Chapter 278

The Snowflake Experience (TSE) started today, with tons of awesome stores! All of the stores are helping to raise money for Toys For Tots
Be sure to take a look at the sim, it's adorable; it's completely decked out with holiday themed items! And some of the items are exclusives, most stores have at least one item out that's donating 100% of the profit to charity and then some have portions of the profit being donating to the charity. There's a grid-wide hunt, and you'll be looking for red and white candy canes scattered through the sim. Also, there's a gacha festival starting December 10th. Be sure to join the subscriber for more info on the event at - aRAWRa's main store
Now onto the goods! I wanted to show some of the items available for purchase and some of the hunt items. So all the items marked with an asterisk -> * are items available at TSE. 

Style card from left to right:
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Audrey :: (tone 2/co/fr) :: VIP group exclusive
Hair: [Shag] - Let Me Kiss You - auburn,
Long Johns: {paper.doll} Long John's-Stripes *
Shoes: Berries Inc. xmas boots

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::JoLie:: Cream - Basics CL1 EBBrown
Hair: **Cute Bytes** Hoody Hairs - Braid (Brown) *
Hoodie: **Cute Bytes** Elfish Hoody - XMAS *
Bottoms: *HolliPocket* Candy Cane Jeans *
Slippers: +mocha+ - Rabbit Slipper [Pink]

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) dec VIP gift
Hair: fri. - Jennifer. 2 - Cranky Brown 
Top: [aRAWRa] Knit Sweater - Patterned *
Bottoms: PIDIDDLE - Beirut Jeans - Blue Wash
Necklace: *HolliPocket* Pearly Twinkly Pez Neck- Donation Item (Frost) *
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::XaYa:: Cream - Smokey CL1 FR
Hair: !lamb. Mon Cheri - Butterfinger
Top: *HolliPocket* Winter Crisp-Ice *
Undershirt: fri. - Longsleeve Scoop.Tee (White)
Bottoms: *HolliPocket* Candy Cane Jeans *
Necklace: *HolliPocket* Pearly Twinkly Pez Necklace *
Candycane: *HolliPocket* Eat Me Candy Cane *

Home Decor:
Fireplace: {T}-Waiting For Fireplace (click green pillow to sit) [7 prims] *
Stockings: {T}-Stocking (touch color change) [1 prim] *
Post It Board: {T}-Waiting For Fireplace post it board [4 prims] *
Pinecone Trees: MudHoney Pinecone Tree w/ Gold Star & w/ Silver Star [4 prims each] *
Pile of Pillows: Baffle! Snuggly Pillows [8 prims] *
Armchair: {what next} Noel Armchair [8 prims] *
Chair: ~La'Licious~ Santa's Easy Chair [16 prims] *
Mistletoe: [w]under mistletoe [12 prims] *

House: HomeKraft - Christmas Cabin [With Love Hunt gift] [84 prims unfurnished]

Desk Set: .::HN::. Shabby Desk, Chair & Pillow [6 prims] *
Book: {what next}Noel Armchair Reading Book Dispenser(touch for book) [2 prims] *
Mug: {what next} Noel  Mug (touch for drink) [3 prims] *
Shadowbox: :CP: Star Shadowbox Frame [8 prims] *
Gloves: **Cute Bytes** Bear Gloves *
Headmuff: **Cute Bytes** HearMuff - Bear *

Fireplace: Magoa ~ Snowflake Fireplace [12 prims] *
Tulips: Magoa ~ Snowflake Tulips [14 prims] *
Candles: {what next} Green & White Xmas Tree Candle [2 prims each] *
{what next} White Round Xmas Tree Candle [2 prims] *
Frame: Magoa ~ Snowflake Frame [8 prims] *
Rug: Magoa ~ Snowflake Rug [6 prims] *