Chapter 441

Can I just start by saying, decor credits are a pain. But I really wanted to decorate a house for winter, so it was worth it. The With Love Hunt is still going on, until December 3rd. Awesome Blossom has this lovely skybox available in the hunt. The skybox includes the loft, the kitchen island and a lantern. Also artilleri has a toaster available in the hunt, which includes six different colors. Baffle has a skydome available in the hunt, the full skydome is really cute, I modded it down, so I could fit the house more comfortably. Make sure you pick up these goodies before the hunt is over!
Dutchie released a mesh table a couple of weeks ago, which includes two chairs, a plant, a lamp and a table cloth. The whole set is only 20 prims, which is pretty good.
The Nest has a holiday event going on now, there's holiday gatcha there, I picked up these Holiday Bubble Lamps from cluttered flowey as part of the gatcha, the lamps are shaped like ornaments, they're adorable. Also, KittyCats has a special Advent Calendar for December, tomorrow's the last day to get the gifts. Awesome Blossom has out this Crazy Cat Lady Armchair and Prints, as a gift, be sure to pick it up! <3

House: ::AB:: Madison Loft Skybox for The With Love (Again) Hunt [105 prims]  

Chair: {what next} Winter's Chair [11 prims]
Wreath: [ARIA] Petit Noel Christmas Wreath [22 prims]
Reindeers: :: AB :: Little Wooden Reindeer (set of 4) [4 each prims]
Bike: [mdrm]bycycle[red] [16 prims]
Snowman: duboo. [14 prims]

Dome: Baffle! Polar Hideout (With Love Again Hunt) [modded] [3 prims]
Light Beam: Baffle! Aurora Borealis [2 prims]

Bowl: (iTuTu)Water bowl(M) [5 prims]
Shoe Rack: {theosophy} Raikes Shoe Rack (Moss) [17 prims]
Coat Holder: {what next} Coastal Cottage Hatstand [13 prims]
Shoe Basket: {what next} Coastal Cottage Shoe Basket [10 prims] 

Kitchen Island: :: AB :: Madison Loft Skybox Kitchen Island [16 prims]
Bag: MudHoney Bag of Bread [5 prims]
Cake: b.v Merry Xmas Cake [21 prims]
Jars: :: AB :: Preserve Jars [5 prims]
Cookies: :: AB :: Gingerbread Cookie & Hot Chocolate Tray [16 prims]
Towels: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen stack of dishtowels [4 prims]
Drink: BP* ice water 3/kiwi/ [10 prims]
Pitcher: BP* decanter/iced water [9 prims]
Dishes: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen pile o' dishes [7 prims]
Cookie Sheets: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen cookie sheets [3 prims]

Fridge: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen old fridge [9 prims]
Baskets: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen extra baskets [9 prims]
Counter: ::POOKEA::Belitto Kitchen Counter Corner LITE [4 prims]
Stove: Second Spaces - Charming Country Kitchen stove [11 prims]
Counters: ::POOKEA::Belitto Kitchen Counter LITE [7 prims]
Salt & Pepper Shaker: :: AB :: Salt & Pepper Shakers [4 prims]
Basket: :: AB :: Baguette Basket [6 prims]
Rolling Pin: :: AB :: Rolling Pin [1 prim]
Cookbook: :: AB :: Cookbook [2 prims]
Flowers: :: AB :: Potted Flower Pitcher [10 prims]
Skillet: MudHoney Skillet w/ lid [3 prims]
Print: This is a Fawn - Ink on Panel [gramophone] [1 prim]
Cake Stand: /artilleri/ Kim Cake stand with noms *WLH* [13 prims]
Jars: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Storage Jars [4 prims]
Utensils: {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Utensils Pot (for LS) [6 prims]
Platter: Dutchie gift: bread and cheese [8 prims]
Toaster: /artilleri/ Bixleta toaster blue* -With Love Hunt [10 prims]
Scale: /artilleri/ Gunda kitchen scale *blue* [7 prims]

Lamps: cluttered. 'holiday bubble lamp' green, gold, black [at The Nest] [6 prims each] 
TV Set: MudHoney Woody Entertainment Center [121 prims]
Clock: Kari – Retro alarm clock (Bonus) [8 prims]
Plate: :: AB :: Pinecone Plate [8 prims]

Wood Basket: LISP – Shepherd Wood Basket [5 prims]
Sofa: LISP - Shepherd Sofa Bed [13 prims]
Table: LISP - Shepherd Coffee Table [6 prims]
Candle: LISP - Shepherd Cup with Candle [4 prims] 
Cup: LISP - Shepherd Cup with Cone [4 prims]
Box: LISP – Shepherd Box of Eggs [5 prims]
Slipper: {what next} 'Cosy Christmas' Slippers (decorative only) [5 prims] 

Tree: {what next} Winter White Christmas Tree [9 prims]
Giftboxes from duboo, PIDIDDLE, Miseria, Deco, what next, R.icielli, LeLutka, Lark, 
Tuli, xbordeaux, Caroline's Jewelry, mijnt, Barcode, Slink & AOHARU
Cards: LISP – 1 prim Vintage Card Hanging Copyable V1 [1 prim]  

Drawers: Kyoot Home - (group gift) Drawer Set 5 [24 prims]
Drawers: Kyoot – Drawer Sear w/Pose [19 prims]
Books: :: AB :: Minuet Noir Book Stack [6 prims]
Books: Thistle Extra Library Books [4 prims]
Drawers: MudHoney Delia Drawers [19 prims]
Phone: (arcade) Eggplant Telephone
Pinecone Trees: MudHoney Pinecone Tree w/ Silver & Gold [4 prims each]
Cabinet: :: AB :: Minuet Noir Trinket Cabinet [24 prims]
Bowl: MudHoney Bowl of Fabric Balls [5 prims]
Stool: :: AB :: Minuet Noir Stool [3 prims]
Art: Zigana drawings [Here..] [2 prims]
Cushions: LISP – Misty Double Floor Cushion – Silver Blue [7 prims]
Cushions: LISP – Warm Double Floor Cushion – Brown/Red [7 prims] 

Horn: {theosophy} Steer Horns (Black) [4 prims]
Ornament Basket: :: AB :: Pinecone Ornament Basket [15 prims]
Basket: LISP – Candy Basket [10 prims]
Shelf: SRARLUST PANTY RAID:::ponitee [11 prims]
Turntable: MudHoney Turntable [8 prims]

Table, Chairs, Light, Flower & Cloth: Dutchie kitchen table - MESH [20 prims]
Book: MudHoney Open Book w/ Coffee [5 prims]
Newspaper: MudHoney Newspaper & Coffee Cup [4 prims]
Mugs: LISP – Warm Chocolate Mug – Blue & Red [5 prims each]
Bread: MudHoney Broken Bread [3 prims] 

Chair: {what next} 'Cosy Christmas' Slipper Chair [5 prims]
Side Table: {what next} 'Cosy Christmas' Table [6 prims]
Bottles: Tweedle* Bottles- Table Type [5 prims]
Art: {what next} 'Cosy Christmas' Shadow Box #1 [7 prims]
Chair: {what next} Noel Armchair [8 prims]
Tree: [*Art Dummy!] bohemian holiday. (wooden dowel tree) [16 prims] 

Guitar: {what next} End of Summer Guitar [60 prims]  
Hanging Bottles: Tweedle* Bottles-Hanging Type [13 prims] 
Cards: LISP – 1 prim Copyable Vintage Card Hanging V2 [1 prim] 
Stove: Kari – The old Stove [29 prims]
Presents:  [f] present tower [Peace On Earth Hunt] [16 prims] 
Presents: [f] present tower [group gift!] [16 prims 

Chair: :: AB :: Crazy Cat Lady Armchair [free here!] [9 prims]
Frame: :: AB :: In Flight Window Frame [5 prims]
Boxes: Tatty Soup, Not So Bad & MudHoney 

Tree: {what next} Bric-a-brac Christmas Tree [16 prims]
Present: {what next} Bric-a-brac gift & pinecone décor [5 prims]
Bench: {what next} Laurel Hallway Bench [7 prims]
Candle: [*Art Dummy!] Standing Candle Dummy (blue) [14 prims]
Globe: [North West] Wordtrotter (love) [5 prims]
Scent: (iTuTu) room fragrance *winter berries [3 prims
Book: [*Art Dummy!] hang your heatt here. (decorative book) [5 prims]
Basket: [*Art Dummy!] Traveling Basket [5 prims]
Magazines: {what next} Magazine Pile & MudHoney Magazines [3 prims each]
Headphones: /artilleri/ Phonograf earphones (floor) *yellow [9 prims]
Books: [ARIA] Mela four book pile [2 prims]
Books: [ARIA] Apple Simple book pile 2 [2 prims]
Books: [ARIA] Apple Simple Book pile 1 [2 prims]

Clock: {what next} Time For Tea Wall Clock [6 prims] 
Chandelier: LISP – Plain Chai Chandelier [18 prims]

Basket: {what next} Laundry Room Basket [4 prims]
Ironing Board: {what next} Laundry Room Ironing Board [4 prims]
Iron: {what next} Laundry Room Iron [3 prims]
Boxes: The Loft- (LP)- Baskets [5 prims]
Suitcases:{what next} May Suitcase (blue) & (mint) [14 prims]
Board: {what next} Mirabelle 'Social Butterfly' Noticeboard [11 prims]
TV: nordari. october.transmission [11 prims]
Teacup: LISP – Rose Cup Blue Pink [5 prims] 
Flowers: MudHoney Orchid [6 prims]
Books: The Loft- (LP)- Book Stack [11 prims]
Tree: ~La'Licious~ Unfinished Holiday Tree {Small} [25 prims]

Bed: {what next} Morning Tea Bed [13 prims]
Laptop: {what next} Morning Tea Bed Laptop [4 prims]
Food Set: {what next} Morning Tea Breakfast Tray [13 prims]
Nightstand: {what next} Morning Tea Hatbox Table [6 prims]
Clock: [North West] Little Alarm Clock [12 prims
Lamp: {what next} Morning Tea Lamp [3 prims]
Flowers: {what next} Morning Tea Rose [4 prims]
Shelf: {what next} Morning Tea Shelf & Décor [8 prims]
Teacup: LISP – Teapot Lamp [8 prims]
Screen: {what next} “Boho-Chic” Dressing Screen [6 prims]
Mannequin: {what next} “Boho-Chic” Mannequin [7 prims]

Tray: LISP – Nepali Candle and Petal Tray [12 prims]
Flower Petals: LISP – petals [18 prims]

Chair: :CP: Peboamauk Rocking Chair [15 prims] 
Rug: LISP – Chloe Rug [1 prim]
Dress: Dutchie dropped dress [5 prims]
Table: LISP – Chloe Side Table [9 prims]
Lamp: LISP – Chloe French Lace Lamp [4 prims]
Armoire: LISP – Chloe Armoire with sits [15 prims]
Vanity: :CP: Getting Ready for the Party [65 prims]
Print: LISP – Parisien Print [3 prims] 

Camera: /artilleri/ Lumoflex camera (with tripod) [12 prims]
Art Set: Dutchie summer subscriber gift 2.0 [16 prims] 
Polaroids: [North West] Polaroids on a string (flowers) [11 prims]

Drafts: [ARIA] Aalis rolled drafts [4 prims]
Bin: [ARIA] Aalis drafting bin [5 prims]
Chair: Kari – Ross chair (extra) [10 prims]
Books: :: AB :: In Flight Book Stack [10 prims]
Stool: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Table Stool [4 prims]
Tea: cluttered flowey. homeless books. tea cozy cup [5 prims] 
MP3 Player:{what next} MP3 Player [10 prims] 
Flowers: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Cut Flowers [7 prims]

Shells: {what next} Surfer's Paradise Hanging Shells [11 prims] 

Luggage Chair: :CP: Just So Lovabug [26 prims]
Mirror & Chair: LISP - Floor Mirror with Lanterns White [22 prims]
Table: :CP: Spring Hall Table [55 prims]
Teacups:  LISP – Masala Chai Lamp Blue [10 prims]
Print: :: AB :: Love Brought it Back Print [free here!] [4 prims]
Print: :: AB :: Cat Got your Heart? Print [free here!] [4 prims] 

Teapot Man: [*Art Dummy!] teapot dummy. (blue) [15 prims]
Boxes: LISP – Postal Boxes Pile [2 prims]
Cabinet: LISP – Postal Cabinet [8 prims]
Stack of Books: *~MMG's~* 4Book-piles up+Letter [1prim]
Flower: :: AB :: Colorful Daisy [3 prims]
Snowglobe: !Ohmai: Pigmai: Snowglobe Ver. Girl [13 prims]
Teapot: LISP – Rose Cup Blue [5 prims]  
Bobbinpins: *~MMG's~ Wood bobbin - orange, monotone, purple, red [1 prim each]
Books: *~MMG's~* 3Book+1Box [1 prim]
Fish: :: AB :: The One That Didn't Get Away [4 prims]
Jar: Kari – Empty jar – Extra [2 prims]
Jar w/ Items: Kari – Hobbies in a jar (S) [9 prims]
Calendar: Barcode – Chuck Norris Desk Calendar [2 prims]
Cup: Barcode – Pencil Cup [5 prims]
Bottle: :: AB :: Message in a Bottle [8 prims]
Letter Pile: LISP – Postal Shelf letters pile [4 prims]
Pot: BP*uekibati/oil painting brush [8 prims]

Table: LISP – Postal Console Table [5 prims]
Snowman: MudHoney Joyful Snowman Decoration [12 prims]
Books: :: AB :: Garden Dresser Top [5 prims]
Scent: (iTuTu) room fragrance *white forest [3 prims]
Frame: {what next} Surfer's Paradise Photo Frame [4 prims]
Crate: LISP – White Postal Crate [4 prims]
Cup: flowey. Spring has sprung [7 prims]
Books: Barcode - Books and bookends [5 prims]


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