Chapter 440

YourSkin & YourShape has released a new skin line, Claire, Virginia & Sahara! The skin comes in three tones. Claire's my favorite skin tone. But Virginia is perfect if you prefer a more pale tone, and Sahara is great, if you prefer a darker skin tone. The full pack includes 14 make ups with and without teeth, which comes with dark/light/red brows and hairbases, a cleavage layer, tintable eyelashes, freckles, and 5 lipsticks option, with and without teeth.
In the first three pictures, I'm featuring the skin with freckles. Also, I really like the body, it looks soft and natural. Demo this skin now! <3

Skin: *YS&YS* Claire 02 Doll - NEW!
Freckles: *YS&YS* Claire Freckles
Hair: [ 69 ] OLIVIA 03 - Mocha

Skin: YS&YS* Virginia  01 Nude Teeth - NEW!
Brows: *YS&YS* Eyebrows Light
Freckles: *YS&YS* Virginia Freckles
Hair: TRUTH – Hazel - driftwood

Skin: *YS&YS* Sahara 14 Gold - NEW! 
Eyebrow: *YS&YS* Eyebrows Dark
Lipstick: *YS&YS* Sahara Lips Love
Freckles: *YS&YS* Sahara Freckles
Hair: TRUTH – Tesa - espresso

Skin: *YS&YS* Claire
Hair: [ 69 ] CASS 01 – Mocha

Poses: Long Awakward Poses & Rozena