Chapter 330

Pure Juice opens March 5th! The event is focused on pink, black and white colored items, everything being offered is new! There's skin, clothes, jewelry, poses and furniture available. I thought I'd start with the furniture. Funky Junk has this pretty greenhouse, perfect for approaching seasonal change. The greenhouse is 122 prims. And Tasty has this fully furnished hut, which is very girly, kind of looks like a tea party went down. It's 140 prims fully furnished, and 22 prims for just the hut. More posts on Pure Juice to come <3

Greenhouse: *Funky*Junk* Primrose Weathered Greenhouse
Furnished Hut: {T}-Girltalk hut (Fully Furnished)
Grass: Turnip's & Zigana
Trees: PASH