Chapter 316

I've caught the home decor bug,  but how could I not with all these new releases recently. Anywho, Awesome Blossom has this adorable house out called The Love Shack which includes a wall decal, a color change heart above the door and built-in shelves outside the windows. The footprint is 10x15, land size 512 sqm. and up. The house is 49 prims, 50 including the wall decal.
Also, CHIC Limited will open later today around 4pm, and you'll find this cute set from Cheeky Pea there, which includes the chair, the pet bed, the night stand and all the accessories on it. <3
Note: I've included Cheeky Pea's slurl for its mainstore, not the CHIC Limited location. 

House: :: AB :: Love Shack for Project Themeory [50 prims
Nests: Tiny Bird [34 & 42 prims]
Tree: *PASH* bushy spring tree 1 [13 prims]
Grass: UrbanizeD // Fairy Meadow-Type C-20x20m // FREEBIE SAMPLE [1 prim]
Background: Turnip's Dawn Hills Skybox (Fifty Linden Friday Special) [7 prims]

Plant: BP* Cup plant/pink [8 prims]
Overgrown Plants: Drowsy plant Blue, Yellow, Pink [6 prims each]
Small Plants:  Drowsy plant2 Green& Brown [6 prims each]
Hutch: :CP: Garden Hutch [95 prims]

Pet Bed: :CP: Doris' Pet Bed - CHIC Limited  [3 prims]
Chair: :CP: Doris' Saturday Night In Chair [12 prims]
Night Stand w/ Accessories: :CP: Doris' Saturday Night Table - CHIC Limited [18 prims]
Wall Board: :CP: Birdy Memo Board - CHIC Limited [18 prims]
Bookshelf w/ Accessories: ~La'Licious~ Cluttered Bookshelf {Black} [past group gift] [12 prims]

Bench: %napoliy% DIY Bed Bench 01 [7 prims]
Branch: Barcode - Bay Branch [17 prims]

Desk: :CP: Sofia Desk [36 prims]
Hanging Pins: nordari. winterized memories. [past hunt gift] [24 prims]
Painting: White Nightgown - drawing  w wood back  by Lindini2 [1 prim]
Crate Cart: ~La'Licious~ Old Crates Cart - Ocean [old group gift] [12 prims]
Wall Shelves: LISP - Gatcha - Strawberry Books & Book Birdy [7 prims each]
Mirror: Dutchie handmirror [3 prims]
Containers: Dutchie 3 makeup pots [2 prims]
Powder: Dutchie powder box [2 prims]
Makeup Pack: [LeLutka] [22 prims]
Brush: Dutchie hairbrush [1 prim]
Glass: "MELIA" shell&glass holder [5 prims]
Showergel: Dutchie showergel [2 prims]
Shampoo: Dutchie shampoo [2 prims]

Side Table: :CP: Natalie Kitchen Sideboard [25 prims]
Wall Art & Clock:CP: Timewise Pictures [13 prims]

Chair: HBLYS_Cube'a'cow [11 prims]
Art: *HH4A* Second Spaces - Dancin' Bones [old hunt gift] [4 prims]
Wall Shelves: :: AB :: Read A Book, Food is The Spice of Life, Love Is All Around, Live Well Shelf [17, 13, 9 & 11 prims]


  1. could you pass me the landmark to BP*, that plant in the cup is so sweet...

  2. Thanks Clem! <3

    Sure thing,


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