Chapter 311

The I <3 Originals Fair is going on now! I wanted to show off some of the furniture items available. 
Awesome Blossom has the Sephia Valentine Bedroom Set out, it's an exclusive for I <3 Originals Fair. It's the first bed Clementine has made and I think it turned out great! The set includes the bed, rug, nightstand, phone and flowers. And it's 45 prims in all.
Cheeky Pea has this gorgeous gazebo out also at the fair, and it's an exclusive. The options are the best part, almost everything included is color change, even the grass up top! And per usual there's that handy menu that will pop up allowing you to rez in the entire collection. It's 61 prims in all, but since you can rez what you want, that number could be lower. 
Also the chair, stool and bookcase from Clutter are also available at I <3 Originals Fair. 
The fair ends February 13th.
Note: All the slurls are meant to take you the particular store's booth at I <3 Originals Fair. 

House: estetica: The Pretty Litzi [72 prims]

Bed: :: AB :: Sephia Valentine Cuddle Bed [14 prims]
Rug: :: AB :: Sephia Rug (black) [2 prims]
Nightstand: :: AB :: Sephia Nightstand [15 prims]
Phone: :: AB :: Antique Phone [8 prims]
Flowers: :: AB :: Table Lilies (color [6 prims]
Mug & Chocolate: MudHoney Heart Hot Chocolate [7 prims]

Chair: Clutter (tm) - Jemmie's Chair [13 prims]
Stool: Clutter (tm)  - My Subtle Valentine Stool [3 prims]
Bookcase: Clutter (tm) - Jemmie's Bookcase [12 prims]
Bird Nest: Tiny Bird [42 prims]
Snow Globe: !Ohmai: !Pigmai: Snowglobe Ver. Girl [13 prims]
Bobbin Pins: *~MMG's~* Wood bobbin_1prim [1 prim each]
Calendar: Barcode - Chuck Norris Desk Calendar [2 prims]
Cannister: {theosophy} Milton Cannister SC- Coffee, Tea & Sugar (S) [3 prims each]

Gazebo: :CP: Stonehaven Gazebo - Blogger Preview Copy [61 prims]