Chapter 158

Recently..I've noticed my inventory has been stacking up.. I'm almost at 20k. For some that isn't that large of a sum. But for me, it's pretty big. I've been bad and slacking on organizing my inventory. So that means inventory cleaning time!
I was going through my inventory a bit and remembered I bought this oversized cardigans from Fishy Strawberry, when they had a sale a couple of months ago. Andddd, this freebie from that I saw on the feeds, a little while ago I had to pick up. Because I'm cleaning up my inventory, I'll probably find items I forgot I owned, and they'll be featured on this blog soon enough. (I love rediscovering older pieces in my inventory :D)

Skin: (vive9) Marianne II [apricot] Smoke *Dark/Noteeh/frek [old group gift, no longer available]
Hair: TRUTH Samantha - coffee
Dress: *Fishy Strawberry* Oversized Cardigan Brown
Earrings: Talisman - Chatty (Bookworm Earrings) [past group gift]
Bag: rbcg. school bag (brown)
Box: Sway’s Cookie Bear in Cardboard Box [free]


  1. I got up to 30,000 (some of it shop items, textures vendors and stuff) and I too went on a cleaning spree. I am down about 3,000 and still have plenty of categories to go. It is good to note that the first rule of feng shui is "eliminate clutter". I'm guessing your life will run much more smoothly after all that tossing. And I am finding things too. Fun.


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