Chapter 356

New skin from Apple May Designs named Misha. I'm just showing off my favorite makeup sets, there's four to choose from and a ton of skin tones to choose from as well. I really like the color of the brow on the darker tones, they look more natural in my opinion. 
Also, new lashes from je suis. I'm REALLY bad at eyelash fitting, like the worst ever, so I apologize for my failure, but these really are gorgeous lashes. The first set has small beads on the upper lashes, and they're color change, so are the lashes themselves, which is a really nice touch if you're trying to match the brows or hair color or you just want different color eyelashes. The second set more dramatic in the design, but equally as pretty.
Lastly, new poses from EverGow, available at the Pose Fair. These aren't specifically meant for face shots, but I really liked how they looked. <3 

Skins: (AMD) Misha - Pale - Inspriation 3
Lashes: ::je suis::Apperance::Lashes:: No.003
Ears: ~Mynerva Peace Plugs~ SOL Elf Ear
Hair: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Frances, 4pm
Antlers: .ILLUSORY. Twig Antlers - Clover

Skin: (AMD) Misha - Deep Tan - Inspiration 1
Eyelashes: ::je suis::Appearance::Lashes:: No.004
Hair: [Shag] - Forget Me Knot - kitten

Poses: EverGlow