Chapter 278

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Snowflake Experience (TSE) started today, with tons of awesome stores! All of the stores are helping to raise money for Toys For Tots
Be sure to take a look at the sim, it's adorable; it's completely decked out with holiday themed items! And some of the items are exclusives, most stores have at least one item out that's donating 100% of the profit to charity and then some have portions of the profit being donating to the charity. There's a grid-wide hunt, and you'll be looking for red and white candy canes scattered through the sim. Also, there's a gacha festival starting December 10th. Be sure to join the subscriber for more info on the event at - aRAWRa's main store
Now onto the goods! I wanted to show some of the items available for purchase and some of the hunt items. So all the items marked with an asterisk -> * are items available at TSE. 

Style card from left to right:
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Audrey :: (tone 2/co/fr) :: VIP group exclusive
Hair: [Shag] - Let Me Kiss You - auburn,
Long Johns: {paper.doll} Long John's-Stripes *
Shoes: Berries Inc. xmas boots

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::JoLie:: Cream - Basics CL1 EBBrown
Hair: **Cute Bytes** Hoody Hairs - Braid (Brown) *
Hoodie: **Cute Bytes** Elfish Hoody - XMAS *
Bottoms: *HolliPocket* Candy Cane Jeans *
Slippers: +mocha+ - Rabbit Slipper [Pink]

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) dec VIP gift
Hair: fri. - Jennifer. 2 - Cranky Brown 
Top: [aRAWRa] Knit Sweater - Patterned *
Bottoms: PIDIDDLE - Beirut Jeans - Blue Wash
Necklace: *HolliPocket* Pearly Twinkly Pez Neck- Donation Item (Frost) *
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::XaYa:: Cream - Smokey CL1 FR
Hair: !lamb. Mon Cheri - Butterfinger
Top: *HolliPocket* Winter Crisp-Ice *
Undershirt: fri. - Longsleeve Scoop.Tee (White)
Bottoms: *HolliPocket* Candy Cane Jeans *
Necklace: *HolliPocket* Pearly Twinkly Pez Necklace *
Candycane: *HolliPocket* Eat Me Candy Cane *

Home Decor:
Fireplace: {T}-Waiting For Fireplace (click green pillow to sit) [7 prims] *
Stockings: {T}-Stocking (touch color change) [1 prim] *
Post It Board: {T}-Waiting For Fireplace post it board [4 prims] *
Pinecone Trees: MudHoney Pinecone Tree w/ Gold Star & w/ Silver Star [4 prims each] *
Pile of Pillows: Baffle! Snuggly Pillows [8 prims] *
Armchair: {what next} Noel Armchair [8 prims] *
Chair: ~La'Licious~ Santa's Easy Chair [16 prims] *
Mistletoe: [w]under mistletoe [12 prims] *

House: HomeKraft - Christmas Cabin [With Love Hunt gift] [84 prims unfurnished]

Desk Set: .::HN::. Shabby Desk, Chair & Pillow [6 prims] *
Book: {what next}Noel Armchair Reading Book Dispenser(touch for book) [2 prims] *
Mug: {what next} Noel  Mug (touch for drink) [3 prims] *
Shadowbox: :CP: Star Shadowbox Frame [8 prims] *
Gloves: **Cute Bytes** Bear Gloves *
Headmuff: **Cute Bytes** HearMuff - Bear *

Fireplace: Magoa ~ Snowflake Fireplace [12 prims] *
Tulips: Magoa ~ Snowflake Tulips [14 prims] *
Candles: {what next} Green & White Xmas Tree Candle [2 prims each] *
{what next} White Round Xmas Tree Candle [2 prims] *
Frame: Magoa ~ Snowflake Frame [8 prims] *
Rug: Magoa ~ Snowflake Rug [6 prims] *


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