Chapter 710

Hive has this brand new beautiful kitchen set available at the mainstore, it's meant to be paired with the new Scarlet Creative Magicae House. If you are a fan of Practical Magic, the house and kitchen set should be familiar to you. Currently both are available for 188L until November 7th. And what next has these adorable autumn themed drinks and cookies. Also, tarte is having a storewide sale, going on until tomorrow. 

Skybox: Scarlet Creative Spellbound Skybox
Sink Counter: hive // practical kitchen . sink side - NEW!
Bowls: Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry - bowls 3
Teapot: Apple Fall Enamel Teapot - Orange
Dish Rack: {vespertine} - glassrack 6 1
Coffee & Books: 6. Apple Fall Coffee To Go {available at The Epiphany} - NEW!
Glasses: 11 *YS&YS* Industial Empty Glasses
Wine Glasses: Apple Fall Wine Glasses
Mugs: hive // stacked copper mugs
Candles: SAYO - Fallen Autumn Set - Pumpkin Candles {available at Salem} - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine}illuminated pumpkin - wide /jack orange {available at C88} - NEW!
Washing Utensils: Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Washing Utensils
Dirty Dishes: -tres blah- Hodgepodge - Dirty Dishes
Cutting Boards: Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Chopping Boards
Vegetable Basket: PLAAKA PicklesCabinet {available at kustom9} - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine}illuminated pumpkin - tall /jack orange {available at C88} - NEW!
Bread: dust bunny . wanderlust . bread basket
Carrot Juice: 30 - 8f8 - Green Grocers - Carrot Juice
Apple Juice: 27 - 8f8 - Green Grocers - Apple Juice
Eggs: Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Eggs
Spices: *Second Spaces* Ready to Bake - spices & flavorings
Bakeware: -tb- Kitchen Basics - Bakeware
Mixer: {vespertine} - kitchen helper 15
Garlic: 42 - 8f8 - Green Grocers - Garlic
Pickle Making: PLAAKA PicklesMaking {available at kustom9} - NEW!
Lemons: 42 - 8f8 - Green Grocers - Lemon
Plates: *YS&YS* Riciclo Set Plates 2
Bowls: 10 *YS&YS* Industial Bowls Large
Plates: BALACLAVA!! Tricia Ssize & Lsize Plates [WPE]
Bowls: [ keke ] hard to find bowl 3 & 2 - blush
Cups: [ keke ] hard to find cups
Bowls: BALACLAVA!! Tricia Bowls x 8 [WPE]
Mortar: Apple Fall Pestle & Mortar
Wine: *YS&YS* Iron&Wood - 10) Bottles
Dishes: *YS&YS* Holborn Kitchen Dishes
Bowls: *YS&YS* Holborn Kitchen Bowls
Cups & Dishes: *YS&YS* Holborn Kitchen Cups&Dishes
Cups: *YS&YS* Holborn Kitchen Cups
Plant: hive // macrame hanging plant . stone
Stove: dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . vintage stove
Pan: PLAAKA Sichirin(Saucepan)
Pot: Barcode - Boiling Water Pot
Bowls: -tb- Kitchen Basics - Bowls
Pumpkin: {vespertine}- velvet dwarf beaded pumpkin/mustard - NEW!
Kitchen Supplies: {vespertine} - spatulas tin 2 1
Tin: 15 *YS&YS* Industrial Tin 2 Yellow
Pan Rack: Apple Fall Pan Rack
Kitchen Counter: hive // practical kitchen . stove side - NEW!
Drinks: {what next} Fall Woodland Drinks (Coffee) - NEW!
Apples: hive // pair of apples
Mini Pumpkin: hive // mini pumpkin
Cookies: {what next} Fall Woodland Cookies (log) - NEW!
Apple Basket: hive // apple basket
Jars: *YS&YS* Holborn Kitchen Jars
Pickled Jars: PLAAKA Pickles  Radish, PickledLeek & Carrot {available at kustom9} - NEW!
Tins: 16 *YS&YS* Industrial Tin 1 Yellow & 2 Red
Tea Tins: AF Tea Time Tins 1
Pickled Jars: PLAAKA Pickles  broccoli & Jalapeno {available at kustom9} - NEW!
Island Cabinet: dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . island cabinet
Candle: Reka. Pumpkin Candle Gift {group gift} - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine}- velvet sloppy beaded pumpkin/toffee - NEW!
Ice Cream: Pewpew! Winter Ice Cream - Pumpkin K9 Exclusive {available at kustom9} - NEW!
Scarf & Book: dust bunny . cozy reading
Candy Corn: +Half-Deer+ Spilled Candy Corn - Original - Scattered
Plant: hive // autumnal plant . chestnut - NEW!
Cherries: 5. Apple Fall Gold Leaf Cherries w/ Cup {available at The Epiphany} - NEW!
Mug: {what next} Fox Mug Decor (Coffee) - NEW!
Pumpkins: {vespertine}- velvet dwarf pumpkin/butter, chocolate & pear yellow - NEW!
Pumpkin: {vespertine}illuminated pumpkin - short /jack orange {available at C88} - NEW!
Light: tarte. rattan globe light