Vase
Books: BALACLAVA!! Books [horizontal A]
Potions: ISON - elixirs
Preserves: Apple Fall Autumn Preserves
Books: MudHoney Alex Books
Hanging Plant: hive // macrame hanging plant . white
Plant: 36_8f8 - New Beginnings - Egg Vase
Tote: dust bunny . botanical tote - NEW!