Chapter 713

Happy Halloween! I am a total sucker (pun intended) for autumn and halloween decor, and luckily this year there are an abundance of Halloween themed goodies available. In particular, I am loving this round of The Epiphany, it was hard to limit myself with all that's there! Reminder, the Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt ends tonight! Also, ending soon is The Arcade Halloween Spooktacular, you have one more day to pick up items. Lastly, floorplan and brocante are having a sale that extends until tomorrow.

House: Scarlet Creative Lovecraft Gothic Cottage Brown
String Lights: Elm. October- String Lights  *TSS GIFT* {available at The Seasons Story} - NEW!
Armhair & Books: 27 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Old armchair
Sticks: dust bunny . wiccan artistry . smudge sticks {available at The Epiphany} - NEW!
Table: Apple Fall Antique Coffee Table
Candy: +Half-Deer+ Candy Clutter - Pastel - Small {available at C88} - NEW!
Candy & Scoop: Sari-Sari - Candy Bar - Chewy Candy Scoop
Ice Cream: {moss&mink} Bat-Scream (Add me) {Trunk or Treat Gift} - NEW!
Cupcakes: [Con.] & Kuro - Halloween clutter - cupcakes
Donut: Raindale - donut {OUAN Hunt Gift} - NEW!
Creme Puffs: DISORDERLY. / Halloween Treats / Creme Puffs {past group gift}
Cake: DISORDERLY. / Halloween Treats / Treat Cake {past group gift}
Pumpkin & Leaves: Sese_Autumn_Pumpkins GIFT {available at The Seasons Story} - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine}- velvet dwarf pumpkin/butter - NEW!
Caramel Apples: 10. Apple Fall Caramel Apples {available at The Epiphany} - NEW!
Cupcakes: DISORDERLY. / Halloween Treats / Cupcakes {past group gift}
Stuffed Pumpkins: : DISORDERLY. / Halloween Treats / Stuffed Pumpkins {past group gift}
Books & Coffee: 6. Apple Fall Coffee To Go {available at The Epiphany} - NEW!
Hanging Spider: [Con.] & Kuro - Halloween clutter - spider
Books: 35 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Stairway to Knowledge
Axe: +Half-Deer+ Reqiuem Moon - Axe of Emergency RARE {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Hanging Candles: floorplan hanging candle v1 / silver L
Table: 1. Apple Fall Robin Buffet Table RARE {available at The Epiphany} - NEW!
Pumpkins: {vespertine}- velvet pumpkin sloppy / chocolate - NEW!
Glass Pumpkin: {vespertine}illuminated pumpkin - tall /jack orange {available at C88} - NEW!
Chalkboard: floorplan. leaning chalkboard / skeleton {past group gift}
Jars: {vespertine} pumpkin pops and jars {past hunt gift}
Hat: +Half-Deer+ Requiem Moon - Witch Hat Decor {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Candles: *pm* Dripping Candles - Cream {available at The Seasons Story} - NEW!
Wand: Moon Elixir - Magic Wand {OUAN Hunt Gift} - NEW!
Teeth: Kuro - Spooky teeth {OUAN Hunt Gift} - NEW!
Cat & Coffin: +Half-Deer+ Requiem Moon - Cat Coffin Condo {available at The Arcade} - NEW!
Sticks: Ariskea[Louise] Wood Sticks & baies
Cherries: 5. Apple Fall Gold Leaf Cherries w/ Cup {available at The Epiphany} - NEW!
Books: dust bunny . wiccan book stack - NEW!
Glasses: {vespertine} - pedestal with short & long glass dome / faded wood. {OUAN Hunt Gift} - NEW!
Chair: 37_8f8 - New Beginnings - Cardigan Chair
Cauldron w/ Candy: 4. Apple Fall Candy Corn Cauldron {available at The Epiphany} - NEW!
Candy: +Half-Deer+ Candy Clutter - Pastel - Trail (Small) & Medium {available at C88} - NEW!
Pumpkin: HPMD* Halloween Pumpkin (hunt only) - white D {past hunt gift}
Pumpkin: {vespertine} lighted carved grumpy pumpkin/darker {past hunt gift}
Candy Bucket: {vespertine} pumpkin treat bucket/ rez {past hunt gift}
Books: floorplan.&Willow. apothecary books
Puppy in Pumpkin: JIAN Pumpkin Pupper
Inflatable Pumpkin: Apple Fall Large Pumpkin Inflatable {free at mainstore}