Chapter 291

The new BAX Wool Legwarmer are perfect this season, and they're packed with a lot of options! There are an endless amount of possibility with these legwarmers, especially color wise, I went with a more basic color, but there's a ton to choose from. Also, there's a diamond option, with 9 different diamond textures, which is also color change, but you're allowed to pick from the drop down menu as well as insert custom colors. Check these out if you like legwarmers!

Skin: -Belleza- Elle BR Fair Group Gift
Hair: Clawtooth: Cuddle Puddle - Uptown brown
Top: Cockles Poofy Sweater - Naughty Pink [closed]
Skirt: {SMS} Jeans Mini Pink
Tights: *.amato.* knit-socks-pink
Leg Warmers: BAX Wool Legwarmer 2.0 Whites
Shoes: loveme.Tea House HUNT - cherry blossom
Pose & Sled: {what next} Snow Day Sled