Chapter 324

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cheeky Pea is in Spruce Up Your Space (SUYS) this weekend and has this cute set centered around dandelions. My favorite part of the set is the clock, it's brilliant! And it actually works! The set includes all but the mailboxes, but I did pick those up from Awesome Blossom this weekend and thought they would look cute in the picture. So you get the clock, sofa, ottoman, coffee tray set, magazine rack and lamp. <3

Home Décor:

House: Reek - Old Attic [44 prims]
Couch: :CP:  SUYS Dandelion Clocks [51 prims]
Mailboxes: :: AB :: Love Shack Mailbox (whitewash) (pine) [12 prims each]


Lila Quander said...

I got this set and I LOVE it! I have a new addiction to skyboxes and decorating them. *LOL*

Valletta GossipGirl said...

Isn't it gorgeous?! Haha I see you caught the decorating bug, I'll be looking out for a blog post from you soon!

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