Chapter 246

MudHoney has a new house out - The Hoxley House!
This house has several rooms, including an upstairs bedroom, entry hall and a spare room, which I turned into a kitchen. I turned the bedroom into a split bedroom and living room. The house includes curtains, light rays on some of the windows, patios and porches. I love houses that have light rays, they really add that extra touch. It's 422 prims, but you can lower the overall prim amount if you take out the curtains and/or light rays. The doors are lockable, and once you click to open them, they stay opened, until you click them again to close them. I really like that touch, especially when I'm decorating, usually I feel like I'm fighting with the doors. <3


Home: MudHoney Hoxley House
Entry Hall:
Side Table: Second Spaces - Kessel table
Boards: nordari. pinbee. -  music. & i <3 rvk.
Chair: LISP - Autumn shades Chair Rust
Pile of Records: A:S:S - Pile of records
Table: []::Tuli::[] girlie salon table
Long Table: [LeeZu!]
Plant: Kyoot Home - (group gift) Shabby White Flower Pot & Rooted Flower Pot
Shadowboxes: Barcode - Shadowbox Mail & Shadowbox Birdies
Frames: Barcode - Sketch Bird Frame & Sketch Scene Frame
Chair: [*Art Dummy!] apple picking (chair)

Fridge: Barcode - Stewart Fridge
Frames: Barcode - Fall Frames
Stove: Barcode - Stewart Stove
Pot: Barcode - Boiling Water Pot
Kettle: Barcode - Kettle
Cutting Boad: Little Boxes Cutting Board w/ Bread
Bowl & Whisk: [SP] bowl & whisk
Watermelon: (TLND) Watermelon Stand
Plat: cleo designs - lime -lemon plate
Bowl: LISP Bazaar - Bowl of Peaches
Waffle Maker: Reek - Waffle Maker
Pot: magi take can3
Churn: LISP Bazaar - Misty Pickle Churn
Baskets: Barcode - Stewart Baskets v1 & v2
Coffee Jar: Ot* Coffee Jar
Sugar: Ot* Sugar Jar
Sink: Barcode - Stewart Sink
Shelf: Barcode - Stewart Shelf
Jars: Barcode - Kitchen Jars
Mugs: [MAGIC NOOK] Mug
Counters: Barcode - Stewart Counter
Lights: Barcode - Stewart Light
Table: Barcode - Stewart Kitchen Island
Stools: Barcode - Stewart Island Stool
Plate Settings: Barcode - Stewart Place Setting
Bag: Barcode - Chinese Takeout Bag
Takeout Box & Cookie: Barcode - Chinese Takeout
Mug: Barcode - Chinese Takeout Menu
Cups: nordari. paper.cup 02 & 04
Salt & Pepper: Barcode Salt & Pepper Shaker
Bowl: Barcode - Citrus Bowl
Drink: perrier bottle
Egg Cups: (TLND) Egg 1 & 2
Spilled Wine: A:S:S - Glass of spilled wine
Table: LISP Bazaar - Pantry Pickle Table
Muffin Platter: Little Boxes Blueberry Muffin Platter
Plate: Chintz [Candy] Side dish with spoon by AM at Insight Designs
Cupcake: *Sanu Vanilla Pink Delicious Cuppie
Mug: Chintz Mug [ Candy] with spoon by AM at Insight Designs
Pots: LISP Stripey China Pot - Strawberry, Shark & Dove
Shelf: LISP Bazaar - Pantty Pickle Shelf
Flower: Turnip's Bottle of Fall Poppies (FLF)
Dish: -RC- Nana's Plate Collection - Pink
Stool: LISP - Reclaimed Stool with
Stack of Books: Barcode - Book Stack
Fire Extinguisher: Barcode - FIRE! extinguisher

Cans: Little Boxes Moo Juice Cans
Poster: s b s- scuplted poster Cold Lemonade
Pin Board: {what next} Life's a Beach Pin Board

Bed: [*Art Dummy!] Chalk Dust (Bed)
Side Table: Modest House House & Garden gift Aug 2
Rugs: Molto Bene! - Fishie Rug [ Light Blue ]
Molto Bene! - Fishie Rug [ Tan ]
Screen: {what next} Vintage Dressing Screen
Chandelier: Kyoot Home - Mason Jar Chandelier
Desk: [*Art Dummy!] Studio (Quote Desk v.2)
Laptop: Vain Inc. Laptop
Plant: *chronokit* lily green
Stack of Books: [ARIA] Mela four book pile
Bottles: [*Art Dummy!] Studio (Empty Bottle)
Art: [*Art Dummy!] the struggle (art by gala charron)
Wardrobe: estetica: Not Too Shabby Little Wardrobe
Chair: {what next} Autumn's Chair
Cabinet: estetica: Bueno, Bueno Skybox Cabinet
Jewelry Box: [ skream! ] Jewelry Box
Tootbrushes & Toothpaste: Dutchie toothbrushes and paste
Razor: Dutchie razor
Lipstick: Dutchie lipstick
Mascara: Dutchie mascara
Brush: Dutchie makeup brush
Shampoo: Dutchie shampoo
Showergel: Dutchie showergel
Makeup Set: Dutchie 3 makeup pots
Jar: "MELIA" shell&glass holder
Jar with Lid:  Barcode - Stick Star Sand Jar
Truth Products: TRUTH
LeLutka Makeup:
LeLutka Hair Products:
Books: (TLND) books A & B

Chairs: Reek - Amira Wicker Chair - Fall

Living Room:
Entertainment System: MudHoney Woody Entertainment Center
Couch: The Loft Hufnie Nautical Sofa
Wall Decal: {what next} 'Flying Home' Wall Decal
Lights: [North West] Petites Lampes
Sewing Table: Second Spaces - Ashlyn Sewing Room work table with ALL accessories
Drawers: Kyoot Home - (group gift) Drawer Set 5
Hanging Oar: :: AB :: Hanging Oar w/color change star
Cabinet: {theosophy} Killay Cabinet + Baskets (Attic)
Candle: MudHoney Twiggy Candle
Nests & Eggs: Tiny Bird
Record Set w/ Shelf: STARLUST PANTY RAID:::ponitee
Record Player: ponitee:::Change URL - Turntable ver.2
Phone: (arcade) Eggplant Telephone
Mirror: [croire] autumn mirror
Prints: {what next} Summer Print #1 & #2
Cloud Wall Decor: [croire] cumulonimbus
Music Stand: fumendai box
Canvas: [ARIA] Mela canvas trio
Top Suitcase: {what next} May Suitcase (mint)
Bottom Suitcase: {what next} May Suitcase (blue)