Chapter 333

Newness! Cheeky Pea released the Bella's Cottage on Saturday for Super Bargain Saturday, I had hoped to blog it yesterday, but life happens. And I believe it's still available for purchase. Also new is the Oversized Knit Couch by Awesome Blossom, it matches the Oversized Knit Chair, previously released, there's tons of sit animations, and the pillow is texture change. Mudhoney has out the new Edith Chair set at Pure Juice. <3

House: :CP: Bella's Cottage [163 prims]
Background Turnip's Pleasant Day  Skydome (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [4 prims]

Desk: buttons. desk. [rusty cedar] [36 prims]
Frames: Kyoot Home - White, Dark & Autumn Frames (Seasons Hunt) [6 prims each]
Collage: {what next} Mirabelle 'Social Butterfly' Noticeboard  [11 prims]

Vanity: Second Spaces - RFL purple vanity [27 prims]
Boxes: Second Spaces - Claire accessory boxes [4 prims]
Photos: Second Spaces - vanity tucked photos [10 prims]
Powder: Second Spaces -  vanity powder well [6 prims]
Bowl: Second Spaces - vanity bowl [2 prims]
Bottles: Second Spaces - vanity bottles [5 prims]
Lipstick: Dutchie lipstick [2 prims]
Mascara: Dutchie mascara [2 prims]
Brush: Dutchie makeup brush [2 prims]
Box: Second Spaces - vanity jewelry box [3 prims]
Jewelry Box: [ skream! ] Jewelry Box (gift for subscribers!!) [121 prims]
Stool: Second Spaces - green vanity stool [6 prims]
Art: [KALAVINKA] poster2010/1~3 [1 prim]
Cabinet: {theosophy} Killay Cabinet + Baskets (Attic) [17 prims]
Hairbrush: Dutchie hairbrush [2 prims]
Mirror: Dutchie handmirror [3 prims]
Nest Tiny Bird [42 prims]
Powderbox: Dutchie powderbox [2 prims]
Perfume: LISP - Perfume Bottles [2 prims each]
Makeup Pots: Dutchie 3 makeup pots, [2 prims]
Box: Dark Mouse [25 prims]
Candles: :: AB :: Winter's Warmth Glass Candle (lid on) & (lid off) [4-5 prims]
Torsos: {theosophy} Halkyn Torso (Thistle/L) & (Thistle/S) [8 prims]
Hangers Art: nordari. winterized memories. [24 prims]
Small Table w/ Accessories: MudHoney Telling Time End Table [26 prims]

Bed: flowey. bed of monsters [24 prims]
Art: [KALAVINKA] poster2009/4~6 [1 prim]
Trunk: LISP - Pokhara Trunk with sits & reading - sits 1 avatar [14 prims]
Tray: LISP - Nepali Candle and Petal Tray [12 prims]
Rug: LISP - Nepali Sunrise Rug [1 prim]
Petals: lisp - petals [ranging from 4-18 prims]

Chairs & End Table: MudHoney Edith Chairs - Pure Juice [42 prims]
Collage: nordari. pinbee. - music. [5 prims]

Bookcase: :: AB :: Reading Nook [30 prims]
Bottles: [*Art Dummy!]Studio (Empty Bottle) [2 prims each]
Posters: *Cheap Cheap* Posters I [1 prim]
Arts & Crafts Table: [croire] crafternoon corner table [26 prims]
Candlesticks: [*Art Dummy!] rusty candlestick (red) & (white) holder [4 prims each]
Stool: [croire] crafternoon corner stool [2 prims]

Art: [KALAVINKA] poster2010/4~6 [1 prim]
Flowers: :CP: Dove Tulips [5 prims]
Side Table: :::aju:::  Table [4 prims]
Cabinet: :CP: Dove Lounge Cabinet [4 prims]
Boat: :CP: Dove Canoe [5 prims]
Frame: :CP: Dove Picture Frame [3 prims]
Basket: :CP: Dove Basket [2 prims]
Candles: :CP: Dove Candles [9 prims]
Books: :CP: Dove Books [1 prim]
Stack of Books: :: AB :: In Flight Book Stack [10 prims]
Frames & Jug: Second Space - old mantel accessories [7 prims]
Art: White Nightgown - drawing  w wood back  by Lindini2 [1 prim]
Chair: :: AB :: Oversized Knit Chair [10 prims]
Small Table: -Hanaya- Plant Stand GIFT [1 prim]
Flowers: -Hanaya- Tulips in Glass Jar (White Delightful) [10 prims]
Couch: :: AB :: Oversized Knit Couch [15 prims]
Art: [*Art Dummy!] the struggle (art by gala charron) [2 prims]
Table with Plant: * nonino * Living table [7 prims]
Fragrances: (iTuTu) room fragrance *white forest & winter berries [project htemeory] [3 prims each]
TV: nordari.october.transmission [11 prims]
Box: nordari [2 prims]


  1. Lovely Post! I just adore how you decorated this house, Vall. I was so excited when Isla decided to make this house, and it is my FAVORITE in SL. She's releasing new colors soon too!

  2. Love your decor choices, as always <3

  3. Thank you both! And Isla needs to make more houses, I loveee this one. <33

  4. Great post, you managed to feature a lot of stuff in a very pleasing way :-)

    Thanks for the mention too ..

    Moriko Inshan
    -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles

  5. I want to move in! This looks amazing. <3


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