Chapter 255

The Hide and Seek Gacha Event kicked off a few days ago. Each gacha is placed in front of the participating store. And the sim is nicely decorated, so if you're looking for pretty autumn-ish place for some pictures, check out the sim!

The t-shirt and bag of candy in my hand (I know it's kind of hard to see, but it's totally cute!) are from BOOM's gacha. The pink pale I'm holding is from Olive Juice's gacha, this one is 'rare' gacha, so it might take a while to get the pink pale. On my shoulder is the ghost cat from ANA_Mations, this one might take a few tries to get, cause it's a 'rare' gacha. In my mouth, the dangling butterfly is from Awesome Blossom's gacha, it's also a 'rare' gacha, and the butterfly is color change! If you enjoy gacha, like I do, go and play, all the gacha plays are fairly inexpensive, so you shouldn't go bankrupt. Share the extras with your friends or trade them! Hurry on down, the event ends on the 31st.

Skin: ~Mynerva~Sophie~Think Pink [past hunt gift]
Hair: ++AY.LinE++Assam[[Marron]] [The Tea Hunt gift]
Top: *BOOM* Cute Ghost Tee (halloween gacha)
Skirt: Willow ~ High Waist Grey Jean Skirt
Socks: K&CO - Plain Socks - Dark Pink [past group gift]
Shoes: loveme.Tea House HUNT - cherry blossom shoes [The Tea Hunt gift]
Butterfly: :: AB :: Hanging Mouth Flutterby
Cat: ANA_Hide and Seek Gacha Shoulder Cats_”Boo”
Pale: Olive Juice- Trick or Treat Pink Lady RARE
Pose: @waffles!