Chapter 359

Awesome Blossom is relocating to the sim, Where It Begins! The sim will also feature a flea market, the Where It Begins Flea Market, and the stores currently involved are Art Dummy, Willow, Phi, what next, Zigana, Cheeky Pea,sur+, Berries Inc. 
After flying around the sim for a bit, I found tons of potential spots for picture taking. This sim is truly gorgeous, and I know I'm going to be back here taking pics for blog post in the future. When the sim opens later today, I encourage all of you to explore the sim fully. <3


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for the wonderful bloggage. <3

  2. Lovely shots! Must visit :D

  3. Clementine Ishtari of Awesome Blossom commissioned TheArtfullOne Skytower of "Artful Designs" to landscape her sim for her & he did a SPECTAC job!

    Please feel free to visit his current sim -
    The Untroubled Sound(SL Destination Guide Recognized Sim)here:

    The Untroubled Sound Sim is also VERY picturesque! Nestled amid sea-drowned valleys, The Untroubled Sound is an island sim themed on the Marlborough Sounds, of New Zealand.

    After arriving at the Shipwrights boat shed, you can explore the unique temperate landscape of native flax plants and estuary streams. View classic yachts in the marina, go find the old workers cabin or rezz a free boat and go fishing.

    Join us today, we look forward to meeting you!


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