Chapter 289

Cheeky Pea has some new sets out, the Dove Lounge and Winter Snack Table which is only available at the For the Love of.. Ice Festival. The Dove Lounge comes with seven pieces, the sofa, chair, ottoman, rug, wall art frames, bird decal and the shelf includes all the knickknacks. Also some of the items are textured change, like the rug and some of the other pieces. The set is 74 prims in all. And the couch and chair both have a tons of animations, so you won't get bored with the same ones!
The Winter Snack Table is an exclusive to the FTLO Ice event, so pick it up before it's gone, it's 20 prims in all and includes the table, chairs and accessories - flowers, plates and food. <3

House: [mdrm]snow house [90 prims]
Set: :CP: Dove Lounge [74 prims total]

Table Set: :CP: Winter Snack Table [20 prims]
Wall Decor:  (TLND) Bambi Horns &  Minimalist Horns [3 prims each]